Saturday, 1 December 2018

Anniversary Trip : Bangkok [Food]

A list of the amazing food we had in Bangkok.

Saman Islam, Chatuchak
Really amazing pad thai! The place can be super crowded and you'll have to wait for a while. The other dishes can be a hit or miss but the portions are big and they are generally tasty. 
Rating : 4/5

Coco JJ, Chatuchak
You can find a handful of ice cream vendors in Chatuchak but my all time favorite is this vendor right in front of the train station entrance.
Rating : 5/5

Pulut Mangga, Ok Tok Kor 
THE place to find fresh produce from all over Thailand. Some of the highest quality mangoes can be found here.
Rating : 4/5

Usman Thai, Sukhumvit
My number one go-to. Guaranty sedap!! Ox tail soup was probably the best I ever had in my entire life. Pulut mangga, also amazing. The shrimp patty, you can tell it's made of fresh shrimps.  And oh they also deliver to your hotel (service charge 130Baht). 
Rating : 5/5

Busaba, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si
This place is a little bit out of town (not that far actually). They sell roasted duck. It was love at first bite for us. We bought a sealed roasted duck to bring back to my mom, then we tapau the roasted duck rice somemore. It was so good!!!
Rating : 5/5

Let's visit Bangkok again, shall we? 😋
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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Anniversary Trip : Bangkok [Accommodation]

We spent the anniversary (and my birthday) in Bangkok this year.

In case you haven't notice, I love Thailand.
Partly because my mom is Thai but the main reason = food 💖

We opted for AirBnB this time around as we wanted to travel by Grab/Uber/taxi. So we don't mind being quite a distance away from the train station.  

We stayed nearby Victory Monument; close to everything I would say. But traveling from the AirBnB itself, your best bet would be Grab because no taxi can be found in the alley 😂 Grab was cheap, anyway. 

So we rented the studio unit. The owner had a big parcel of land, and built these studios adjacent to their house. There were 4/5 unit of studios with a shared lounge.

2 super single beds. They bring the beds together, more than enough for us and so comfy!
TV, DVD player, air purifier 

Mini oven, induction cooker, kettle, coffee machines with complementary Nespresso capsules

Sink, mini fridge, microwave
OSIM Foot Massager in the room!
Lounge Area

Just look at the collection

I love everything about this place!

It goes without saying we would be content just staying in the room all day 💕

The owner also delivered homemade breakfast every morning, catering to our dietary restriction. 
They even arranged a taxi at the airport for us. 

My overall rating : 5/5
Highly, highly recommended.

Address: 52/1, Soi Rachawithi 2, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand

* the average price per night is only RM230 (including cleaning fee and service fee)
** Name in AirBnB : Cozy/Secluded Studio in Central BKK
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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

#MakanReview : Meat Point, TTDI

Truth be told, I've been meaning to visit this place for about 2 years now 😖

Just so happened, I went to meet a friend at TTDI and this was right down the corner.

Me and N were lucky to have gotten seat right away. 10 minutes later, the restaurant was packed, and people are lining to get a seat.

Here, you can choose your own cut of meat/salmon at the chiller (Prices clearly stated on the air sealed packets).

We ordered scallops as our appetizer.

Scallops in creamy garlic white sauce with sauteed vegetables

Them scallops were juicy but there ..... was ...... a ......... hair in the plate!
Such a let down.
Asked for a new one, and they complied. [No apologies whatsoever]

The broccoli served were old, too.  You can tell from the texture and colour.

Next, we had the chicken chop.

The chicken was very big and juicy. However, they were a bit stingy with the mushroom sauce. So disappointing since the sauce actually tasted good.

2 dishes in, and we still haven't got our ice water.
By then, I was getting frustrated with everything 👀

Then my steak came.

The gravy was very good. The meat was a tad bland (I choose the signature rub). Waffle fries was stale and too salty. 

In conclusion, nothing blew my mind and the prices were not justified (IMHO).

Didn't see myself coming again.

Overall rating 2.5/5
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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Saying Goodbye to Sime Darby

I joined Sime Darby as a Management Trainee back in September 2014 [Story here].

This company will always hold a special place in my heart, being the first company I joined post graduation. 

To be perfectly honest, I chose to join Sime Darby for two reasons;
  • Across GLCs, they offered the most in terms of salary and benefits for fresh graduates 
  • The requirement for the Management Trainee program were quite high (and I'm intrigued)
The basic requirements are; 3.5 GPA, active in co-curricular, good command of English etc
And the assessment center was no joke.

Safe to say, the MTs were among the most passionate people I've known. 
4 years in, and never once I regretted joining the Sime Darby family. 

I was also very lucky to have experienced working in several Divisions; Property, Plantation, Industrial and Head Office. It was an experienced I could't gained elsewhere.

To top it off, I got the opportunity to report directly to the Head of Risk and CRO. It was quite overwhelming at first, but these experiences shaped me to become the person I am today.

It is with a very heavy heart that I bid goodbye to the brilliant people and the company that has groomed me. 

I could attest that Sime Darby is definitely one of the best organization to work in. 

A special mention;

  • Glenn Daly, Head of Group Risk Management : Thank you for accepting me into the team and trusting me to take over the job scope of a Senior Manager. That steep learning curve really toughen me up and mould my personality
  • Gajani Rajah, Chief Risk Officer : The best boss one could ever asked for. Thank you for the push for me to grow. Thank you for all the career advice and I really hope we'll cross path again
  • Richard Ong, Kak Suraya, Kak Balqis : you guys really made my days at Sime more enjoyable

Who knows maybe I'll be back in Sime after 2 years :D

The girls of Group Risk Management 
Management Trainee program in Singapore
Bidding goodbye to the former Head of Group Risk; Glenn
Sime's Raya Open House
Risk Management team at Sime Plantation with the CRO, Gajani

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Monday, 5 November 2018

#MakanReview : Kay's Steak & Lobster [Putra Heights]

Me and N had our anniversary dinner at Kay's. We loved it so much that we went again the very next week 😂

It's a small and cozy restaurant. I highly recommend for your to book in advance if you plan to come during peak hours.

They offered quite an extensive menu;

They are most famous for their tomahawk, lobster and wagyu beef.
And oh, you can get the famous mango cheesecake from Kula Cakes here, too.

During our first visit, we went a little overboard and ordered a lot!
  • Wagyu Sirloin RM200+
  • Grilled NZ Mussels RM23
  • Pure South Half Lamb Ribs RM75
  • Mango Cheesecake RM12

I did not expect the mussels to be very big; almost as big as my palm!
The flesh was juicy, the sauce was a bit tangy, a perfect complement to the mussel.

Wagyu beef. It was a tad small, compared to the usual steak.
We requested for it to be cooked medium rare and the chef should have let em' rest before slicing them (to avoid bloody scene such as this) This is a basic culinary knowledge, btw.

My first time trying wagyu beef and it really melts in your mouth.

The star for us, was definitely the Pure South Lamb Ribs.
Oh my God. It was so good. I can't stop raving about it to my friends 😎

Perfection on a plate. The ribs, mango chutney glaze, mashed potatoes. Love!
The best rack of lambs I have eaten. It definitely overshadowed the wagyu beef, for me.


Loved it so much, we ordered the lamb again on our second visit.

We ordered chicken chop as well. It was so huge, and I could tell that it was marinated for a long time since you can clearly taste the herbs through the bread crumbs.

My overall rating : 4.8/5

Wish list for the next visit

  • Roasted bone marrow
  • Classic lobster roll
  • Tomahawk
Will update the review later 💖
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