Monday 24 July 2017

How I Passed P6 (ATX)

I know people assume P6 is the easiest of all the Optional papers in ACCA but ..... come on.

For the June 2017 exam, the passing rate is 43% worldwide which means out of 10,000 candidates, 5700 failed. 

The passing rate is even lower than P1 (51%), P2 (47%) and P3 (54%). 

What I'm trying to say is; yes. It may be easier than P4, P5 and P7 but don't underestimate the paper.

More than half has failed. 

**Update - my lecturer told me for the previous sitting, the passing rate for P6 (MYS) is only 30%! (The passing rate on ACCA's website is averaged globally across all variant)

Alhamdulillah, I passed. I got the exact same marks as my P1 paper.

So here's how I passed the exam.

Learning Material [BPP]
Admittedly, I did not use the textbook. Never had (even for other papers). However, I found the exam kit to be helpful.

120 questions in the exam kit and I did 70% of them. [I did cherry-pick the topics that I'm not too familiar with].

I studied for the paper at KDU and I do find the materials provided by the lecturer (her own notes) was sufficient - generally I did not have to read outside the notes given which were not surprising, since the paper is highly technical, unlike P1 and P3. 

Own Notes 
P6 is a technical paper, with tonnes of things to remember.

I always prefer to do my own notes as it helps my understanding and memory as well. 

The challenge of married part-time students is different from those studying full time. I had limited time to do my revision, so I try to do the notes as soon as possible so I don't rush through it all towards the end. 

For progress test, mock test and the actual exam itself I only brought these to the hall. 
[I usually arrive at least an hour earlier to have a last glance-through of the notes].

Exam questions, exam questions, exam questions
Past exam question helps a lot! 

Although once in a while, an unexpected question variation will come out; generally the question style is pretty stagnant. I make sure I do all of the past year questions.

Some of the questions are discussed in class. The others; I do on my own. Everything is available on ACCA's website.

Online Resources
To be frank, I think not all students utilized the resources available online.
This is apparent when some of my classmates were not aware that they can find the past year papers on ACCA's website 👀

These are the materials I found helpful;
  • ACCA Website - technical article, past exam papers, examiner report, study guide etc
  • Opentuition - free ACCA classes, forums
  • Acowtancy - partially free study platform

Actually, these four tips would be applicable to all ACCA papers. 
That's how I passed all my four ACCA papers on the first attempt. 

But this one last tip is only applicable to P6 paper.

Attended Dr Siva Nair's IRC Class
I've heard a lot about this particular lecturer however, his only class is at YES Academy, KLCC.

So I forked my own money (well, my husband's) for the IRC [intensive revision class].
This 3-day class REALLY helps!

I don't know how but the questions in his IRC came out in the actual exam. Not 100% but a lot of it.

And the knowledge I got from his class, are new!! *mind blown*
ie the lecturer at KDU did not even mention some of the things.

And guess what. Those questions came out in the exam.
What a relief.

In my case, Dr Siva Nair's class really help me.

However, if you think you understood the whole syllabus by heart, you had read the textbook inside out, maybe there is no need to attend his class.

But I'm studying part-time and any boost I can get, I'll take it.

So to recap, these are the things I do to pass my ACCA final examination;

1. Do questions in the Exam Kit published by BPP.

2. Do my own notes

3. Practice doing past exam questions

4. Online Resources

5. Attended Dr Siva Nair's IRC

Attempting my final ACCA exam this December. Gambatte!!!


  1. Congratulations!! Your notes really interesting, can I borrow? Coz I'll be doing my last paper p6 this Dec 😅😅

    1. Hi Aisyah! Thank you, thank you. Aww I already gave the notes to a friend of mine.. Sorry dear. Good luck for your final paper btw!

  2. Hi u still have notes from dr siva?

    1. Hi. Sorry but I already gave them away.

    2. Hi dear, boleh tahu if you know your friends yang dah pergi IRC with Siva Nair or tengah pergi yang still ada their notes. I need to check if my notes dah cukup or ada missing. Thank you!

    3. Most of my friends tak ambil P6. Hehehe Sorry! Couldn't help there!

  3. Hi assalamualaikum.. Nak tanya secara private tapi tak tahu mcm mana. Kalau rasa p&c, tak publish pun x apa comment ni.. Nak tanya, lecturer awk masa p6 kat KDU dulu Ms.Chua ke..?

    1. Hi waalaikumsalam. Aah betul lah tu 😁

  4. Hi, congrats! I think P6 is a tough paper. I manage to pass P7 in first attempt, but I think I won't make it for P6 in Jun 18 sitting. Planning to resit In Sep. May I know where can I get the practice questions except PYQ. Thanks!

    1. Hi Fion! Really sorry for the late reply. I did the practice questions in the BPP Exam kit.

  5. Hi! May I know where you bought the BPP revision kit from? Thank you!


    1. Hi Catherine, sorry for the late reply! I bought it from KDU, but you can also find it at MPH / Kinokuniya

  6. Hi and assalamualaikum, nk tanya, do you refer and use public ruling and technical article when you make your own notes?

  7. Waalaikumsalam. Yes, I do. Especially the important ones

  8. Do you study from day 1? I will be sitting for P6 in Dec18 but i realised there are too much to memorise

    1. Hi Ramani. Yes I did because I know the coverage is huge. I did short notes right after every class so I was not overwhelm towards the end. I would advise you to focus on PYQ from now and do attend Mr Siva Nair's IRC class! hehe

    2. Tq so much Eva. Appreciate.

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