Thursday 28 February 2013

Women - Success and Independence

Believe it or not, I have neighbours and relatives who were actually discouraging me from doing well in life.

How should i put it in subtler terms?

Lepas ni kau nak sambung belajar lagi ke?
Kau nak sambung ACCA?
Eh, tak payah la.
Lelaki takut nak dekat dengan perempuan berjaya nie.
Cuba kau tengok perempuan berkerjaya kat luar tu, berapa ramai andartu?
Degree pun cukuplah, nanti lepas kahwin jadi suri rumah.
Berkat hidup kau.

Ini. Cerita. Benar.

And here are my two cents.

People, people, we are not living in the era whereby women are not given equal opportunities in life, in voting, in education.

Don't get me started on the girl-boy ratio in universities. It does not necessarily mean that girls are smarter than boys. It simply shows that girls work much harder to be admitted into tertiary institutions.

Menuntut ilmu adalah ibadah. It is strongly encouraged in Islam. Kenapa nak halang?

Me personally, i do want to get married, have a family. Soal jodoh, bukan kita yang menentukan. Siapa yang boleh cakap dengan penuh pasti if a girl is successful, she won't have a family? Siapa?

I rather be successful than stupid. I am independent. Tak perlu rasanya kot nak mengeneng merengek 24 jam dengan lelaki.

Isu lelaki dan independent ni macam dalam cerita How I Met your mother.

Robin is very much independent and successful. *such a sad scene where she talks to Barney; feeling insecure for being independent* if you watch it you'll know.

Guys will somehow be attracted to needy girls. If you prefer little girls to look after, be my guest. It will come to a point where you'll be sick of it. Haha

It is true in the case of my friend. I have this one girlfriend who is such a crybaby. Sangat2! Nags a lot. A lil' child in short. And she met with a guy.

After 4 months or so I accidentally bumped into this guy and apparently they have broke up. Tak tahan katanya. Perangai macam budak, gedik.

Dulu kau jugak nak yang macam tu. Ada sifat keperempuanan katanya. And jawapan die paling menusuk kalbu.

Aku cari pasangan hidup untuk jadi ibu pada anak-anak aku. Kalau die pun merengek selalu, siapa nak jaga anak aku? Macam mana die nak jadi ibu?


And guys, stop saying that you don't want to be with 'her' because you are not good enough. I really do not understand that.

Hey, kalau tak cukup baik usahalah. There is no such thing as - i have to let you go because you deserve better than me. Hello? Be better, then!

Juga, sila cari pasangan hidup yang sekufu / setaraf at least. Can you imagine sharing life with someone who can not understand what you are talking about?

Kesimpulannye, girls do chase your dreams. Be the best that you can because out there, there are successful guys who are very much attracted to you! ;)

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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Bootcamp with Faizal Tahir

Yesterday I went to Sri Pentas for a program with the one and only, Faizal Tahir. *ecstatic*
(Yes, I am a big fan of him ever since his OIAM debut)

Basically the program or 'Boot Camp' as FT called it gathered 30 university students; fans and non-fans to sit together and present a fresh idea in promoting his latest album. We were divided in groups and presented our ideas in front of Faizal himself, Izham Omar; the CEO of Primeworks and Datin Jacynta; the Head of Talent Unit in Monkey Bone. 

We also had the chance to listen to his new album; the whole 10 songs, mind you. And guess what, the album will only be launched in April! Exclusive much!!

Since most of us were in the same age group, we get along just fine! Made some new friends, exchanging experiences ya know?

During the ice breaking session where  we inroduced ourselves to Faizal and the crews, FT only remembered the first three guys! Sedih kannn.

