Tuesday, 11 August 2020

#HotelReview : Tanah Aina Farah Soraya, Bentong, Pahang

This was our long-awaited holiday post-MCO and we were sooo excited to tell you the least 😁

A bit of a background, Tanah Aina has a few resorts; Farah Soraya (Bentong), Farhana (Pengerang), Farouq (Raub) and Fahad (Raub). Each of the resorts has its own theme and Farah Soraya's was 'Exclusive Eco Resort'. They host guests in groups of all sizes, from couples and families to small and large parties which makes it ideal for a weekend getaway as well as a teambuilding event (They can fit 140 visitors at any one time). 

The price of the accommodation package ranges from RM290 to RM360 per person for a 2D1N stay. This includes accommodation, meals (Lunch, Tea, BBQ Dinner and Breakfast), guided trekking to waterfall, guided night walk and guided morning walk. 

Some of the things to note;

  • The rooms are only equipped with fans (but trust me, you don't need no AC)
  • Most of the bathrooms are unattached (except for the 6-pax Bamboo House Kesidang & Melor, 8-pax dorms Kesum & Sireh and 10-pax dorm Pandan & Kunyit). The bathrooms are scattered nearby the accommodation. And it's clean!! They provided organic shampoo and body wash too. 
  • No hot shower 
  • From the car park, patrons will be picked up by a 4 wheel drive/lorry to the resort via 1.5km off-road path 
  • All the outdoor activities are weather dependant
  • You can add-on candlelight dinner for RM100 per couple. 

We chose to stay at the Honeymoon Chalet and had direct access to the river! The picture above depicts the interior of the Honeymoon Chalet (from their official page). 

I love the place very much. Service was top-notch and the food was great (they even served delicious sup tulang and pengat durian). We also can't finish the candlelight dinner spread. It was ridiculous the amount of food served! Hahaha

We didn't join any of the outdoor activities though, seeing that I'm pregnant but would love to join the next time we're here. #eh

My overall rating : 5 stars.

Would love to visit other Tanah Aina Resorts 😍

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Friday, 7 August 2020

#Pregnancy : The Big Ticket Items We Bought

So these are the big-ticket items we bought during my pregnancy.

Child Car Seat
I'm a child car seat (CRS) advocate. I truly do not understand parents who are willing to spend their moolah on travelling and shopping yet did not invest in the safety of their own child. I know, for each his own but, safety first please people! 

Okay, so basically the 2 main types of car seats are the infant carrier and the convertible car seat.

Infant carrier
  • Portable, easy to move around
  • High mobility, some may even be compatible with a stroller (reducing the risk of waking the baby up when you want to move them)
  • Limited usability (usually until the baby is 10kg or outgrew the carrier) 
  • Quite heavy (around 4kg-7kg) and that's without the baby. Can't imagine lunging the car seat around
  • Products from reputable brands (Chicco, Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi) may be expensive
Convertible Car Seat
  • Can be used for a longer period (depends on the model)
  • Safer as some models offer both rear-facing and forward-facing position
  • Worthy investment (price ranges from RM500-RM1800)
  • Various choices in the market
  • Bulky and heavy (but not an issue because you fixed it inside the car)
  • May be too big for some infants
After much, much consideration, we chose the convertible car seat. 

Chicco NextFit Zip Max

Why we choose this model;
  • Accommodate rear-facing up until the baby reached 22kg. Did you know that children are 75% less likely to die or sustain serious injury in a rear-facing car seat? This is because it spreads the crash force more evenly across the back of the car seat and the child's body.
  • Longevity. It can be used until the child is 30kg.
  • Easy to install. Super important. If it's complicated, the possibility of mistakes during installation heightened!
  • Offer more legroom. In case our baby is tall (like us), the CRS offers extended legroom, up to 25% more compared to its predecessor model. 
  • As we foresee the car seat will be used for a long time, it definitely helps that the fabric is machine washable and can be removed easily with the zipper mechanism
  • It has 9 recline position which will accommodate newborn 
  • It comes with removable full-body newborn inserts for the safety of the newborn baby

The picture shows how a newborn baby would look like inside the CRS, with the newborn padding. I'm immediately sold. We bought the CRS at MyLovelyBaby, OUG Parklane. They do offer to install it in the car but since I bought it super early (in my 6th months of pregnancy), I'll visit them again in September 😂. 

The recommended retail price for the model was RM2,599. The promo price was RM1,799 but we managed to buy it during the super promotion period for RM1,499. It's a worthy investment I think, knowing that we will use it for a while and the fact that we'll be using it almost every day.

