Monday 20 May 2019

#RamadhanReflections : Surah At-Takathur [A Glance]

This is my little Ramadhan project; the sharing of selected surahs. 

At-Takathur [Competition]

  1. The want for more and more distracts you
  2. Until you go into your graves
  3. No! You will come to know
  4. No! In the end, you will come to know
  5. No! If only you know for certain
  6. You will most definitely see Hellfire
  7. Then you will see it with the eye of certainty
  8. On that day, you will be asked about your pleasures

  • The 102nd surah with 8 ayah. 
  • The original word for 'Alha' is Lahw : entertainment / that which keeps you busy and takes you away from something you are actually supposed to be doing
  • The more you have (wealth), the more you'll be asked in the akhirah
  • Nae'em means constant blessing / wealth / nikmat
  • Most of the time, the blessings that Allah gave us are the things that distracts us

As much as this is beneficial to me, I hope it adds value to those who are reading too ❤


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