Friday 31 May 2013

In Her Words

Allah withholds a portion of what is desired to keep you needy, to keep you at His door. 
To keep an empty place in your heart. 
That only He can fill. 
The slave keeps begging for what is desired, not knowing that His Lord is preparing for him what is greater. 
And then when Allah gives, there are different types of currencies. 
And they are not equal. 
There are lesser currencies and greater, more valuable currencies. 
Some people are paid their recompense in Dunya currency. 
And this is from among the favors of Allah. 
But there are others who are paid in a different currency: the currency of Divine nearness. 

The one who is paid in *that* currency can never be satisfied with only the lesser currency again.

~Yasmin Mogahed~
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Thursday 30 May 2013


Remember about 'that somewhere' (I mentioned it in an earlier post).
About the internship thingy?
[Refer here]

So let's address 'that somewhere' as P.
Confidential sangat kan!

So today I got an interview phone call from P.
It was a last minute ordeal.
Shooting me an e mail 4 hours before they actually called.
Not much preparation can be done. *face palm*

Believe me, there's a lot of information to digest about P and what they're doing.
That's the reason why I'm dying to join them; the things that they do, the changes that they bring along.

It took only about half hour. *phewww*
The interviewer were two Malay women in charged of Internship Recruitment.
They were nice.. Yayyy!
It's in English, of course.

I had this one characteristics whereby I'll be bubbly and all excited if it's a phone interview.
And the officer said 'You sound so excited and passionate!'
Well, this is only the best internship program out there. How could I not be excited? Hehehe

From the conversation, it is safe to say that it turned out fine.
Fingers crossed!

But, but. Knowing Uniten, it will be a bit tough because they are really strict about the internship placement. Hampir tak lepas okay, ke Accenture.

Since Accenture offered me a place in the IT/System department.

Reading the job description, interning at P wouldn't have anything to do with accounting, auditing or even taxation. Hmm.. It will be tough convincing the Committee.

I have another option, of course. Spending only 2-3 months in P before the 'actual' internship commencing in October.

Even if I do that, another problem will arise.
Those 2-3 months were supposed to be spend at 'O'.
*Fingers crossed, too*

Either way, it will be difficult to intern at PwC because they ONLY accept the intern at certain dates. And my offer letter stated that I'm going to start on 2nd September.
Unless, unless I contact them to change the date to 21st October instead!

I just thought of that!!

Lagipun I haven't signed anything yet.
That is, assuming they will entertain my request.

Wah gitteww.
Macam confirm nak ke PwC.
I had this kecelaruan identiti. Hahaha
Whereby today I feel confident that I wanted to do Tax in PwC.
Then, the next day I would be propelled to intern at Accenture.
I love working with computers.
But most probably, I won't be working in Accenture HQ.
Instead, I'll be going to Menara TM, Bangsar since I've been assigned to TM  if I went to Accenture.

Do I really want to do Tax?
Alina, some help please! Again! Hahaha

PwC gave me until 9th June to reply with the answer.
Meanwhile would appreciate it if P and O gave me the final verdict before that.

And kalau P and O is a go?? Gonna go crazy choosing one of them.
I want to do both!

Cray, cray!
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Short Stint in Amsterdam

Short backpacking trip to Amsterdam. Alone!

Twas awesomeee!!

I went there by IC train, super comfy, super fast (300km/h). It took around 5 hours from Mainz but honestly, you wouldn't feel the distance because the scenery was superb! Tips - Plan your trip in advance and book the ticket earlier on for super savings!

So I was staying at the Stayokay Hostel near Vondelpark. The hostel was vibrant, super clean and best of all it's cheap! Very worthy! Believe it or not, I had the best sleep in months. 

The perks of staying in a hostel is that, you'll get to know a lot of new people. Well, at least, the other 5 person in your room. We had a nice chat and ended up touring Amsterdam together. Fun!!

Stroop waffles. *heavenly* Thanks Mya for the tips!

Weed everywhere. Everywhere. It's legal. Here, at least.
The most popular coffee house. Well, coffee house is just an excuse for weed, so it seems. You can find 'The Bulldog'  all over Amsterdam. Everywhere I turned, I saw one. :D
No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without experiencing the Red Light District.
 Prostitution is an industry.
Bicycles are everywhere! This is the bike 'parking' spots near Amsterdam Centraal.  You can find bicycles coming from all direction in the city. Super hectic!
Another 'must-do' in Amsterdam, the canal cruise.  It was a 75 minute ride around the city, with breathtaking scenery. 
One of the 88 canals in Amsterdam. 
Giant chess board. Sat here, admiring their skills.
(Near Hard Rock Cafe)
The Cheese Factory
Cheese in the making

The demonstration. Funny, fun, packed with info.

