Tuesday 27 November 2012

Stay by Sugarland

So original, so honest.
One of my favorite songs.

Sung by a country group, Sugarland. My number two favorite country singer after Blake Shelton *melt*

Music are there to mend the heart.

I've been sitting here staring at the clock on the wall
And I've been laying here praying, praying she won't call
It's just another call from home
And you'll get it and be gone and I'll be crying

And I'll be begging you, baby, beg you not to leave
But I'll be left here waiting with my heart on my sleeve
Oh, for the next time we'll be here
Seems like a million years and I think I'm dying
What do I have to do to make you see she can't love you like me?

Why don't you stay? I'm down on my knees
I'm so tired of being lonely, don't I give you what you need?
When she calls you to go, there is one thing you should know
We don't have to live this way, baby, why don't you stay? Yeah

You keep telling me, baby there will come a time
When you will leave her arms and forever be in mine
But I don't think that's the truth
And I don't like being used and I'm tired of waiting
It's too much pain to have to bear to love a man you have to share

I can't take it any longer but my will is getting stronger
And I think I know just what I have to do
I can't waste another minute after all that I've put in it
I've given you my best, why does she get the best of you?
So next time you find you wanna leave her bed for mine

Why so sad of a lyrics? The MV is very simple, full with emotions.
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Monday 26 November 2012

Sweet. Now Sampah.

Most guys have this interesting skills, ya know. They know how to 'talk' to a girl. Let me share a real life example. I had this one classmate, few semesters back. He's kind, soft spoken (so people say). We developed a relationship. A weird one. It's on-off kind of things. His words, oh my God.. The sweetest ever! I was stupid enough to fall for his sweet demeanor. You know? I cooked for him, celebrated his birthday.. 

So the story goes he went quiet for these few months. And I don't even felt the difference. I live just fine. Then yesterday he called me out of the blue, asking for help. He asked to me find tax cases for his assignments and to apply internship for him. Like, for real??!! What the hell! I cannot comprehend how you could even act this way.

One, it's your goddamn assignment, It's a group assignment for God's sake! Go ask your team member.

Second, your internship is your future, my dear.

Thirdly, you should never assume me as your safety net.

Bila susah baru cari. Bravo!!

Another case of sweet turned sampah..
I refused to be used.

Internship Update!!
I got the agreement package from Accenture today. They offered me one day paid leave per month, the allowance is good. How interesting is that? Their office is no longer at KLCC. It's at The Garden. Hahaha.. Far better!! But now I have to convince the Industrial Training Committee about Accenture. 

At the end of the day, I am not sure what I want to do in future. Auditor has lost its appeal for me. I know I should go to the Big Four. Or should I? For one thing, whatever happens, I know I have to serve my bond with Khazanah. So the 6 months in EY will not be of much help though I secure a permanent post. I want to take professional qualification. Accenture is an Accredited ACCA Employer.

Ohmai... Dilemma..


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Sunday 25 November 2012

Cluttered Mind, Tortured Soul.

As of today, it's been 3 years and 6 months. 
It will end .... someday.
Find the courage.
Sacrifices are endless.
My heart in agony, soul tortured.
All in all, life.
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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Short Update on Internship Interviews

So today i donated blood. Again. Hmm.. Should do this more often.

I already mailed EY the acceptance letter earlier today.

BDO called to set up an interview. Accenture second round of phone interview will be on next Monday. Crossing fingers on that.

Today also we got back the mid semester paper for ICS. Disappointing weyh! 72% only. *die*

Later on tonight will be another mid semester paper, Accounting Theory & Practice. Gotta study.

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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Let's Get Personal

Here comes the reason why i privatized this blog. The touchy-feeling stuff.

Happiness is a very peculiar subject. People find happiness in different places. Some found it in their family, friends, loved ones, pets and even in their job. Being happy is like the ultimate goal, ain't it? Thousand of books have been written on how to be happy. Is it really that difficult to be happy? Our ancestors, nana, grandpa; they did not need the self-help books to live a happy, fulfilling lives.

In my case, yeah. Happiness is very difficult to come by, per say. This very thought has knocked me in the head few weeks back. It's a wake up call I guess.

I alone know what I've been through, the mistakes I made, the regret I felt. Having good news, but no one to share it with. It's heart breaking, really.

