Monday 5 June 2017

P6 ACCA : Perception

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In a few days time, I'll be sitting for my P6 : Advanced Taxation paper. 

I really want to ace this paper. #straightpass

[Also, I don't want to repay 20% of the total cost to Peneraju if I failed any of the papers  👀]

In ACCA, you have the flexibility to choose 2 out of the 4 Optional papers. I decided to go with Tax since I'm quite fond of the subject.

Besides, a fair number of people told me that P6 paper is one of the easiest paper in ACCA. 

Having going through all the syllabus and preparing myself for the final exam, I would say that definitely it's not easy (duhh, it's ACCA) but I don't know why I'm not as confident as I was with P3.

And here comes the 'Perception' part.

I've learnt to not believe the experience of others in term of academic because honestly ...... our academic inclination/ability differs. 

What you may perceive difficult, may be easy for others.

Case in point; personally I felt that P3 paper - Business Analysis was the easiest as I enjoyed studying them. 
[I didn't get sky-high marks for the paper, but I passed the papers comfortably] 

And the toughest paper of all (at least for me) is P2 - Corporate Reporting. I always had a disdain for Financial Accounting subjects since ....... forever. Hahaha 
But God is great, I passed the paper too. 

Some people sailed through P2 effortlessly, while some failed P3 countless times. 

It DIFFERS, people.

Don't be turned off by something just because everyone said it's tough. 

But what matters the most is effort, I believe. 
And faith.

Even if it's difficult like crazy, if you pour your heart and time into it, you'll pass.
If not the first time, eventually you will.

There is no shame in repeating professional papers. 

IT IS difficult.

Even prominent figures in our banking industry failed their qualification at first.

Also, a tip I got from an event with Yayasan Khazanah : the power pose.

I've been practising the pose, and it does boost my confidence in the exam hall.
Also, remember to do breathing exercises to calm the nerves. 

Of course, you need to prepare yourself too.

Good luck to all ACCA candidates!
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