The weather was to die for! 
Fresh seafood at the fisherman village. 
Clog shoes - the making
The final products
Took a cruise to an island. Freaking nice!!
Did I regret travelling alone?
Not at all!
At all!
I love Amsterdam! The people are so nice, maybe because they are used to tourists. You will be greeted by smiles and excellent command of English which makes it so much easier to communicate. (Easier than in Germany, even)
It's nice and everything but packed with tourist.

You'll find a lot of Malaysians here. Just by chance, I got to know Kak Amy from Khazanah. What a small world, right? She helps me, a lot!! Well, when I'm back in KL will definitely treat her to lunch. :D 

Most of the attractions in Amsterdam are within walking distance. Well, 'walking distance' definition for me has changed a lot since I'm in Germany. Rasanya kalau dari Harmoni ke Wisma tu, standard lah walking distance. :D For those yang kurang gemar berjalan, buy yourself a day ticket which will entitle you for a free 24 hours ride with the trams, trains or the buses. It cost only 7.50 Euro.

Or better yet, buy the 'iamsterdam' card. More info, click here

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was so soaked with the beauty. 
Cukuplah simpan dalam hati.
People should learn taking pictures with their heart, don't ya think?

Makanan halal kat sini, tak ada masalah.
There's lots of them. 

I had a lot of fun, kalau ada rezeki mahu ke mari lagi. 

Berlin trip was cancelled at the very last minute.
Never mind, I'm not easily deterred.
That's a fact!

Next week, Rome!
Another solo adventure!
Can't wait.
Pray for my safety ya!
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If I Should Have A Daughter

The talented Sarah Kay :)

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Thursday 23 May 2013


It is 0016.
And I'm washing the dishes.
At this time of night.

It's weird I know.
But that's not what I wanna share.

While I was doing the dishes, happily humming to the tunes of Westlife's 'If I Let You Go', somehow along the lines, it got me thinking to the fate of my internship.
I'm a master in multi-tasking and take pride in that. :D

I can't make the decision yet. 
[And I kept praying that He will show me the way]

Suddenly, and I kid you not.
I feel something in my heart.
My inner voice.
And it says

It's like something in me telling me what I really want and should do.
It struck me.
I was shocked at first, literally.
But soon after, my insides felt warm and fuzzy.
If you know what I mean.

It's a sign!
At the moment, that 'something different' is Accenture.
Unless, other opportunities comes knocking.

Accenture is a great company.
Pays great.
And I wouldn't do anything in the books of auditing and taxation. [aka something different]
Plus, it's real close to home.
It's a no brainer, looking from a 3rd person POV.

Sesiapa yang Allah keluarkan dari kegelapan kepada cahaya, akan mendapati betapa terangnya kebenaran tersebut. Kerana cahaya tersebut akan menyingkap untuknya hakikat kebenaran, sehingga ia dapat mengetahui bahawa yang hak itulah yang hak dan yang batil itulah yang batil.Asy-Syaikh ‘Abdullah al-‘Ubailan (Ulama Hadis ‘Arab Saudi).

Harus lah istikharah untuk mendapat petunjuk.
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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Antara Dua

Cerita tentang keputusan.

I've been dying to skydive. Ini tak tipu.
Tak tipu!!

Found a few places in Germany.
Cheapest? 170 Euro

Mahal tu! But yes. It is once in a lifetime chance.

Now, I have to make a decision between skydiving or travelling.
200 Euro can bring me to a lot of places, ya know?

So in the end, though it's a hard decision to make I chose to

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, will squeeze in skydiving.
Or at the very least, bungee jumping.

Fingers crossed!

Well, that being said; I'm going for a backpacking trip to Amsterdam and Berlin this Sunday.

Travelling alone in foreign country.

Makanya, di sini dua tempat termakbul.
So far, Munich and the castle seem a bit impossible.

Haih.. Back to back assignment, exam and presentation.
Mana nak kejar lagi pergi holiday.

The week after, will be going to Rome. 
And the after, Paris.

