Wednesday 31 October 2012

One of The Four

Good news.
So this evening I got a phone call from EY, KL offering me internship placement.
It's for the audit department.
I wanted to go into tax, though.

But never mind.
Audit had always been my soft spot.
I just don't want to sacrifice my weekends.
I do not want to be 'married' to my work.
*emotional turmoil*

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah syukur.

Also, today we had a talk with ACCA.
Me, Fizi, Shu and Mya (at least these are the people who are the closest with me) got an invitation to go to the ACCA Student Conference at Equatorial next week. 


All in all, a very happy day.


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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Internship Interview

Yesterday was a very tiring day; which explains why I woke up earlier today aching all over and end up skipping classes. 

First up, I went to Megan Avenue for an interview with Rabin & Associates.

The interview was at 10.
I must say, they are a very punctual bunch of people.
As soon as I got there, I was given a test.
Yup. You read it right. And it is not A test. It's several tests.
I was the only applicant at that time.

Grammar test
I was a given a one-half-pages of a business related article with numerous errors in grammar, spelling and choice of words. So, correct 'em away!

Accounting test
Naturally, this test is to be expected. It was a 17-question of terror. It was freaking difficult! I was like; 'How come I never come across these things before?'. Unless for the theory part, which are quite straight forward, the others are *die* It's a multiple choice question, btw. No worries. 
I am a little but flustered by these questions, truth be told. 

Personality Test
It's a basic one, just like those during our school days. I doubt there's anything we can do bout this. It's either we got it in us, or we don't.

IQ Test
This was an interesting one! It's like the question for Khazanah Scholarship, PTS (in Standard 3) and SAT's mashed together. Only tougher. It has more than 50 questions.

All of the above were to be answered in 2-hour time. Cuak tak, cuak tak?
And, with no calculator.
Right after that, interview session with the Audit Principal.

I was shocked beyond words, answering the tests. Hahaha No kidding!
When I actually went for the interview, my English was all over the place.
I stuttered a lot. Come on, man!
What in the *tuutttt* is wrong.

But I guessed she managed to see me behind the nervousness and I am offered a place.
(I've never been this nervous btw)
Allowance - RM700
Location - 5 minutes walk from KLCC
The people - friendly

Then I wondered around in KLCC, thought of buying a book at Kinokuniya.
Better wait for my Kad Siswa then. 

At around 2, I arrived at Dang Wangi for yet another interview, RSM Group.

Apparently, the company is quite big and established.
There was 4 of us, all girls, the other three being from UM.
First, sat for the test. It's an audit questions. Yayy!!
Then, there was a simple personality test and an essay question.
Pretty easy, I would say.

During the interview, the auditor was quite surprise that I did not go to the Big 4.

Alhamdulillah he told us that we are going to be offered.
Just wait for the call and the offer letter.
Allowance - RM800 plus OT and travelling allowance
Location - just opposite Dang Wangi LRT
The people - professional. On a scale on 1 to 10 on friendliness, I'll give them 7.

So that makes my standing offer (InsyaAllah) at the moment - 3.
With one more company Cristopher Heng to be interviewed.
I don't think that I'll go after the bad review I found on the internet.
Plus, it's far - Jln Ipoh.

Just now, LITERALLY just now while I was blogging, I got a phone call from Asyraf.
*melt* sekejap.
He works at the Security Commission and he's one of the senior manager.
I also applied to intern at SC and I'm planning to quote him as my reference.
He was more than happy to help.
That's the perks of networking, guys!

I was stationed under him during the ICC camp at Kepala Batas earlier this year.
So he knew me at a working environment which I prefer because he'll know my capacity.

Crossing fingers for the best.

Oh and did I mention that I am soooooo in love with Magnum Almond *drool*


*YK, y u no give me answer?

**sometimes people come to you when they need you. Other times, they happily went away.

***sometimes you stick with someone out of comfort, not feelings.

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Sunday 28 October 2012

Full Blog Revamp

So i decided to do a full make-over for this blog. Nice, eh?

The picture up here is taken the last time I went to JB and it's just breathtaking.
So that explains it.

I also privatised this blog, for the moment.

I felt like sharing intimate thoughts and this no longer serves as experience-sharing blog.
It's now a platform for me to pen out my feelings and thoughts.
Maybe i will make it public, later. Who knows?

An update on my internship status.

Tomorrow I got an interview at Rabin & Associates, Megan Avenue.
I am a bit hesitant to go cos i know even if I got the offer, it is very unlikely I'll accept.
The allowance is RM 700 .. Not bad.

If worst comes to worst, this could be my saving grace.
However, knowing how important interviews are, it's better for me to go.
As a warm up, ya know? And to gain experiences.

