Sunday 30 December 2012


Sementelah elaun telah dikreditkan ke akaun bank, maka duit itu telah dilaburkan kepada appliances yang jangka hayatnya lama nescaya menjadikannya pelaburan yang bernilai dan berpandangan jauh. *gitewww*

Padahal nak cerita pasal iron dengan camera je. *slap on the face*

Experience with Lazada. 

I bought Phillips traveller iron, compact, light and serve its purpose (so the Web say). 

Comel je.
It's gonna take 4-6 working days for the product to be delivered. Macam lambat pulak. So as of today, it's already been 4 days. I'm a bit anxious due to numerous bad reviews on the internet. So we'll see how it goes. Adakah Lazada akan di'banned' sepanjang hayat?

So far, Lazada offered the lowest price (after I compared prices here and there). Phillips sold it for RM120. I stumbled across another web selling it at RM100. But Lazada sold it at only RM73. It's a 40% discount!! Menarik kan?

Traveller iron is a must for all holiday freaks like me. Memandangkan in the near future I am planning to go backpacking to Kelantan with a dear friend, this is a compulsary item. Back pack, backpack juge.. Tudung bawal kena iron jugak, ye dak? 

The second item (and the last) is camera!
Tak tahulah kenapa gatal jugak nak beli.

(semua ni case malas nak keluarkan iPad sebesar-besar bila amek gambar) Mya just bought it a few months ago and decided to sell it off. Ngapain tidak? She sold it for less than the cost, RM200. (The box stated RM499). And Mya gave me complete with the box, free memory card and stuffs. The camera is as good as new. *thumbs up*
Canon A220
*I really want to buy the Instax camera. Thinking of the pros and cons. Isn't it too bulky? Ooohhh dilemma.. I am planning to bring the instax during semester abroad.. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. 
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Thursday 27 December 2012


Usually, i don't fall for predictions. I hate predictions because it implies expectation, kan?
Pernah tak rasa diri berharap, kecewa, terus berharap, kecewa dan lagi dan lagi up to a point you consciously say to yourself - just give up already?

So today I had breakfast with the girls, Mya, Miley, Anis and Wani. 

And everyone start predicting who I'll end up with, out of nowhere. Interesting, tak tipu.

Before that, i just wanna say that I often fall for guys that love their career so much that they don't bother about relationship.. *sigh* And I kid you not, sometimes they started it first then went directly into workaholic mode *protest*.

Miley thinks I'll end up marrying my boss at work.. Watch out dear CEOs and VPs.. LOL!
Mya thinks I have not yet to meet my soulmate and predicted that I will marry foreigner @ mat salleh cos she said she imagined me as Ning Baizura of some sort.. *face palm*

However, as taken aback as I was I remembered the pervert interviewer's word. Ya know, the one I wrote about before. We talked on the phone (me and him) and without even meeting once, after about an hour chatting he concluded that I will do better if i end up together with foreigners. Eyhhh?
My mom always said that my body is built like foreigners, tall, broad shoulders. (fat is a matter of option, not gene) hahaha.

Will I continue the tradition of my family of cross country marriage?
My mom (Thai) weds my Malaysian dad.
My Thai aunty (Juli) weds a Japanese lads.
My other Thai aunty (Julai) weds a French guy.

Basically, all the girls in my mom's family married a foreigner..

Oh God, is that a sign?

Me don't want!!
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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Right on Time

So the allowance are finally deposited into my bank account.. Tak berapa nak finally sangat la since memang masuk ikut waktu.. Good job, YK! Thanks a gazillion!! Hahaha.. 

So the first thing i bought? Hanis Zalikha's Collagen Dust!! Hahaha It's my repeat order by the way and i bought two bottles terus so that bile kat tempat orang nanti sonang.. Kena la jadi Asian yang comey di sana, ye dak? Hahahaha

Me myself i tak perasan sangat perubahan sebab mula2 tu on off jugak makan nye. It's so easy.. Just sprinkle in water or food but laziness trumps em all.. plus, if you smell it.. Erk.. Suffice to say, it won't do well as perfume. And the taste is so weird but once you add it with; in my case a cup of tea, it is still bearable. So one fine day my mom who is a big critique of mine and the master of sarcasm notices that my skin's getting better so i knew at that moment the Collagen Dust has done it's magic..

Gitu kauuu penerangan.. Hihihi.. Though it's a little pricey, it's worth it and could last quite long. Biarlah badan comeyyyy asalkan muka tu sedap mata memandang.