People judge, without fail. I know all the motivation quotes out there; about not giving crap on what other's say. Let me tell ya. It's all a lie. You will fall. You forced yourself back up just to be tripped over by others. In the end, you only have yourself to rely on, to share the sappy moment with. Yeah, you do look okay from the outside. But inside, you can feel something's missing.

How does people sees me? They do not know my story. Those who knew seems pretty happy to condemn me all the way. Knowing my weakness, some took advantage. How freaking awesome was that? yay!!

I rise through it all. You have no idea how words hurt. It hurts even more when it's made public.
You have no idea.
Just .. None.

Be careful on what you say to others. Be careful.

It's not even the point of my story, yet it took such a long post. Next time maybe.

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Monday 19 November 2012

Bigcha's Wedding

Let the pictures speak.

Place : Dewan German Malaysian Institute (GMI), Kajang.
Date : 18th November 2012
Bride : Noor Aiishah (classmate from school)

There were two Aishah in our class. So one is Bigcha, the other is Smallcha LOL

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Thursday 15 November 2012

ACCA Conference and Internship Updates

Ya ampun.. Lama tertangguh post this time. Asyik kept in draft je. I don't know why I can't upload pictures through iPad. Leciaq sungguh aihhh. 

Last week I went to the 'ACCA - Fellowship of Future Leaders' at Equatorial Bangi. As anticipated Chinese students were the majority and it felt good being in a new environment. The event was beneficial and interesting. 

The HR leaders from the Big 4.. All of 'em..
Some of my group members from the Fantastic Four. We have a whooping 25 members.. Wohooo!!!  
All of the participants. Can you spot me, the one in brown hijab?
And the highlight of the event was .... FIRE EATING!!
We actually ate the fire! All of us! Ya know? Like a circus performer. Awesome weyh!! Basically the mentality is that once we had ate fire, there's nothing we can't achieve. Deep, huh? 

Getting ready... Nervous tak tipu.
Look at the fire for only 2 seconds.. Not more (or you'll freak out)
The aftermath. Pffttt... Gasoline. Yucks!

So all in all, I would like to promote to all. If there's ever a second edition of this event, do go!! You will definitely gain something.

Currently it's the unofficial holiday for Uniten students. Lecturers cancelled their classes for the Deepavali and Awal Muharam holiday. And I stayed. Ouh I stayed all right at Muadzam Shah. Impressed much!
To-Do lists.
The list might as well explained why I stayed. The very next week after the so-called holiday, there will be 4 mid terms. So much win!! *die* So far, so good. I've covered some topics from Forensic Accounting and Accounting Theory. I am well prepared for Integrated Case Study. Not bad, eh? Though I watched movies while I'm revising. Hehehe

And.... Here it is! Heeeee *dancing*
Intern Updates 
When I was at the ACCA Conference, I got a phone call from Colgate-Palmolive. The phone interview went on for 45 minutes. Tough! When I got the offer letter, they are only offering RM600. One must have though they're offering higher allowance since the interview was freaking challenging.

JeffreyCo called to offer a place. It's in Bangsar and offered RM400. So far, it's the lowest allowance I've heard for audit firm.

I thought I was being offered at audit department of RSM RKT (RM800). Apparently, they are switching me to another department. Consultation and taxation. It's very accessible by the public transport, just opposite the Dang Wangi LRT station.

Rabin and Associates offered RM700. It's a 5 minute walk from KLCC.

Also I secured a place at ACT Partner, in Puchong.

SCS Global, Azwan Wong and Cristopher Heng are pending for interviews which I decided not to go. (so far)

What I want to share here is my experience interviewing with Jason Tan & Associates (JTA). It's in Jalan Universiti and owned by a Chinese couple. They were very great to be with. The interview was simple and basic. He asked for the double entry for provision of doubtful debt and the basic accounting equation 'Asset = Liability + Equity'. They offered RM700. If I did not get any offer from the Big 4, this would definitely be my choice. The people's nice. I can sense that Jason just loved me. He even said he'll bring me along to meet client and also help with HR duties because .... (let me keep it for myself)


When I told him I got an offer with EY, he was quite frustrated. I can see it. He was from EY himself, and his wife Esther's from PwC, so they know how the Big 4 appeals to students. They also have monthly luncheon. Oh my God! They're the best!! So me and Shu were offered a place on the spot. Shu ended up signing the offer letter. Hihihi