Baby Cot
Some people think it's unnecessary and a complete waste of money. But in our case, we opted for the baby cot. The CDC in the US recommends that newborns sleep in the same room as the parents, but in a separate sleeping space. 

We purposely search for a baby cot that is convertible to a toddler bed so it can be used for a longer period of time. It also goes without saying that we wanted a real sturdy bed. And the most important criteria for us is the highest (adjustable) bed level must be tall enough for us not to bend so much when picking the baby up. 

In case you don't know, we're tall. I'm 172cm while N is 180cm. And both of us had a history of slipped disc 😆. Therefore we wanted to minimise bending as much as possible. 

We finally found the perfect baby cot that ticks all of our requirement. 

Did you know that the drop-side cribs are banned in the US as they are dangerous and has been linked to many infants' untimely death? So don't buy drop-side cribs ya. 

We bought the baby cot from Twins Baby, Puchong. The original price was RM1,599 but there was 20% discount so it comes down to RM1,279. Thinking that the baby will spend a lot of time in the bed, we felt that the price is justified. It is super sturdy, I kid you not.

UV Sterilizer
The baby will definitely drink milk, be it au-natural breast milk or formula milk. And the bottles (at least) will need to be sterilized on a daily basis. I had difficulties imagining both of us, boiling the pot to traditionally sterilize the bottles at night after a long day at work and then letting them dry. Mind you, it has to be air-dried, as the use of tissue or cloth may transfer germs on the bottle. So much hassle! Well, thank you technology, for the invention of UV sterilizer. 

Why we opted for UV sterilizer;
  • It comes in bigger sizes, so many things can be sterilized at once
  • As it uses UV, we can use it to sterilize other things as well, breast pump parts, phones, toys etc
  • Most of the UV sterilizers have storage function, dryers etc. So convenient!
We bought the Haenim 3G sterilizer during the promo period.

It can fit 16 bottles at once! Yeayy. You'll have to change the UV lamp annually though but for the convenience, I think it's worth it. 

Can't wait to put all these things to use.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

EZ Qurban Review

Penning down my experience with EZ Qurban for your reference. So EZ Qurban offers the service to do Korban / Aqiqah for you in foreign countries. The main reason? It's cheaper over there. They have presence / representative in 35 developing countries including Cambodia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali and Palestine. 

It is highly encouraged for Muslims to sacrifice 1 part of a cow during Aidil Adha. Locally, the average price for 1 part is RM700. In comparison, through EZ Qurban, it only cost RM290. The company quoted the cheaper cost of poultry in the developing countries that contributes to the lower price. To sacrifice a cow in Malaysia (7 parts) it would cost RM4,900 but with EZ Qurban, it's only RM2,030.

So, the process.

The registration process is done online on its website : www.ezqurban.org.

Upon registering, you have to choose the category (Korban biasa / Korban nazar / Aqiqah) and made the payment accordingly. Within a day, the officer will call and confirm your details. A receipt will also be generated via email and if your registration is successful, you'll receive a notification via email and SMS. 

For 2020, we engaged with them for Korban (nazar) and Korban Aidil Adha. Difference between the two is Korban Nazar can be done at any time, unlike Korban Aidil Adha. 

For Korban Nazar, we got the report a day after they conducted it in Telok Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia [You can't choose the country for the Korban to be performed as the admin will determine the country based on the needs]. We also got the softcopy picture as well as the video 'evidence' via email. 

I chose Korban Aidil Adha for myself, and it was done in Bangladesh. For Korban Aidil Adha, due to the sheer number of participants, they will not send the pictures individually. However, the pictures are shared on their FB page. The certificate and the location details of the Korban is also available on their website when you check for your status in 'Semakan' tab. 

In conclusion, I would highly recommend their service 👍. Trustworthy, value for money and easy to deal with. 

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Monday, 3 August 2020

#Pregnancy : 3D/4D Scan at MyFamily Clinic, Ampang

Tell ya the truth, I really like this clinic and the sonographers. 

I set the appointment online, via this website. Very easy, no deposit required. The sonographer was very accommodating, lively and tried her best to get a better picture of the baby. 

I went for a 3D/4D scan in my 31st week of pregnancy and did not disappoint! Hahaha! Would you believe me if I said the baby was a carbon copy of me 😂 We quickly realized this as we have been looking at my baby photos months ago.