But, but, during autograph session he remembered my name. Huahuahua *evil laugh* I was ready to tell him my name but he said it first. Eva, right? Thanks, thanks dad for giving me such a nice and short name..  :D

Bila awak mention saya kat twitter, hati saya berbunga-bunga. LOL
Faizal, the VIPs and my group. Yes, I am the only girl. But they're cool!
Iman, he reminded me of someone but I can't remember who  -.-'
RJ aka Rapper Jambang.. Ramai peminat ler nie lepas AJL :) I've told you guys before that I am soooo into guys with beard and goatee. Oh my!
Swish swish skirt
And ..... here it is!!
I love his personality and the fact that he speaks English really really well just make me love him more! He is trully one in a million.
Sekian dari saya.
Mari baca review GUA  di sini.
(thanks for interviewing me)

Credit gambar : GUA
ps* he's arrogant for a reason.

** Alhamdulillah Deloitte (Tax) and Citibank offered a place for internship.
***now I know!! Iman reminded me of Que!
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Tuesday 26 February 2013

Hall of Fame

I am the type of person who listen more to lyrics than music arrangement.

And this song, ladies and gentleman have such strong lyrics.

Yeah, You could be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the king kong banging on your chest

You could beat the world
You could beat the war
You could talk to God, go banging on his door

You can throw your hands up
You can be the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

Standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame

You could go the distance
You could run the mile
You could walk straight through hell with a smile

You could be the hero
You could get the gold
Breaking all the records that thought never could be broke

Do it for your people
Do it for your pride
Never gonna know if you never even try

Do it for your country
Do it for you name
Cause there's gonna be a day

When your, standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame

Be a champion, Be a champion, Be a champion, Be a champion

On the walls of the hall of fame

Be students
Be teachers
Be politicians
Be preachers

Be believers
Be leaders
Be astronauts
Be champions
Be true seekers

The video clip on the other hand is VERY inspirational. Check it out!
The fact that Danny O just happens to have the cutest goatee ..... Oh my!!
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Monday 25 February 2013

Envy and Otak-Otak

I've been meaning to write on this topic, or rather about this one person.
Being in YK, I had the chance to know many awesome people from UCL, Harvard, MIT, LSE.. You got the picture, right?
But the one person that never fail to amazed me is Lim Wei Jiet. (Heyyy!! I'm promoting you here bro).
I knew him during YK third stage interview. My first impression of him was that - likeable and intelligent. He's doing Law at UM. Being a future lawyer you can expect his fluency when he talks. It was a shocking news to know that he didn't get the scholarship.
Sangat terkejut.
But he seems to do better in life without YK.
You guys should read his blog here. Intelligent is written all over it. :) His English is soooo good that I must say I envy him a lot. He got a scholarship from the States for an exchange student program.
Taken from his blog, a few years back

He has been to various countries, debates, bla bla bla. You know, how awesome his life is :p
Why did a write about him again?
Oh yes. He also was accepted into the Otak-Otak program, the premier internship program for leaders where he interned for Nik Nazmi, a politician.
And....  I had just got an email from Otak-Otak inviting for an interview via Skype. Yayyy!!
I must say having a few special points in the resume helps a lot. A lot! Thanks YK, thanks Mainz :D
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Sunday 24 February 2013

Gettogether with My Girls before Flying Off

So me and my darlings went for a mini photo shoot aka catching up session before I went for Germany.

Feast your eyes.

Venue: Alamanda, Putrajaya

En route

Flying kisses
Bersedia ..
Having fun with our skirts. Being girls.
Am not going anywhere. Don't worry sayang :D
Love is in the air
Menceriakan hari-hari ku
Action kamen .. Teheee
Ukhuwah since 2005.
My own Areen Bear-Bear. Yeah. I do really call her that.
Madu saya.
Izzah melepaskan tekanan di jiwa. Hahaha
Dipaksa menghabiskan makanan
#eva  #izzah  #areen
Nah. Penutup. Signature pose :D
We started together.

Food Management in 2005.


Accounting, Actuarial Sciences and Mathematics.

Berbeza. Hati budi masih seperti dahulu.

Areen bear bear ku sayang, sorry I can't make it for your convocation. I am super duper proud of ya! Tahniah on getting the ANC!!