I also scored interviews at Cristopher Heng, Jln Ipoh and RSM, Dang Wangi.

ACT Partners, Puchong already offered a place.
So Alhamdulillah, everything is in order though truth to be told, am still waiting for the Big 4 or any famous big companies.

A few days ago (on Eid Adha) I got the chance to visit my friend who just gave birth to a beautiful twin boy. 

That makes me analyse my life from a bigger picture. 

I'll make a separate post, don't worry. 


See ya later!
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Thursday 25 October 2012

Too Much Love for Campus

Tomorrow is a public holiday and I'm still in Pahang.

Muadzam Shah to be exact.

Well, being a final semester student have its own perks and downside.
For one thing, all the talks in the world will target you as the audience.

Secondly, you have the workload for three semesters combined.

Over tak statement? Hihihi
It's like the opposite, ya know?
For all the semesters before this, I got 14 weeks of playing and 1 week of studying (study week).
Now it's all 14 weeks of data + analysis + study..

So next week, right after the holday (so-called), I got three interviews waiting..

But the one company that I am really hoping for is not responding so far.
Will keep praying.

So at the moment, finishing up the data collection for FYP.

That's all folks!

Selamat Hari Raya!

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Sunday 21 October 2012

Accounting Project Paper

Final year students and Final Year Projects (FYP).
Interestingly, in Uniten the FYP is a group effort (or it should be).
It's a two semester job.

Adik-adik dan sahabat-sahabat sekalian.

I have the most important advice to give to y'alls.
Choose your team member WISELY.
Like, for real!!

Sometimes under-performing students is a better team member.
I witnessed it.
I experienced it.
So, do not assume people with good grades will produce good work.
Just don't!

In the end, it all comes down to diligence.
I am not impressed if you scored a perfect 4.00 but you plagiate all the way.
If you do not bother to read the materials and do homework before you speak.
Last minute work.. always.
And I would be the one to re-do all your part.
So much for a team work, eh?


So folks, a community message from me -
This is as a reminder to myself also.

If you can not make other people's life easy, don't burden 'em.

Till then.

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Thursday 18 October 2012

Internship Woes - Choices

So my story is about the future.
Am in my final semester now.

Due on February next year till July.
I am pretty excited about it actually. I had applied to several places.
Astro and KPMG asked for an online assessment. 
Maxis called for immediate internship. 
Isn't that exciting to know that at least some of the companies are considering you to be part of them. 
And big companies too, to say the very least.
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Then suddenly an alumni posted in Uniten's FB page that our period of internship clashes with UiTM's.
Whatt??? *screaming on top of my lungs*
That was literally my first reaction.
Student UiTM anak kesayangan Big Four kot.
*then, rational thinking kicks in*
Isn't this how the real world works?
If I am to be threaten, shouldn't it be with Ivy League's graduates at least?

It's not that I'm looking down on them.
Heck, I was one of them.
UiTM masih di hatiku.
But I honestly feels it does not matter where you studied.
Yeah, sure.

When you first got in, relatives demotivate you by saying stuff like 'UiTM je ker?' or 'tak dapat tawaran lain ke?' or 'masuk swasta sebab tak dapat IPTA eh'
Been there, folks!
Ada student KPTM excel in her studies now doing Degree in UK.
Tak guna study kat renowned IPTA kalau pointer bawah 2.
Not meaning to be harsh but that's my stand.

Just do your best in whatever you do.
I know, it sounds cliche.
Better be a First Class Honor student of Uniten compared to Second Class Lower of a renowned university.
Which one do you think the employer will prefer?
Looking at the soft skills, too not to forget.

So what do I look for in a internship company?

Whether it's reachable by public transport. 

Funny tak first point?

I do not own my own car and I don't want to trouble my mom.
Plus, most of the time, public transport covers all area.
So it should not be a problem.
PS- i'd worked part time at Bukit Bintang before.  It's a one bus and one monorail station away from my home.

Next I also want to know if I can apply my knowledge there. 
I know many aims for accounting firms, wanting to do auditing. 
But man, that's limiting your choices.
Every organization has an accounting department or finance for that matter. 
The big corporation is most likely to have an internal audit department, too.
Why not start there?

Then comes the credibility of the organization. 
I know for a fact that YK takes into consideration the places we are doing our practicals at. 
I vividly remembered Mr Ijlal's word 'Kalau nak praktikal kat small firm, you better not called yourself a scholar'.
It's funny, yes.
But it's the truth.

Also important in a sense that I will be out there, working in a real working environment.
Don't you think my mother has a share in my allowances, after all that she's done?
The best holiday would be a family holiday and that's my goal.
A family holiday, using my own money.

