Sunday, 12 August 2018

MBA Admission Process at UiTM

Officially a student again!!! 💖

I chose to pursue my postgraduate degree (MBA) at UiTM for several reasons.

  • Accredited by MQA, ABEST21, AACSB etc
  • ALL the academicians at the faculty are PhD holders 💫
  • The executive program requires at least 3 years working experience [better networking]
  • Weekend classes
  • Cheapest tuition fees for executive mode - RM20,000
  • And being a UiTM alumni personally, I know Business Faculties in UiTM are very good
  • Totally random and a very cool plus point: they provide lunch / tea break for the MBA students

There are 3 mode of studies for MBA here;
  • Full Time [classes on weekdays, preferably 1 year working experience]
  • Part Time [classes on Monday - Wednesday's evening, preferably 1 year working experience]
  • Executive Mode [classes on weekend, minimum 3 years working experience]

The admission process are as below;

  1. Go to any BSN branch and buy the application pin number (RM50)
  2. Apply online at ''  [There are 2 semesters per year; March & Sept]
  3. Print out the referee report form from Ipsis and asked 2 referees to fill it out for you [At least one of them must be an academic referee]
  4. Write an essay about yourself in 700 words; basically sharing about your personal life, academic and professional background
  5. Print out the filled application form and send it together with the completed referee report, autobiography essay, certified IC and transcript to the faculty.
  6. Wait for the SMS inviting you for the interview session (if you passed the initial screening)
  7. Attend the interview
  8. Checked the application status at Ipsis from time to time because you will not get notification on the result

Interview Session at AAGBS
Interviews are carried out at the faculties that you applied for and in my case it's at Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School. 

Signed the attendance and you'll be given the room number for interview later. 
Went to a classroom to do English assessment.

Basically, you need to choose one of the articles provided and write your thoughts on it in 35 minutes. I chose the article on sustainability.

Then, just wait in front of the interview room. It's on first come first serve basis. So if you finished the essay early, go straight to the interview room. I was the first one at the door. LOL

It was a group interview with a panel of interviewers. 
3 prospective students with 2 lecturers (Mine was Dr Arlinah and Dr Carol)

The questions asked were pretty basic, essentially they just want to gauge your motivation for pursuing MBA and whether you have the will power to go through it all. Studying part time poses a  different set of challenges altogether. [No general knowledge questions were asked]

A month later, I got the offer. 

Looking forward to the start of the semester! 
And oh, my husband will be my classmate! 💗


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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

#MakanReview : Din by Din Tai Fung [KLCC]

I've seen A LOT of Din Tai Fung reviews over the years; and I always thought to myself; how amazing it would be if there's a halal version!

Well, say hello to the first and only no-pork, halal Din Tai Fung in Malaysia : DIN by Din Tai Fung.

It was very difficult to order because;

  • I know their portions are huge
  • We were only a party of 2 (me and N)
  • I wanted to try everything because it all looks delicious!

It the end, we settled for 3 dishes. And we were super full afterwards.

Din Tai Fung is very well known for its hand crafted Xiao Long Bao. It's basically a steamed bun, filled with meat and hot soup. Yeah. Soup!

We ordered the sambal chicken xiao long bao, hot sour noodle soup and shrimp fried rice.


Most excited for this but it came up short. Maybe because I had such high expectations?
These babies were supposed to be served hot. Piping hot!

But when we got ours, it was a bit warm with the upper part of the bun cold (uncooked).
I expected more!!

There's a specific way to eat Xiao Long Bao. I followed this guide but I prefer to eat it sans the sauces. Because the sambal inside the buns are flavorful enough. The sambal are truly the saving grace.

Rating : 3/5


A simple dish done right. I don't know what is it with Chinese restaurants, but they do amazing fried rice!! The portion is quite big too.

Rating : 4/5


This was surprisingly good! At first it tasted weird. But then all the flavors started to kick in! And if I'm not mistaken, the noodles are handmade. They are so fresh, glides down the throat. A must try dish, I would say!  

                                                                     Rating : 4.5/5

But the one thing that N kept raving about is their chili oil. These are AMAZING. I swear if they sell this by the jar, N would have bought a lot!

                                                                      Rating : 5/5

So will I come again? Definitely! So much more to try ❤
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Monday, 4 June 2018

#MakanReview : Sri Nirwana Maju [USJ9]

I think I just found the best halal banana leaf rice place in Klang Valley; which is not a surprise considering how famous the place is 💖

Sri Nirwana Maju has 2 branches; one in Bangsar and the other in USJ 9 (less congested area).

Banana Leaf Rice Set
  • The basic set is actually a vegetarian dish. Rice served on a banana leaf, with 3 vegetable dishes, papadum, fried salted chilli and curry/dhal
  • Curry - you can choose between the different type of curries they have [kuah sahaja]
  • Add on your protein! Mutton, chicken, fish, squid, prawn, you named it.
So we ordered 2 sets of banana leaf rice, fried squid and mutton varuval with mango lassi. 

Amergerd, everything was really really good [except for the mutton varuval].

Three types of vegetable.

The fried bitter gourd (red-scary-looking vege on the left) is to die for!
The other two; stir fried cabbage and cucumber yogurt salad are also good.