Now, that I've chosen travelling over skydiving where else should I go?

Let's resume with the Microsoft Project mega assignment for now, shall we?
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Strike four!

So I'm officially re-opening the thread on internship.
The time has come.

While my friends from UiTM are busy with job interviews, I am having fun applying for internship. LOL
My dream is to get the offer from the Big 4.
Not one, not two, but from every and each one of them.

Don't ask me why. Teheee
And it came true!

Just got the offer from PwC for Tax line of service.  *punching air*
Memang PwC pun yang menjadi idaman all these while.

But, but..

This time around, when I actually got the offer, I was not as excited as I thought I would be.
Because suddenly I wanted to intern somewhere else.

And 'that somewhere'  has yet to give any response.
Well, to be frank I just submitted my application last week.
Hard work!
Resume + cover letter + 1000 words response essay + 3 mini essays.
All for the sake of applying.
Fingers crossed!

So maybe it's time to reject the offer from Deloitte and Accenture.
Sayangnya since Deloitte offered MICPA. Haihh..

Life must go on.
Make decision fast!
Keep praying for the best.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, kau bantulah aku membuat pilihan. Semoga tempat praktikal yang kupilih adalah yang terbaik untuk diriku, masa depanku dan agamaku. Amin..
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Friday 17 May 2013

Cabin Zero

Very excited today as the parcel from UK has arrived! *Wehoooo*
I ordered it less than a week ago *impressive*

I bought a Cabin Zero cabin bag.

Since I'm going to travel with RyanAir (low cost airline) soon, this is must-have item. This airline is VERY strict with the hand-carry allowance. 

Yeah, the ticket is VERY cheap if you plan in advance but the downside is, they charge ridiculously high for the checked-in baggage. 

According to their rules, every passenger is only allowed ONE bag, (55x40x20cm) weighting not more than 10 kilos. Okay.
The weight limit is nice. Air Asia only permits 7 kilos.
But, only one bag?
No handbag or anything else allowed.
Cuma diri anda dan sebuah beg.

The size of the bag is very important. If you fail to comply, you'll need to pay the luggage fees or you will be denied flying rights. And it's not cheap, I tell ya.

There are not many bags out here that comply with these strict rules.

But guess what!

Cabin Zero does!!

Why Cabin Zero is the best option :

It's custom made to suit the strict requirement of the airlines. (55x40x20cm) No need to worry again !

It is massive with 44L capacity. Enough for a holiday getaway. Pack away, pack away!

It is very light (750grams). Which means even more space to put in all your belongings unlike travel bags with wheels.

It comes with 10-year warranty. BUT, here's the awesome part! It can be extended to 25 years! Just go to their FB page and click 'Like'. It's that easy! Really!

The material is of high quality. Put your hands on one and you'll understand why the company offered such warranty scheme. It is made of polyester and the lining is 100% nylon.

It comes with a Global Luggage Tracker so that you can track it anywhere, anytime. Super duper cool!! It's a service by Okoban. On your Cabin Zero bags, you can find a tag with a series of number. Just register the numbers online, and your bag is in the database. In any case of missing bags, log on to the website and track away! It's all free, too!

A value for money product. It is only 42 Euro / 35 GBP / 53 USD

Wonderful design!!

For more info, visit here.

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Stop being ignorant, start paying attention.

The new cabinet was announced yesterday.

(Perasan tak, kalau ada interview scholar SELALU nya mesti die tanya siapa menteri itu, siapa menteri ini)
Been through that!
I guess all the HR people just knew that our generation, my generation is a bunch of ignorant people (well, mostly).

Let's change that, shall we?

Makanya the first thing to do is to know more about the Cabinet members.
They run the country.
It only make sense that we get to know who is doing what, under what portfolio.