Izzah, semoga kita berdua bertemu zauj yang soleh. 


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Saturday 23 February 2013

Movie Review - Gangster Celop

Gangster Celop caught my attention since I first saw the trailer. I watched this movie alone, btw. Gangster tak? Hahaha

‘Tak langsung’, saya tolong jawabkan.

There are two heroes. Kamal Adli and Syamsul Yusof (Aman and Adam)

Who loves Syamsul’s husky voice and got turned on by his goatee. *me, me!!!*

Hanis Zalikha; sorry to say but has to brush up her acting skills. Don’t get me wrong. She’s beautiful. I love her in Mad Market but acting? Naahhhh..

Aman and Adam just got out of 5-year term in prison. They got assigned by Ayahanda (Yus Jambu) to babysit his daughter, none other than Hanis Zalikha. Ayahanda was ‘murdered’ by Man Cirit (Azad). Don’t ask me why gangsters have such name. Haha

Aman and Adam went to seek for revenge basically. There’s an unexpected twist. Laughter here, there, everywhere. Most memorable scene haruslah Syamsul and Kamal pakai tudung, Kamal speaks English and also the scene where Adam and Aman were recruited by Ayahanda just because of Slurpee. Haha
Not bad, not bad.

I’ll give it 7/10

*couples suka pandang aku skeptic kalau aku tengok wayang alone. Better than peluk-peluk pinggang, raba sana raba sini. Don’t ya think? Bila aku tak kacau manusia lain pun kau susah hati.
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Friday 22 February 2013

I'm Joining Faizal Tahir's Boot Camp!

For sure I thought I will not be involved in any camps of some sort once I left Uniten.
But this time, Alhamdulillah it’s a camp worth going.
By now my close friends are painfully aware that I am into Awie and Faizal Tahir.
Went to Awie’s konsert last year. Seronok. Sangat. This time, Faizal is organizing a boot camp at Sri Pentas.

It’s not the army boot camp thingy. It’s a knowledge sharing session. Gitteewww. It turns out that he will share his songs from his new album (which by the way is not launched yet) with his fans and he wanted feedback. Basically these 30 selected fans will spend the whole day with him and Ahmad Izham Omar to discuss his music and doing presentations. How cool is that?

Name one artist who did that before.

A great way to appreciate his fans I would say.

The first time I heard of this boot camp is via FT’s tweet. Haruslah hantar penyertaan right on the dot.
GUA stated that it is open to everyone between the age of 19-26 and to register, one have to state the course they’re taking and where are they studying. (Now they have extended the age limit to 29 due to overwhelming responses).
The first thing that came to my mind was that FT is very smart to take students as his focus. I think he wanted ideas from educated people who can think rationally and not just condemn all the way. Giving constructive opinion, ya know.

And I am happy to say that I am chosen to be part of this boot camp.
Just got a phone call from TV3!!

Sangat happy.

A great experience before I went off to Germany.

Lompat bintang!
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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Lunch Date with Mya

Today I met the ever gorgeous Mya. It seems like we haven't met for ages.

I went to Citibank Jalan Ampang for an interview (yes, another one) and my session ended during lunch break.

Thank God her office is just beside the LRT, G Tower.

And I also bumped onto Mimi from YK.  What a small world, aite?

Me and Mya had our lunch at KLCC.

Truth to be told, the less-than-2-hour lunch break was soooooo not enough to catch up.

My girlfriends are my fuel.

Lots of love,
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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Hijab dan Niqab

Do you realize more and more people are getting more religious as the time goes by?  Alhamdulillah.
You can clearly differentiate it with say; 5 years back.

When I was working at Mel’lane MV, the surau was never full. Never. But now, the queue was overwhelming. But in a good way kan?

Also you can see more people opting to wear niqab. Serious. Sejuk hati.
Not to mention 'tudung labuh'. Ramai muslimah started to wear longer hijab that covers the chest. I love to watch these girls.  It’s like an inspiration, ya know?