Talking about body image, i am seriously considering to join DailyMuscle. Learn it from Harith Iskander. It's a sort of bootcamp only, better. (at least the tag line says so). It's only one hour per session and there are plenty of packages to choose from. 

Since i'm gonna be free in February, why not i join? And at weekends i can complete my motor license (pffttt). At the moment, the camp is offered at 3 places; Bangsar, TTDI and Subang. So i targeted before i went for the student exchange program at least, am gonna be healthier and with Allah's will keep living a healthier lifestyle (but i love food sooooo much!!!)

Ps* update. my mom slashed my intention of going to DailyMuscle. I knew it! Hahaha
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Monday 24 December 2012

Between Lust and Needs

Hasrat menukar phone telah lama tersimpan. Sementelah duit allowance akan masuk in a few days, my head is in ransacking mode to choose a new phone.

My mom is not too fond of my wish. 

I started to use BB because of someone. And this someone turned out to be a nobody. So nampak tak penyesalan di situ. Meroyan sekejap bila BB Bold rosak. Sejarah handphone :

  • Sony Ericsson Hazel in 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy W - few months then decided to trade in for BB Bold which btw I got cheated. Hence AP set .. Grrrrrr
  • Setelah sekian lama, BB Bold got the 'death screen' yang kaler putih tue.. Hantar pergi kedai. Was charged RM250
  • Sony Ericsson Hazel cannot be turned on - hantar kedai RM100.
  • So at this moment, I was left with NO handphone. *gila sekejap*
  • Bought Samsung basic phone for RM80. Hebat weyhh... Seminggu tak cas, takde hal.
  • Hasil usahasama with my mom, she chipped in a little.. Bought BB Curve.. Alhamdulillah original, masih guna sampai sekarang.
  • Sony Ericsson after repair, now speaker pula rosak.
  • BB Bold ada dalam simpanan.
  • In all, now ada 4 handphone dalam tangan.
I understand why my mother is opposing my decision to buy a new phone. BB Bold boleh bagi Awie. Sony Ericsson tu boleh bagi Is. Though these two minions already got a phone each.

I had one model in mind. iPhone 5.

Now I am torn between iPhone, Samsung and HTC.
HTC One X looks quite impressive as well.
Hmm.. Decisions  decisions...
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Sunday 23 December 2012

Kim Jong Kook

It seems like my addiction to RM is getting worst.. Hahahaha

In a post earlier, I shared about Chang Min.. Naahhh.. You can forget about him already. My new muse, Kim Jong Kook.. Or Jong Kookie.. He's far from perfect but he's fun to watch :)

Muscular body, talkative, nags a lot, a bully, very nice voice, intelligent, health conscious and funny.. But every time in RM, he got weak knees when it comes to women guests. All the cast in RM takut die kot.. Daebak!! He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and still single. Wonder why is that? He started with a duo group, Turbo.. Lebih kurang macam 4U2C la versi Malaysia. Dengan outfit yang semacam but a huge hit in Korea. The dance is also fun, it's famous all across South Korea. I listened to their songs and sedap weyh tak tipu.. Walaupun tak ngerti maksudnye kan. You guys should listen to

  • Black Cat (funky tune to dance to)
  • Twist King
  • A Jazz Bar
  • Loveable
  • Today More Than Yesterday
  • One Man (Han Nam Ja)

He's 37 by the way and made promise to his fans to get married by 40. Die tak handsome, wa ngaku. Dengan mata sepet nye, jalan pelik but he's charming and I like him. And the reason for his weird walk is that he once went for surgery for his backbone. And he even got a Master's degree.. How cool is that?

Ilmu - checked!

Cukuplah setakat di sini saya promote Jong Kook..

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Saturday 22 December 2012

Kak Mira's Wedding

Lebih kurang enam bulan yang lalu, I went to Kak Mira's wedding. Got the opportunity to be one of the 'dayangs' (excuse my language). So here are the snapshots of the happy times.

Flower girl
Garden wedding :D
Aleen, the bride's sister. My sayang!!
The much celebrated bride looking BEAUTIFUL!
An attempt at cheeky pose.
Baju kami cantik. Pengantin yang sponsor. Heeeee
The bride and the 'dayangs'
Buah hati kesayangan !! Esya, Aleen and Atie.
Di waktu petang, shawl sudah ditukar. So out of place *facepalm*
Pardon our oily faces. Cuma pengantin yang nampak cantik berseri.. Haruslah..
Abang photographer yang sangat funny made our day

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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Word-less Wednesday

First visit.
HQ meet-up. 
Ye.. Ini gambar visa.
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Thursday 13 December 2012

Guess Who's Going Abroad?