The whole course.

The fried squid was amazing! They fried it upon order.
Fresh and succulent. The portion is great, too.

Mutton varuval (dry curry) on the other hand, just mediocre.
Can skip that next time.

Already looking forward to the next meal here! ❤

Rating : 4.5/5 
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Thursday, 31 May 2018

It's Official, I'm an ACCA Member

Just because you passed all the exams, it doesn't mean you are automatically accepted as member.

The various ACCA Status;

So the requirement to be an ACCA member are;
  • Pass all the exams (with or without exemptions)
  • Complete the online Professional Ethics module
  • 36 months experience in relevant accounting / finance role [to be recorded in the system, signed off by immediate supervisor and you have to write several essays to illustrate your competency]
The most tedious part believe it or not; is not passing the exam; but the final step.

Start recording your experience in the system as early as possible to account for different employers, promotion etc. You can use your 6 months internship experience in getting the total 36 months. Jadi kalau record lambat, belum tentu you are still in contact with your former boss, so how are you gonna get the sign off? [You can record the experience that occurred before, during or after you sit for ACCA exams]

The great thing about studying part time is that you're working concurrently. 
So in my case, I started ACCA after 1 year of work experience so by the time I completed my papers, I've achieved the 36 months requirement. 

Not only you have to meet the 36 months experience requirement, you will need to meet 9 performance objectives. In order to prove this, you'll need to write a 300 words statement to demonstrate your competencies for each and every one of the objectives.

However, if you are employed at ACCA approved employer with Gold/ Platinum status (like I am) you could potentially ask for exemption from all the performance objectives ; but only after you completed the 36 months experience.

After everything is set and done, your supervisor will receive an email to sign off your working experience.

Only then, you can submit the application to become a member. 

Of course, it's not free. 
£236 for membership admission + first year annual subscription

Wait for a few weeks to get the reply on your membership status and they will mail you the hard copy certificate all the way from the UK. 

Now, you can use ACCA designation after your name ❤
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Friday, 25 May 2018

#MakanTrip : Melaka

At last, a reality ❤

2D1N trip, just before Ramadhan starts. 

This time we stayed at Arissa Hotel. Was tempted to stay at nicer hotels outside of the city center but decided against it at the last minute. And I don't regret it a bit!


Pros : Very comfortable bed, clean, ample parking, strategic location, free shuttle van to/fro Jonker Street

Cons : Open parking, receptionist was a tad cold

Rating : 4.5/5

The trip to Melaka was solely for food hunting. We went to most of the famous eateries. And here's my review. 

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

Lama juga mengidam. My verdict : over hyped. I really love chicken rice and this place, they do serve a good plate of chicken rice, succulent chicken and all. But. I felt like it's a bit overprice and not worth the queue. The nyonya cili garam dish was a bit bland, not full of flavor like I have anticipated. And oh, they charge you for the tapau container too 😣

The chicken rice set does not come with soup. Say whattt? Even chicken rice set at the food court provides you with 1 small bowl of soup. Here you need to order separately. 

[Tips : Chee Meng serves better chicken rice]

Rating : 3/5

Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Obviously the line was long but they were efficient. It's very affordable seeing the quality of the ingredients they used. I don't even bother to buy coconut shake at most night market because it is watery, too much water, not enough coconut, chunky ice etc

But here, everything is blended nicely. One of the best coconut shake I've tasted but would love if even more if the coconut bits are not as gritty. Well, to each his own; right?

Rating : 4/5

Jonker Street

The coconut is a hard pass. I thought it's gonna be as amazing as the one I had in Thailand but nooo.
The reason I bought it was to cool down. It was freaking hot, a lottt of people squeezing in the tiny road. The coconut water was warm. WARM! *laughing at myself* The flesh was too hard to eat, had to ask them to cut it for you. (In Thailand, if was so soft, you can just poke it with your straw) And it was not tasty. Kelapa tua. What do you expect...

Rating : 1/5

This baby, it's the bomb! So delicious, warm and gooey, make sure to buy it!!
Muah Chee : Glutinous rice ball covered with sugared peanuts

Rating : 5/5

Asam Pedas Claypot Kota Laksamana

Huge, huge place. Quite cheap for the price because the fish was big, N can barely finished it. Set comes with an asam pedas of your choice, rice, sambal belacan, salted egg and fried vegetable. Quite good!

Rating : 4/5

Awang Roti Canai, Bukit Beruang

The. Best. Roti Canai. I. Had. Ever!!
It's thick, crispy, fluffy. All at the same time. The curry was delicious. A must must try!
*parking can be limited tho

Rating : 5/5

Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Haji Jalil & Hajah Rahmah

Hajah Rahmah's
So we tried both, freshly from the fryer. Personally I'm more in favor of Hajah Rahmah's keria. 
The combination between flour and potato is just perfect. The sugar coating ... Just divine. 

Rating : 4.5/5

Mango Float Royale Melaka

Our final pit stop.  
At first, it tasted too sweet for my liking. 

But I kept on drinking because it's so good! Topped with mango cubes and vanilla ice cream. 

Rating : 4.5/5

Can't wait to be back in Melaka. #Eh
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