I am FARRRRRRRRRRRR from perfect. That’s how far it is. But the feeling of uneasiness is there when I do wrong, wearing short sleeved shirts, things like that. Alhamdulillah. Iman masih ada walau pasang surut. And I am constantly trying to be better.

Being nice, following all the rules in Islam does make your heart peaceful.

Aku berangan suatu hari nanti to be a better person, muslimah. Wearing proper aurat-clad cloth.  InsyaAllah.
There are tons of hurdles in doing good deed. We are living in a world whereby one is being bashed for doing good and proud for being against the rules of Islam.

Tak, aku bukan ustazah. Terlalu banyak kekurangan tapi ini yang aku nampak di sekeliling.

Wearing niqab requires a LOT of courage. Aku sangat sangat hormat mereka yang memakai niqab. Usah ambil contoh jauh, cukuplah di Uniten sendiri. The niqab community is slowly growing in Uniten KSHAS.

I never agreed with those people mocking these girls. ‘Ninja’ lah apa lah. What happen to us that we started to mock and insult these good people? To all the guys especially, (perempuan kurang mengata sebab sedar diri tak sebaik Niqab’ers) remember that you don’t have half the courage the niqab’ers had. Stop it already.

Aku personally sangat suka tengok mereka yang memakai hijab nie. Aku kagum. Aku nak jadi seperti mereka juga. Kita dah terdidik, kalau pakai seluar longgar tak cantik. Pakailah jeans yang ketat, nampak shape badan sikit. Aku tahu. Aku pun macam  tu.

Aku lebih gemar pakai tudung bawal. Aku lepaskan. Aku pin. Ramai orang pernah tegur. Katanya nampak selekeh, nampak macam budak baik. Helo? Aku selesa macam tu. Cover apa yang patut. Sepatutnya dapat galakan, kan? Daripada aku pakai tudung belit sana sini, dada terdedah, leher terjerut.

Nampak tak kesan peer pressure?

To those who wear hijab, protect your dignity, cover your aurat properly. This actually acts as a reminder to myself. Jangan pakai tudung tapi peluk cium sakan dengan jejantan kat public. Konon kau wanita urban. Neraka tak kenal urban, kampong tu semua. Pakai tudung tapi baju ketat, dada terdedah. What the hell, perempuan?

Kan aku dah cakap aku tak baik mana. Aku memang setan dulu. Kau tahu, kan.
Kau beli majalah Hijabista tu semua. Kau ikut trend. Hey ladies. Benda basic-basic sendiri pun tahu kan. Seluar ketat, senteng. Baju jarang. Tak payah cerita. Bukak closet, check sendiri. 

Aku bukan radikal. Aku berkawan dengan semua orang. Free hair, pakai tudung. I don’t believe the notion that hijab wearers are a better person than those who don’t. Aku cuma mengingatkan diri. If you want to do something, do it right.

Nak buat baik, buat betul-betul. Biar lembab berubah, sikit-sikit. Asalkan niat ada, perubahan berterusan walau secara kecil.


Lagi sekali aku tekankan. Aku bukan ustazah, aku jugak menyetan di luar. Aku masih dalam perjalanan untuk belajar menjadi lebih baik. Aku terlalu dekat dengan godaan.

Tapi at the end of the day, aku masih simpan niat untuk bertudung labuh. Maybe not now, but I hope one day I will. 

Kau nak perli, ikut suka.
**Today a friend sat for a quiz. I wish you the best. :D
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Monday 18 February 2013

MAS Baggage Allowance

Did ya guys know that MAS has just increased the baggage allowance for its arlines? Most overseas trip will be given 10kg additional baggage allowance. Yayy!!