Alhamdulillah syukur.

Di saat waktu dihabiskan dengan temuduga latihan praktikal, a very unexpected news came! YK approved the student exchange program!!! Syukur, syukur ya Allah. 

Now what I have to do is reject all the internship offers, plead for a company to defer my offer to September (if that is possible) and start applying visa + accommodation and stuffs. 

So gonna brush up my third language skill!!

I am soooo excited!

Hoping Hanis will got through, too. Though her country will be different from mine, still. Student exchange y'all!! Hanis - Korea. Chee Lee - US. Me? 
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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Project Paper Drama

Ye. Memang aku bengang. Aku rasa tak puas hati.  Rasa ditindas. Rasa dipergunakan.

This is the reasons why I am not fond of group work.

I exploded because this is a great deal for me, doing Accounting Project Paper.

I put much effort into it.

Dan bila orang lain buat sambil lewa, hati ni rasa nak meletup-letup.

And you still got the guts to ask me do your part?


Memang aku sangat berapi, sampai nak tengok muka kau pun aku sakit hati.

Tapi aku tahu, aku bukan manusia yang menyimpan dendam.

Cukup sekadar aku luahkan disini.

Nescaya sehari dua, sejuk lah aku.

Maafkan kau.

If you managed to get good grades in this subject, itu rezeki kau.

Tapi rezeki yang kau dapat atas usaha orang lain; tak berkat.

Aku just harap kau ubah perangai kau sebab in working environment nescaya you'll piss you colleague and employers.

Ubah lah sikap untuk kejayaan masa depan.

#pesanan untuk diri sendiri juga
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Monday 10 December 2012

Running Man

Who would have thought, me of all people would be addicted to Running Man? Me, the big opposer of K-Pop? It started with my brother who spent his days in front of laptop, laughing like crazy. Still, I don't understand him. Then, Astro aired RM. My whole family gathered to watched it, even my mom. 


I watched it and hey, it's not bad after all. I laughed my head out. 
Thanks to my brother who downloaded all the RM series, now I spent most of my time watching RM. (Macam tak ada kerja)  Brighten my day. Haha Really! The cast are just superb!
And while watching, there's this one guest star.

The picture won't do him justice. Need to watch him in action, then you'll see the charisma. Tapi katanye di internet he did some plastic surgery. Nahhh.. I don't care. 

Ding dong!!!
A news just came in!
I got accepted at Bursa Malaysia. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Exxon Mobil also called.

Okay. That's all for now. Gonna continue FYP and RM of course :D
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Thursday 6 December 2012

Pervert Interviewer

Getting through an interview is always an exciting event for me.

So the story goes..

Yesterday, i got an interview for a consulting company in KL. Apparently it's not just cikai-cikai company, ya know? Which makes this whole story even weirder. The interview was done via telephone. I got a call at 8pm. Yeah! At night!

Then this guy introduced himself. Among the inappropriate questions were.... Do you have any boyfriend? What is the characteristic of your ideal man? How come you never go to Zouk before? I think you should be with mat saleh. And it goes on and on for 2 hours..

Oh my God.. I just can not describe my feelings at that time. So when can I call you again? Hellooo!!!!! For what?? Gila ke apa.. Texted me good night and everything. Called me later because I did not reply.

Go die please!!

And please stop calling.

Think i'm gonna contact the HR department and reject the offer on the ground of sexual harassment. LOL

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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Last Few Days in Muadzam Shah

Truth be told, my thoughts are all tangled. Too many things I want to share with no passion to write (before). I felt like the effort to write will consume too much energy.. Haha *blabbering*

So last week was my mid term test week. Alhamdulillah, all completed. No more mid semester tests after this, folks! Currently, it is the week 10 of lecture which means only 4 weeks to go for me to say goodbye to Muadzam.

I've spent 3 years in Seri Iskandar, Perak.
Now it's already 2 years and a half here in Muadzam Shah. Believe it or not, I don't think I'll miss Uniten but I'll definitely miss Muadzam. 

Comparing my days in UiTM with here, I felt that during diploma, I lived my life in HD Color TV. Now however, it's on black and white TV. The friends here are different, the enemies are better. Gitteww comparison :p

So Uniten, I thanked you for all the experiences and knowledge you gave me.
Thank Lord I did my degree in Muadzam, at least there will be something that I'll miss about. 


Jiwa kacau. Teamwork projek paper hancur. 

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