Trying to be 'kaklong' yang berjaya to my brothers.

So what's the dilemma?

Apparently I got accepted to a program overseas with grants and everything.
It's a lifetime opportunity.
Uniten is very supportive.

The problem is whether I will get THE approval. 
There's a lot of procedures involved and I won't say much about it.
Suffice to say, I am very excited and honored.
But if it didn't go through, tak ada rezeki lah tu.
For sure Allah will compensate it with better deals.


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Tuesday 16 October 2012


So, yesterday I got the chance to attend a talk by Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal at Damansara Perdana.
It was a small crowd, with only approximately 40 Uniten students.
Apparently, one of the managers at Emkay Land is interested with UNITEN graduates.
He even offered immediate vacancies to the final year students!

This topic is a very important one for me.
It lingers in my mind.. Always!
And my POV was further strengthen after Tan Sri’s (or pakcik as he addressed himself) prep talk yesterday.
‘More than skills and knowledge, I look for characters. Characters as in manners and integrity. It can not be fabricated. Thus, making one with characters very valuable. That’s what I am constantly on the look out for.’
Being in universities since 2007, I had came across LOTS of people.
Different attitude, different personalities.
Hundreds of lessons learnt.
I always wonder why most (get this, MOST) people (or the students; as that’s the crowd I’m closest to) have no manners; to be frank.
Many people thought of it as a small thing.

But hey, man.
That what makes us human.
I strongly believe; those without manners are selfish and has been brought up with no values.
I just can not emphasize on the importance of values and manners strong enough.
For me, it’s embedded in everyday life since I was a little girl.

Lemme give ya simple every day scenarios..
Your roommate is sleeping. You woke up early and getting ready to go to class. You flew open the curtains. Play your favorite songs (very loud,too). To top it off, you banged the door on your way out. Savvy eh?
Tak ada akal nak fikir kah?
Maybe you got brain but honey, you ain’t got an ounce of humanity.
Another example.
I know everyone has got that one friend who just loves to interrupt a conversation. You know how when you’re talking, then came a person asking ‘Kenapa weyh, kenapa weyh, kenapa weyh?
And it happens ALL the time.
Suara kau itu kuat.
Kelam kabut tolak orang out of ya way.

In a single conversation mau dua tiga kali macam tu.
Ohhoiii. It’s annoying as hell.

Never interrupt other people’s conversation.
Have you ever heard of manners before?
Everheard of a saying, treat people as how you want to be treated?
Knowledge without manners, makes you an empty shell.
Keep that in mind.


Just show your consideration, people!
It will go a long way!!
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Sunday 7 October 2012

Bookworm No More

I've been meaning to update about the trip to Padang.
Heck, i already published it.
But the stupid apps on my Ipad went haywire thus deleting the LONG post i published earlier.
It's making me crazy!
I've deleted the apps by the way.

Not in the mood to re-write the post for now.
Maybe later.

So, this morning I went to IOI Mall.
My mother and my brother went to Sg. Kanching.
They conveniently set up a date with the neighbours to go there today.

I love waterfall.
I . Just. Love. It.

So, i dropped by Popular to browse some novel.
Seems like ages since the last time i bought a new book.
I kept re-reading the same book, FYI.

Amazingly, i did not find any that suit my taste.
It's weird.
The other day i went to Kinokuniya.
And also Times Bookstore.
Not even one novel caught my attention.
What was happening to me?

The new JK Rowling novel?

So I was hanging around the 'religious' section.
Dosa Wanita Yang Dianggap Lazim.
That was interesting.
So i flip it through.

It says 'Bergerak ke mana-mana tanpa ditemani mahram'.
Terasa bah.
I called it independent.
Apparently, it's not a good thing.

Maybe the reason behind this is that Islam put so much emphasis on the well being of women.
Yayy to being a Muslim.
*thumbs up*

It's normal for me to go on holiday or travel on my own.
Sebahagian norma kehidupan.
I refused to be gedik-gedik-tak-boleh-gerak-tanpa-kawan type of person.

Even at Padang when all my friends were already sleepy (it was only 9pm btw), i went on to take a stroll around Bukittingi alone.
It's fun.

It taught me a lot of things.
Be confident.

Oh.. On another note, Bukittinggi and Padang are 'dead' by 9 pm.
Oh my.. Come on la people.
8pm lepas Maghrib tu baru nak keluar rumah okayh kalau kat KL. 

Then i read this phrase somewhere.
Andainya manusia tahu tentang hakikat malam, nescaya mereka takkan keluar di waktu malam kecuali untuk  beribadah.

Itu dia. 

Setepek ke muka.

See. Ya. Later.

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