The e-ticket. Apparently, now my baggage allowance stands at 30 kilos. Plus the 7 kilos hand luggage, my laptop and handbag. I'm kinda wondering how I'm gonna bring all that. Haha

So my flight will be on the 8th March 2013 at 2359. Feel free to come. LOL

Countdown. 18 days to go.

ps* you will always hope that certain people will be there to send you off.
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Sunday 17 February 2013

Zai's Wedding. A Mini Reunion

Attending a friend's wedding is always a fun event because it will definitely turn into a mini reunion.

Date : 17th February 2013
Place : Pusat Komuniti Sri Petaling
Bride : Zaidatun Akma

This time, it's my friend from BK One. Admittedly, we only kept in touch through FB. I think the last time I met most of them was in 2004. But Alhamdulillah after so many years, we met and it is soooo not awkward. I can still feel the warmth.

The funny thing was the story of how I ended up there.

So earlier today I went to Jalan TAR with my mom. On the way back, I was having a look at Instagram when I saw Eazy posted that he was on the way to Zai's wedding. I commented and we ended up going together, with Izzat. And we last met in 2005, mind you. :)

Snippets, snippets.

Che Wan, a proud mom of two. Die-hard fan of Ruffedge and came all the way from JB. On the right, Eazy the famous blogger and also my driver for the day.. Thanks man!
BK One'ers with our teachers, too

Girls will be girls

I love you once, and I will always love you Shima. I miss you, tak tipu!!

Other pictures will be coming soon.

Waiting for the official photographer.

The bride will be reveal soon insyaAllah!!

Aku tahu. Over. Update pasal wedding tapi takde gambar pengantin. Hahaha

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Saturday 16 February 2013

Pick Pocket - Jalan TAR


Teladan untuk semua.

Berhati-hati di mana-mana.

Terutamanya di tempat sesak seperti Jalan TAR.

Seluk saku.

Kad pengenalan, kad insuran, kad bank, kad siswa, ID pelajar, wang tunai.

Selamat tinggal.

Semua hilang.

Boleh diganti tapi kad yang aku dah simpan berbelas tahun?

Cuma memori yang tinggal di hati, dalam ingatan.

Aku redha.

Tak ada temper tantrum.

Neraka, aku tak pandai nak marah.

Aku tenang, tidak meroyan.

Satu pengajaran.

Aku memang manusia yang suka berlagak pelancong di ibukota.

Akhirnya anak jati KL kalah pada penyeluk saku.

Lots of love!
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Friday 15 February 2013

Movie Review - Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit

It is very hard to find a trilogy series that gets better as it approaches the finale. This movie is no different. 

Frankly, I would say that Zombi Kampung Pisang (zkp) is still the best. The actors were exceptionally entertaining; Que Haider, AC Mizal, Awie. Lantak lah apa orang kata but ever since ZKP was shown in the cinema, me and Laila watched it. Countless times! Itu hiburan di zaman diploma.

It seems that as the sequels goes, there are less and less laughter. Sometimes I felt that the director, Mamat Khalid tried too hard. 

This time, Husin returned to his hometown upon declared bankrupt. He met Mon (Ezlynn’s character from ZKP). I would have to say that at this point viewers were definitely confused because the red-wedding-ish dress is a trademark of Ayu (Avaa Vanja) kan?  

So the story goes that Awie is kidnapped by bunian aka Mon aka Ayu. Yes. Mon is actually Ayu. The real Mon was dead due to an accident. Then a mysterious doctor (Shidee) came and supposedly save the village. Konon nye lah.

Faham tak cerita ini mengecewakan?

Though I’m a big fan of Awie. 

Gelak ketawa serasa dipaksa.

Apa nie?

Malas nak cerita lebih.

The CGI - not worth commenting.

All in all 4/10.

Walau bagaimanapun I am looking forward for Mamat Khalid’s ‘Rock Oo’ akhir bulan nie.
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Thursday 14 February 2013

Fucked Up

Fucked Up. Terfaktab. Aku memang pembaca tegar blog Terfaktab.
The books; thumbs up!
I am not a Malay-book-reader. I only read Ahadiat's work when I was in high school. But now, I am addicted to this blog.
I already have Kitab Terfaktab 1 and 2. Recently, I bought the newly launched Kitab Terfaktab 3 : Sarkastik Cinta.

