Tuesday 30 April 2019

MBA UiTM : Faculty Post Graduate Award [December 2018 Exam]

At Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS), academic awards were given during Pre-Graduation Hi-Tea. Following the first semester results, I was awarded the Anugerah Pasca Siswazah (APF).

The event was attended by final semester students of AAGBS from all program codes including Master in Business Administration, Master in Islamic Banking & Finance, Doctor in Business Administration and PhD. Lectures and award recipients were also invited to the event.

So for my program, a total of 13 awards were given with 6 being from my batch, Sept 2018. But I and Kak Zai were the only reps from our class and honestly, we don't know anyone else (except some of the lecturers) at the event. Haha

Dr Carol & Kak Zai

Semoga semester ni dapat 4 flat lagi ❤
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#MakanReview : Lubok Bangku, Bangsar

Famous for its Minang food, I came here because I reckoned my mom would like it. 

The entrance
Credit : Leonj59 from Tripadvisor
It's situated near LRT Bangsar and honestly parking can be a bit tricky here.
Food sell out fast, too. So make sure you arrive early!

Credit : Leonj59 from Tripadvisor

So basically you choose the food at the counter (specifying the portion for each of the dishes; for 1 person, for 2 person, etc), pay and bring the tray of food to your table. 

For a party of 4, our total bill came up to RM80. 

Basically what we ordered was;
  • 5 pieces of ayam goreng kampung
  • 3 portions of daging salai masak lemak cili padi 
  • 2 portions of daging rendang
  • 1 portion of masak lemak petola 

I have no qualms about the price because I know how much these dishes would cost elsewhere. But for the price, the portions are quite small

PS : They have indoor, air conditioned seating as well. The restaurant is actually within the compound of a house/bungalow. 

Taste wise, for me personally... Nothing to shout about. I felt like the masak lemak tak cukup kick. 
So takdelah macam 'wow, sedap gila!'.

But when I went there, most of the food were sold out.
Maybe I'll go super early next time and do a another review ✌.
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Monday 29 April 2019

#MakanReview : Kakigori, Pavilion

Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert and apparently the texture is different from those shaved ice you're used to.

We went to the branch in Pavilion, it's a small shop and the menu is super limited, unlike at the other 2 branches; Paramount Garden and the Gardens Mall. 

Source : Discover KL

 We ordered 2 desserts.

Watermelon Kakigori and Warabimochi

Honestly, the watermelon kakigori is a bit boring, ya know what I mean. It has a very subtle taste, bordering on bland. Yeah it can be refreshing for the first few spoonfuls. The whipped cream on top though. Amazing! And I don't even like whipped cream. It's garnished with pistachios, grapes and edible flowers. The watermelon chunks at the bottom were not sweet enough, too bad.

The warabimoci was okay. The matcha favor were a bit too strong for my liking.

All in all, I don't see myself  coming here again.

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Tuesday 23 April 2019

MBA UiTM : Second Semester Pulse Check

Halfway through the second semester, and we are already gasping for air.

[The workload increased exponentially without warning, mind you 😂]

The subjects for this semester;
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Research Method; and
  • Economic Analysis
I guess it felt a lot tougher because we need to produce one major output for the first two subjects; a marketing plan and a research proposal, each to be completed within 1 month. 

I will write extensively on these upon completion of the semester. 

The tuition fees for the second semester amounted to RM4,505 compared to RM4,488 previously. 
RM10,000 in, RM10,000 more to go 😂

On another note, are second-semester students eligible for APF? Since only 2 of the subjects are graded as usual and for Business Research Method; only pass/fail grade will be given. Oh well,  will do my best nonetheless 💛.
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Tuesday 9 April 2019

MyPAC Mentor Mentee Program

MyPAC launched its inaugural Mentor Mentee program in February for the benefit of its current scholars. The aim of the program is to facilitate, assist and guide the students in qualifying for Accountancy Professional Bodies.

Due to the limited number of available alumni / mentor, each of us was assigned with 2 mentees. [Of course ideally, a 1 to 1 relationship is better].

Truth be told, there are a lot of improvements that can be made for the program but it's only their first time organizing so ... in due course, in due course.

Speaking for myself, I didn't have the opportunity to join such program when I was in my early 20s and I know I'll jump for the chance to do so. I'll ask everything I can, essentially I'll take advantage of my mentor 😂

In order to make the program a success, I really believe both parties need to be committed; mentor and mentee alike. The mentors are working, mostly married. So for the mentor to spend time guiding the mentees (with nothing in return, mind you); I guess I expect the mentee to show the same level of commitment. It won't work if you're forced to join the program, trust me.

Maybe the first criteria the committee should look into in the future is the passion and only accept those who voluntarily join the program because they can see the benefit of it.
My 2 mentees are Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) students from INTEC. CAT is offered by ACCA as the stepping stone for post SPM students to be fully qualified by ACCA. The first step, if you will.

So we're supposed to have a monthly meetup with assignments / activities to be done in between.
Had two sessions so far. I truly hope this is beneficial to all parties involved. ✌

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