Saturday 30 November 2019

#MakanReview : Ibrahim Fatty Crab, Ampang

This will be a brief review on Ibrahim Fatty Crab.
The place is quite spacious with options of live seafood. We went there at 6pm, so the dinner crowd has yet to fill the place. 

These was what we ordered; lala halia, Singaporean chili crab, sotong goreng tepung and fried man tao. All of these came up to RM230 (The crab was a bit expensive ; but super fresh and big)

My comments;
  • Lala Halia : A refreshing dish with fresh lala. Love it!
  • Singaporean chili crab : Was not expecting a sweet dish, I definitely don't like the sauce. However, the crab was fresh, full of meat and roe (thank God). 
  • Sotong goreng tepung : Too much flour I would say. The actual squid was small and I have doubt on its freshness.
  • Fried man tao : I expected crunchy man tao on the outside and soft in the inside. But it's flat out soft. 

Overall rating : 3/5.
Don't see myself coming back.  

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Saturday 9 November 2019

#MakanReview : 3 Budak Gemok, Monster Kg Bharu

I first had this 'nasi ayam kicap pedas sambal gesek' at the office, when my colleague ordered for the department. Fast forward a few months later, a branch opened in Kampung Bharu very near to our office. 

N has never tried this so we went for a visit. Be warned though, parking may be a hassle and it's open air concept, can be a bit hot despite several standing fans provided. There are a few stalls at Monster, and 3 Budak Gemuk is one of them. 

RM10 (with the addition of omelette)
I like em!! Although it can be a tad too oily sometimes and let's be real. It's such a simple dish but for me, it hits all the right notes. RM2 for the small omelette was a little bit overpriced but oh well... N really loved it too. It's spicy, but flavorful.

From a humble roadside stall, this businesses has grew into multiple branches. And I see why. Simple, tasty dish.

Rating : 4/5
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Saturday 2 November 2019

#MakanReview : Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus, Sunway Mentari

A bit late on the bandwagon but oh well...

We visited the Sunway branch as it was less crowded and easy to park.


So we both chose set D, with chicken, fried cabbage (so oily!!), liver, gizzard, fried tofu, fried tempe and cucumber. The chicken was a tad small as they are using ayam dara. I took the 'normal' spicy level while N opted for 'spicy' (which he regretted). The rice can be refilled for free. 

Frankly speaking for me, even the normal level was too spicy up to a point I can't taste the actual flavor. My mom had the same opinion and she is kinda an expert in Indonesian cuisine nowadays. Hahaha! [All of her close friends are Indonesian and they seem to have 'makan-makan' session every other day with their local fare 😅]. 

I could tolerate the spiciness only with the help of Kicap Manis ABC which they provided on the table. 

N kind of like it but me, I'm on the fence. My rating ; 3/5.

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