The charges for 3D/4D scan was RM120 and you'll get 1 colour photo of the baby, 1 black and white photo together with a simple growth report. 

Highly recommended!!

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Friday, 31 July 2020

Prenatal Checkup: Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak

After much (much) consideration, we decided to go to the government clinic to get the infamous 'red book', although we're planning to deliver at a private hospital. Reason being;
  • Government clinic offered (very) comprehensive antenatal care 
  • Private hospital tends to transfer the patient to government hospital in case of complications. At least, if that happens I will have my full pregnancy medical record with me.
So I googled the website for the state health department to look for the nearest 'Klinik Kesihatan' which offers prenatal care. In my case, it's Klinik Kesihatan Muhibbah. So the procedure is to get an appointment for your first visit. Different government clinic operates differently. Some accept telephone booking but KKIA Muhibbah requires your physical presence in order to book an appointment. 😅

Parking here is a breeze, though the clinic itself is very small. So I came to book a slot and was given a date 3 weeks away, at 11am. During registration (I was already 14 weeks pregnant), I was asked to bring original IC and copies for both me and N, copy of marriage certificate and original utility bill (to ensure the KKIA is actually responsible for your area as they will visit you at home after delivery).

The nurse interviewed me for basic details; age, education level, employment status, husband's health and medical history to complete the registration of the ''Buku Merah''. FYI, it will take a while because there are 2 copies of the book; one for the mother and one for the clinic. So the nurses/doctors will have to painstakingly re-write everything on both copies of books.

So during the routine checkup, you'll only meet with the same nurse who's responsible for your case. She will also be the one who does house visits later after you deliver. Appointment with the doctor will only be made on the 14th, 20th, 28th and 36th weeks of pregnancy where they'll do the ultrasound as well. Btw, I'm so satisfied with the doctor's explanation here. Much better than my experience at Columbia Asia 😁

The routine checkup includes haemoglobin test, glucose test, urine test, blood pressure monitoring, weight monitoring, blood test (if needed) and consultation with the nurse (based on the pre-determined syllabus). This ensures the mothers are getting continuous knowledge throughout the pregnancy.

All in all, throughout my pregnancy, I've been to the KKIA a total of 15 times. I stopped going after my 33rd week as I have to do the bi-weekly checkup at Andorra and the nurses said I could continue at Andorra for good. But I still have to inform the clinic when I give birth, so they can do the house-visit later to monitor me and the baby. 

I had no issue with the services provided at the KKIA as the nurses are efficient and rarely do I have to wait for a very long time. Sometimes, I had to wait longer at the private hospital/clinic 😂

Modified Glucose Tolerance Test and Gestitational Diebetes Melitus (GDM)
I had to do the Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGGT) on my 14th week of pregnancy. For the test, you'll need to fast from 10pm the night before. The nurse then took a blood sample early in the morning - 8am. Then I had to drink a cup of warm orange glucose for the test. Two hours later, I came back for another blood test. While still fasting, ya. After the second blood draw, you are free to eat and drink. Honestly, the test was not as bad as I thought. For me, the fact that the glucose was warm completely threw me off. But no worries, you have 10 minutes to finish off the ''syrup''. I chowed everything in 4 minutes haha. The results will only be available after 2 weeks (understandable for a public clinic).

So the result.

Ideally, the glucose reading while fasting (for a pregnant lady) should be a maximum of 5.3 and 7.8 for the second blood test. 

Mine was 5.5 and 6 accordingly which exceeded (barely) the threshold for fasting glucose level. These numbers are considered normal for non-pregnancy cases but the government clinic is very strict when you're pregnant. 

The thing with Gestitational Diebetes Melitus (GDM) is, you may be perfectly healthy before pregnancy and still, you can have GDM. During pregnancy, glucose will build up in the blood instead of being absorbed by cells due to the hormone produced by the placenta. As a result, your glucose reading may go up (Even with a strict diet and all). Most of the time, GDM will disappear once you gave birth.

As a result of the MGGT, I had to do the HVA1C blood test to determine the average level of glucose for the past 3 months. And my result was A-okay which meant my glucose level pre-pregnancy was healthy.

For my whole visit to KKIA, I've only paid RM5 and that's for my session with the specialist during my 29th week of pregnancy. That's it. Talk about value for money. Oh, I've also met with a dietitian in one of the sessions and had my tetanus injection here. 

I usually take my Obimin supply here since it's free 😂

So, I highly recommend KKIA's service especially for first-time mothers!
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