Tuesday 20 February 2018

#MakanReview : myBurgerLab [OUG]

This is perhaps our favorite-no-disappointment-confirm-sedap burger joint in the country. We've been here many many times but for some reason, I never mentioned them on my blog before. 

We only had frequented the OUG branch because it's a stone throw away from our house. Well, sort of. Haha For your information, they have 4 branches ; Seapark, OUG, Sunway and Cyberjaya. 

They have quite an extensive choice of burgers  [You can check them out here]

But me and N have our favorites!

This is my favourite : Beautiful Mess 5.0 RM19.90 + Bottomless Soda and Fries RM7.80
Charcoal bun, crispy cheddar cheese, beef patty, deep fried portabello mushroom strips, runny fried egg and honey mustard
ps - I'm a beef girl and will never say yes to chicken burger. Seems so... wrong.

The glorious burger [from their FB]

The burger on it's own is crazy delicious. But wait until you had the fries with their homemade dip! It's not some boring potatoes seasoned with salt. 

The fries have this pleasant herb smell thanks to rosemary, thyme and garlic. 
And their sauce! I love love love it!!! Never had anything like it before. 
[We always asked for refills! Tehee]

It may look unassuming but looks can be deceiving! See the orange dipping sauce? Heavenly!

Back when my boo was thiiinnnnnnnn ❤ [I fed him with love]

And N's favourite : the Ultraman burger. It was a limited edition burger ; very very well received and now it's on the menu permanently!

Ultraman 3.0 
Charcoal bun, cheese, fried chicken thigh with salted egg yolk buttermilk sauce. Also good!

On our latest visit, we tried the Sweet Potato Fries, RM12
It's sooo sweet.. Duhhhh. I much prefer the original fries compared to this. But hey, it's not bad. Just a matter of personal preference.

All of the branches are closed on the first Monday of the month.
Check their website for the opening hours!

There's so much to love about this place!

  • AMAZING food
  • The staffs are very friendly, always smiling [mostly youngsters]
  • They always improve their recipes. Notice the current version of Beautiful Mess is 5.0?
  • Comfortable setting
But, but. it may be a tad difficult to get parking if you go during peak hours. 

My rating : an unprecedented 5/5 !!!
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Wednesday 14 February 2018

MyPAC Appreciation Award Ceremony

A couple of weeks ago I attended MyPAC Appreciation Award Ceremony at INTEC, Shah Alam.

A little background on MyPAC : A non-profit organization with the objective of increasing Bumiputera chartered accountants. I was one of the first batches of ACCA students at Unitar under MyPAC and Yayasan Peneraju sponsorship.

Basically, the event is to recognise the recent ACCA Affiliates and prize winners.

It was a great event; and I was very honoured to be part of it. 

I also received the Special Commendation Award for being the first part-time scholar under MyPAC to pass all the papers on my first attempt. It's nothing too spectacular but the recognition given, my God I'm blessed 💗

Me and my P5 lecturer, Mr Chan Tze Kang

Looking forward to my convocation later this year!
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