  • Woman minister - 2. The same number as previous cabinet line up. But at least, better than none. (The US Cabinet comprises of 7 women)
  • The Cabinet is a 57- member line up ; 30 ministers and 27 deputies.
  • Let's talk about the racial composition. Out of 28 million Malaysians, 60% are Bumiputeras, 25% are Chinese and 7% are Indians  - (Laporan Bancian 2010). Being so proud of the multiracial country status, it is a shock to see the scant Chinese representation in the Cabinet [only 2 members].
  • Talk of the town - Of course KJ, the popular Oxford graduate as Youth and Sport Ministers and Datuk Wahid Omar, the backbone of Maybank (incidentally also an ACCA holder) who is appointed as the Economic Planning Minister at the PMD.
  • Datuk Seri Hishamuddin and Datuk Seri Dr Zahid merely exchanged their post. From Defence Minister to Home Minister and vice versa.
  • This time around, the Higher Education Ministry and Education Ministry simply merged which will be headed by 2 ministers and 2 deputies. 
  • Tok Pa, Datuk Seri Anifah Aman and Datuk Seri Idris Jala retain their portfolio. *yayy*

The first fluke of the new Cabinet? Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi's comment.
Malaysians who are unhappy with the country’s political system should leave the country.
Sudah ada uproar ketidakpuasan hati di Twitter.

Please think, before making any statements.

Kadang-kadang bukan masyarakat sahaja ignorant, politician pun sama naik.

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Thursday 16 May 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt,

A review on MICPA - The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant.

Yet another route to qualify as a chartered accountant.

This is a collaboration program between MICPA and ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia). Upon completion, you'll get dual membership - CPA Malaysia and CA Australia. Cool eh? One exam, two qualifications. 

There is two level to be completed; Professional and Advanced. Basically students with accredited Accounting Degree will go straight to the Advanced level.

For the sake of discussion, these are the list of modules in the Professional level.

  • Auditing
  • Business and Company Law
  • Business Strategy and Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
Now let's delve into details on the Advanced level modules.

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (93% pass rate)
  • Management Accounting and Applied Finance (88% pass rate)
  • Taxation (87% pass rate)
  • Audit and Assurance (71% pass rate)
  • Capstone Module (non technical - newly introduced)
Passing rate seems promising. But a friend told me that MICPA is as tough as ACCA.

Besides, the passing rates are inconclusive. It depends on the individuals.
Like me myself, I tend to score higher on the final year of my studies which is 'perceived' as very hard.
Subjective itu semua.
But the statistics at least, menaikkan semangat :D

For the assessment, 20% is from online assessment and another 80% is from final examination - open book.
Technical modules are offered 3 terms per year. But the students are only allowed to sat for one module per term. Each module lasted for 12 weeks.

Capstone Module on the other hand is 14-week long, held twice a year. The final exam for this is a written case study. 

There is only one tuition provider for MICPA at the moment.
Hanya satu.

Sunway TES.

Most of the students undertaking MICPA is part time student, sponsored by their employers.
Hence, the class are conducted during weekends.

I don't have much information on the fee structure, though
Annual subscription fees - RM490
Registration fee - RM300
Modules - RM1,000 (per modules)

5 completed modules + 3 years relevant working experience = Chartered Accountant. 

Hope this helps!
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PS * Pacifism is the belief that killing (or any other kind of violence for that matter) is not tolerable in ANY circumstances. 
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Teacher's Day

You have potential for greatness. Never let anyone pull you down.
You are and will be of somebody important. Find a cause and fight for that cause.
You are destined for greatness. That, I know. 
 - Dr SNS

Selamat Hari Guru sir!

Words may be only words but the essence and 'doa' of a teacher is equally important.

All my prayers and love also goes to Teacher Izawany and family.
I am who I am today because of you.



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Wednesday 15 May 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt,
A hospital needs doctors, a factory needs engineer but both need accountants.
These past few days I've been doing some reading on the different professional accounting bodies. 

The decision of choosing which one to pursue is a challenge by itself. 

Stop aiming for ACCA just because it's the most well-known and heavily promoted in tertiary learning institution. 

Instead, do your research to know your interest, your future planning, the costs etc. And these qualifications are not restricted to Accounting graduates, you can have whatever degree backgrounds; law, engineering, computer science, physics. It does not matter.

Interesting facts :
  • Rafizi Ramli, Degree in Electric and Electronics Engineering, member of ICAEW.
  • Tan Sri Dato' Azman Hashim is a full CPA member; BEFORE he turned 21 year-old. *Envy!*
  • Tan Sri Tony Fernandez holds the membership of both ACCA and ICAEW
  • Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones studied Accounting at LSE (woahh!!)
  • Nazril Idrus is a ICAA member.
With that being said, I'm gonna share what I learn about the various accounting bodies. 
It's for my own reference, initially.
But why not share it, eh?
Hope someone somewhere will benefit from this.

CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Basically CIMA = Accounting Degree + MBA

1. Why CIMA?

  • Globally recognized with the title of Chartered Global Management Accountant.
  • More than just pure accounting. CIMA helps develop skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions. 
  • Boost earnings. (kachinggg!!) Qualified members in KL earn 7% higher salary than national average with RM17,000 monthly. (average) [Sumber]
  • Gives more career options since it focuses on the practical side of management and accounting including applied management accounting techniques, marketing activities and resource management.
2. Where can I study for CIMA?

Well, you can either 'self-study' with the help of online resources or you can attend classes. There are not many institutions offering CIMA as compared to ACCA but among the notable institutions are
  • UiTM Shah Alam
  • TAR College
  • Open University Malaysia
  • Sunway-TES
  • UCSI (hai, Dya!!)
3. What is the syllabus structure?

It is a bit complicated.
There are two levels; Certificate and Professional. 
For a Degree holder (business/accounting) , we'll start with the Professional Papers.

(For other qualifications, they'll need to take CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting beforehand.)

Without any exemptions, the total papers to be taken is ten (10).
As you can see, there are three pillars with three different levels. 

Operational and Management exams can be taken in any order. 
Strategic level exams can only be taken after you have passed all the papers in the two previous levels.

Contohnya untuk Financial Pillar.
You can sit for either Financial Management (F2) or Financial Operations (F1) first (or both at the same time).
Wanna seat for F3 -Financial Strategy? Passed all the 6 papers in Operational and Management level first. 

Dan juga, for Strategic level exam, (E3,P3, F3) MUST be taken concurrently at the first seating.
At any subsequent examination attempts, these papers may be taken in any order or combination.

It is also advisable to sit for 3 papers per sitting.
Markah lulus ialah 50%.

** Passing rate for November 2012 exam (globally). 
Out of the 10 papers, the highest passing rate is for F1- Financial Operations with 59%. 
And the lowest is 44% P2 - Performance Management. 
In average, the passing rate for CIMA exam is 51%.

100 orang amek exam, 49 orang gagal. 
Begitulah secara puratanya. 

Selepas itu, masuklah bahagian terakhir yakni T4 - Test of Professional Competence.
It consists of 2 parts.
Part A - Work Based Practical Experience
Part B - Case Study Exam

I've flipped through the syllabus and among the topics are
  • Consolidated Financial Statements (cukup kuat kah untuk menghadapi lagi sekali?)
  • Implementation of Strategic Plans
  • Formulation of Financial Strategy
  • Risk and Internal Control
Dan most of the exam is a 3 hours ordeal with a 20-minute reading time. 
It makes one wonder. 
Is the exam very difficult that you allocate 20 minutes for the students to study the question beforehand?
Looking at the passing rate, yes it is!

4. Can I get some exemptions?
Mungkin antara sebab mengapa ACCA is so famous is that it offered exemptions up to 9 papers for UNITEN and UiTM students. (Bercakap berdasarkan pengalaman since I'm quite familiar with these two uni).

You can check at CIMA database here.

Bear in mind that different uni offers different exemption and even from the same uni; contohnya UiTM. Those yang graduate tahun 2010, yang diserap from diploma, those yang graduate after 2010 semuanya berbeza.

But for my friends yang sama-sama dari diploma UiTM and sambung Bachelor in Accountancy (Hons) di UiTM yang bakal graduate minggu nie, anda punye exemptions adalah seperti berikut.
  • All Certificate level paper
  • All Operational level papers - E1, P1, F1
  • Management level - F2 
Makanya tinggal lagi 6 paper.

Untuk Uniten, since we are using the new syllabus (batch 2010) we have to individually apply the exemption from CIMA. 

Exemption fee sama je dengan exam fee. Meaning even if we got exempted from the papers, we still need to pay GBP48 (Certificate level),  GBP81 (Operation and Management level) and GBP87 (Strategic level) for each papers ye.

Maka rakan-rakan UiTM, exemption fees anda ialah GBP564. 

5. Where do I start?
Go to CIMAGlobal, register as student. The registration fees is GBP72.
For the new students, annual subscription fee is waived for the first year. 
The next year however, sila mula membayar annual fees of GBP100. 

For May exam, the dateline is 31st January. 
For November exam, the dateline is 31st August.

Exemption process may take up to 20 working days. Makanya, plan well. 

On average, students complete the ten professional qualification exams in four years. Most students attempt two or three exams at each sitting but they can be completed in three sittings.