I put this picture because I'm soooo excited for Mya!! (far right) She's a beauty with brain, and also a good friend. 
Yayyyy!! I'm gonna intern with this lady.. InsyaAllah. What's funny is that she persuaded me to do my internship early so that we can do it together. And yeah. She got EY too!!
Oh! And before I forgot. I got another invitation for the online assessment of KPMG. Apparently I did not do well enough the first time. How kind are they to give me a second chance? The first assessment comprises of two section. I am required to re-do only the first section. Does that means I scored okay for the second section? Heeee


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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Crazy Sleep Schedule

My life is upside down now, apparent from my crazy sleep schedule. It's not like I'm THAT busy. It's just my sleeping pattern decided to stray and went haywire.
One day I'm wide awake till 5, the next day I'm crawling to my bed at 9. And it goes on for weeks. Zombie, much?

So everyone is pretty rattled about internships. Why not? It's important. While most aims for the Big 4, some prefer small medium sized audit firms. Me myself is in dilemma. 

Also, yesterday my group presented for the case study which by the way is a big disappointment. I'm pretty much frustrated with myself. Pffttt.. I kid you not , I was in a bad mood earlier today. Because I know we take it for granted, settling with the answers we got from the internet. Lessons learnt!

My plan to go to Kelantan is still in progress.

That's all for now. I'm in class by the way. Hahaha *evil laugh*

OK. Better stop now.

Bye! Ciao!!
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Sunday 4 November 2012

Unproductive Sunday

I spent my weekend alone. A little wee bit unproductive. Therefore, i decided to wake up early today and do some exercising.. Believe it? Hahahaha.. Syok sendiri aerobik kat ruang tamu.. Half way through, my calves are hurting like crazy! That's the way to do it.

It ain't exercise if you aint hurting. 

Towards a healthy heart!!

Tomorrow my brother's gonna sit for his SPM. Good luck!!

Already felt healthier.. Haha over! 

Mya oh mya.. I'm crossing fingers here... Jom-jom jenjalan...

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Saturday 3 November 2012


I love comedy series.

How I Met Your Mother, My Wife and Kids, The Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, you named it. But I would say the most original one would be Friends.

Did ya know that the creator of Friends are the ones behind HIMYM? That would explain why some of the ideas and plots are pretty similar.

Friends is the only series that I would watch over and over again without sweat. And laugh every freaking time, too. (Had some adrenalin rush watching 'em since the last hour, fyi)

And, now it's 10.30pm and I had just finished my data collection. Yayyy!!! I'm feeling the kind of relief that only final semester student would understand. Fuhhh.... Alhamdulilah.

PS - I identify myself with Monica from Friends

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Friday 2 November 2012

EY Offer Letter

Hello November! 

Be good ya!

Here comes another weekend. Oh how fast time flies.
I am alone, yet again.
Wonder if I should just go somewhere, just to chill.
Cherating, maybe?
But again, it's the raining season.

So earlier today, I met up with my supervisor and after that decided to cook.
Same old, same old.
Spaghetti. My favorite and perhaps the easiest dish to make.
My problem is, I did not know how to shop for one person.
I always end up cooking for what looks like a family meal.
So yeah.. I'm very full right now. Alhamdulillah.

Catching up.
I do not mean friends. I meant movie.

This past few days has been a movie marathon. Though not back to back (due to the humongous workloads). I was just catching up with those movies that I should have watched a long time ago. Bourne Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Oceans Trilogy; just to name a few. Have to make full use of the little moment left before internship, no?

Speaking of it, EY has sent the offer letter.
So I guess it's official.
And just now DFK Folks called to set for an interview. Should I go, should I not go? Haven't made up my mind yet. 

I decided to tell my mom about EY. So I started the conversation with the history of Big 4, bla bla bla.. And mid way through, she guessed it right.  "Nak bagitahu dapat Big 4 la tu?" Haha. You got it right, mom.

Other than that, the workload  here is escalating quickly. Mid term week is coming soon. FYP data collection is due Monday. Integrated Case Study is to be presented on Monday, also. Not to forget the case study for Accounting Theory and Forensic Accounting.. Ummm.. Nyummy! The life of a student.

Ciao! Going to continue my data collection.

The line of insanity, love and revenge are parallel. 

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