Monday 8 June 2020

#Pregnancy : Detailed Scan + 3D/4D/5D at Sonovision

If you're planning to deliver at Andorra Hospital, they have made it compulsory for you to undergo the detailed scan between 18-28 weeks of pregnancy. Basically, it's a 2D black and white scan that shows if your baby has any abnormal organ or body structure. 

It also takes longer to complete the scan as almost all parts of your baby are looked into in detail, hence the name. But you also have the option to add-in 3D/4D/5D scan. The detailed scan however, refers to the basic 2D scan. 

21 weeks (Andorra Hospital)

So I did my first detailed scan at Andorra. However, N was not allowed in due to the pandemic outbreak and very minor part of the scan could not be completed since my baby was too active 😒.  Hence, we decided to do another detailed scan; this time at Sonovision. 

We choose to do the scan at its HQ in Kelana Jaya during weekend. The appointment was done via the online form on its website but fair warning, you'll have to wait a while for your turn even if you had an allocated slot. The price also differs if you chose to be serviced by a trainee or senior sonographer. To be honest, I was quite shocked when I first got in. There was no proper room for the ultrasound. The 3 ultrasound 'rooms' were only segregated by curtains, and you can hear everything that happened inside 😓.

The only positive thing I could comment on was the expertise of the sonographer, Jezzlynn. You can tell she's an expert, tho she seems to be a bit rushed to complete the scan since a few more customers were waiting for their turn. So at the end of the session, you'll get print out of the ultrasound and the report will be emailed 5 days later. The total cost was RM208. Alhamdulillah, #LittleBubu is totally fine and everything seems normal. 

Will I come here again in the future? I doubt it. 

23 weeks (Sonovision)

I think I'll go for another 3D scan when I'm 30 weeks plus to see the baby's face. 😍
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