Ingat ye, 3 years experience before becoming a full fledged CIMA member, with the title of Chartered Global Management Accountant. 

Sungguh komprehensif post ini.


The fox knows many litte things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing - Archilochus
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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Astro Awani

Few months back, I've been offered a place for internship at Astro Awani. I think I've mentioned that in my blog.
If I had accepted it, I'll be doing research on politics and the general election. How fun is that?
Just my cup of tea!

But, you know things came up and my internship is deferred.

So, a friend of mine yang apparently has no idea I'm in Germany send me a text.
Untunglah intern kat Awani, muka pun ada kat laman web diee!! Sayang betul Awani dengan student praktikal!
Eh? Blur sekejap di situ.

Then he showed me this:

Nasib baik tak de tweet benda-benda sensetif.
Kalau scholar kena tarik sebab-sebab politik nie, tak ke melopong. Hahaha

Thanks Astro Awani for the Live TV during GE13.


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Saturday 11 May 2013

Tony Stark Will Return

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just watched Iron Man today. Yippeeee!! *melting over and over again*
Toksah tanya berapa bintang. 
Saye bagi 17. Overr!!

Most of the movie theaters in Germany dubbed the movies into Deutsche.  
It's the same case as in Thailand. (Even Running Man is dubbed into Thai Language). 

Thankfully Cinestar Metropolis in Frankfurt offered the movies in the original version. 
It's not that far from Mainz. Plus, the ride is very smooth and comfortable.

The trip from Muadzam to Kuantan is longer; in comparison.
Things I would do to watch movies (rolling eyes).

Here, the viewers are to buy the 3D specs themselves for 1 Euro.
Bring it again ya, the next time.
Melainkan kalau rasa nak menderma another 1 Euro and buy another pair of glasses.

Since it's the original version (English), the hall is quite empty.
Well, ada lah dalam 30 orang.
The hall is VERY big, so the number seems immaterial.
30 orang pun rasa macam sikit sangat.

The movie itself, awesome!
Everyone knew there's a bonus scene after the credits. So we all waited. 
Tak nak lama pulak credits tu kan.
Siap bagitahu siapa Finance Controller. 
Penat tunggu.


This is my fourth time in Frankfurt and every single time I promised myself that the next time I will plan my visit properly. But being me, I just love to walk and wonder around. Every time, I stumbled upon something new, something interesting.

I  love Frankfurt because you'll find a park everywhere!
Ada je port-port menarik untuk menenangkan jiwa gitteww.

The Old Town

City Hall

Sat here for a long, long time. Haha!

My previous post on Frankfurt, I'd mentioned the Zeil right?
The busiest shopping street in Germany.
Like Bukit Bintang area. Only better!
On the Zeil (please keep in mind that it's a one long street) there's THREE H&M outlets.

Walked along the road. Went into every store to find some outfits. 

Thomas Sabo charm bracelets.
I want one!
Harganya mengancam.
Lebih kurang duit belanja dua hari.
Apa lah salahnya puasa sehari dua.
But I didn't buy it after all.

*Menunggu credit Iron Man and for what? This sentence. It provides comfort to the viewer that we'll see Tony on screen again. Hahaha
Tony Stark will return.

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Friday 10 May 2013

Random. Because That's How I Roll

Nothing much.


Kesayangan buah hati <3
Maaf. Nurul Izzah menang. 
Esok baru nak tengok.
But I am the most excited person about this movie.
When I first know I actually got to come here, my reaction was 'Oh! Kena tengok IM3 kat sana!'
Kami buddies. Takkan terpisah!
Favourite picture :D
Bachelor party on the train. Guess what the groom decided to be?
Kermit the Frog!!
(pffttt!! Tudung selekeh after 2 hours journey)
Save the best for the last. Teheee!!!
Ed was there, during his show.
Saya di Jerman cuma mampu menangis tak berlagu.

Bila orang buat silap sikit, bagai nak mati condemn nya.
Sampai kena banned.

Bila buat komen baik sikit kat Twitter, baru nak sedar. 
Konon dah lama minat lah.
Mak ni; yang dah lama minat cik Pejal dari zaman Mahakarya Cinta.
U'ols jangan nak mengada.
Teman ingat lerr kome cakap apa pasal die dulu.

* setiap 'Tehee' itu dibaca dengan high note, Nigahiga style. LOL

**no reason to stay is a reason to leave.

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