Thursday 5 January 2017

2017 ACCA Tuition Fees and Learning Provider

I'm getting transferred to KDU for my optional papers. 

That's a bummer. The timetable there clashed with my schedule *sigh*

In the light of my transfer, I was curious about the fee structure and end up digging information about other tuition providers as well. 

Here's the summary;

Take note that this information is only applicable for part-time students taking Professional level papers for January intake. They may revise their fees later. 

Sunway College
Perhaps one of the most famous ACCA tuition provider. It's Platinum ALP (Approved  Learning Provider Status) and there's only a handful of Platinum status provider in the country. Generally, the tuition fee is RM1,900 except for P2 paper which is RM2,180. On top of that, they have the priciest registration fee and also you'll need to pay the student resource fee every semester. 

Located at Damansara Jaya, not too far from Tropicana City Mall. The fee is RM1,560 per subject.

Most popular due to the low tuition fees and the location. They have two branches; one in PJ and another one at the Central Market area (KL).

Another Gold ALP status. Keep in mind though that they are not offering optional papers for the time being. 

Currently, the ACCA classes are held at Cyberjaya; not their old Central Market branch.

YES Academy
Becoming more popular with good reasons. The lecturers are great, the location is fantastic; at Megan Avenue near KLCC so they attract more of the part-timer students who are working in KL area. The fees are very low too!

My advice is; to not go straight to popular universities because of their prestige (solely) but be clear of your financial situations (whether you're sponsored or not) and talk to the seniors to know which lecturers are the best.

Most part-time students that I know of went to different ALP for different subjects. For P6, obviously students will go to Siva Nair and for P2, the crowd favourite is Spencer Cheah. 

It doesn't mean if you go to these top lecturers you are guaranteed to pass your exam. It all depends on yourself and whether you study / understand. 

The ALP and lecturers only contribute to 40% of your success. The rest is up to you to study and revise. 

*But personally, I'll try my best to secure the top lecturers. If I can't, I'll pay to attend the IRC classes with them on my own. 

**Here's the full list of ACCA Approved tuition provider in Malaysia;

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