Kenapa aku tak suka novel Melayu? Banyak sangat drama, leleh, meleret. Aku perlukan bahan bacaan yang real, sempoi. This book fits my definition perfectly. Aah. Buku ni memang buku cinta. Sumpah siapa yang baca tak rugi.
It's a collection of short stories, experiences and opinions from various authors. My favorite author are LepLep and ER. Sempoi wa cakap lu. I've met them during the book festival at PWTC.
What I like most about this book is that it is very, very real. I can not emphasize enough. Sometimes, in the midst of reading you'll stop and think. That's how real it is. Tahap sempoi, saye bagi 5 bintang! :)
Silahlah baca. Menarik. Definitely am gonna to bring all three series abroad with me.
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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Big Four .. Again

Yes. I have to admit that this all roots back to ego.
I want to get an offer from every and each one of the Big Four. I really do.

EY. Checked.

KPMG. Checked.

PwC. Apparently the slot for interns have been filled.

I applied for Tax Department at Deloitte during the ACCA Conference. I got called for an interview (I thought I rejected it earlier). Did you know that Deloitte ranked number 1 in Malaysia in terms of Tax Advisory? I didn't.

The assesment was like usual, same old same old. A little bit of essay, IQ test and grammar test. But the most interesting part was the BM essay. I have to write a letter in Malay; (no less) asking for time extension regarding the pioneer status application. Percaya tak 5 minutes stuck trying to think what 'pioneer status' is in BM? *facepalm*

The interview session was extremely fun with cozy environment. I've set my mind to be as cheerful as possible ya know? The interviewer was a Chinese woman, quite young and very pleasant. She was excited to know that I'm going overseas for a semester. :D

I know, I know. I know I promised to 'closed the books' on internship. Can't help it. Sorry.

Can't wait for the answer from the HR Department.

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Sunday 10 February 2013

Fasilitator Orientasi

Just wanna share the good old days, the memories I made during the numerous times I was being a facilitator at Uniten. It was so synonym with my heart, my soul. Enjoy!

With le roomate :)
We made it ourselves. Yep we did! This was at at Sungai Pahang.

During my first time. The blue army :) Learn the most here.
Protocol Bureau. Chacha was always with me. Ralat bila dia tiada.
A friend, Shahrul.
Kesayangan saya semua. Khai, being with me from the very first time. Lots of love.
Dewan Kuliah, Auditorium is our second home
The birth of 'Eva Rock'. Fasi semua mesti ingat kan :)
Perhaps the most anticipated session. The photo session. Hence the make up bag.
Post-orientation BBQ. I envied Munir a lot! :)
Apalah gambar orientasi tanpa gambar Hadi kan. Haha Alhamdulillah still in good terms.
From my first time to my very last .Geng Kacamata. Nadia, me and Dya
One for all, all for one.
My favourite. *pemandu roket*
Hutan di Rompin. Lubuk pacat dan lintah. Lemang Maggie. Feroz si gila yang sentiasa menceriakan hari.

While heading Discipline Bureau. The most interesting experience. Muka yang semulajadi garang dan sombong banyak membantu menjalankan tugas. Teheee
Pengalaman sebagai fasilitator banyak warna warni.

Air mata jatuh tapi gelak ketawa dan pengalaman itu trumps it all.

Teman gelak ketawa, teman meluahkan perasaan, stress penat semua dikongsi bersama.

Sumpah, aku sanggup mengharungi itu semua sekali lagi.

Semua ketawa, semua airmata, semua penat lelah.

Itu berbaloi.

Terima kasih para fasilitator, sahabat, rakan.

Terima kasih pengalaman.

These numerous times I've been a facilitator taught me a lot. :')
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