Sunday 16 July 2017

Story Time : Elevator Malfunction .. Or Is It ?

Everyone loves a good ghost story.... Until it actually happens to you. 

I swear what I'm gonna tell ya is a true story, happen to myself.

As you would know, my office is at Wisma Sime Darby, smacked in the middle of KL. It's a pretty old building, completed in the 80s.

A little backstory; when I first joined Sime there was a program that I co-hosted. So we (the organizer) need to put up posters, at every level of the building.

Wisma Sime has 21 floors altogether. So we went to each and every one of the floors to do our thing, right?

Level 7, stick our poster, use the elevator to level 8, stick our poster, take the elevator again, yo know the drill.

Until.... We got to level 11. 


I kid you not, we don't even dare to stick our head to look around, just quickly close the elevator door. 

So by now, we know that level 11 is empty (I presumed), pitch black and haunted (in my head).

Fast forward a couple of years later, I was going to the office. There was about 6-7 of us in the elevator that fateful morning. 

And I swear, the elevator suddenly stopped at level 11. 


Yet, it stopped there. 

My eyes felt like they were jumping out of its socket. Then the only man in the lift asked if anyone actually pushed the button, well. Obviously no one did. 

He pushed the 'Close' button over and over again. 

And you know what happened?

The elevator door creaked slowly and it stopped. It was stuck! Then it opened widely again, creaked slowly and stuck yet again. That happened for a few times. 

Here, ladies and gentleman was how my worst nightmare came to life!

We knew there's an emergency stairs at the back of the elevator. But to get there, you'll need to go out to the damned haunted floor and walked a bit around the elevator. [The same layout for all other levels].

So this brave guy lead the way, with us girls scurrying behind him. We could still heard the creak of the elevator door as we left the floor. 

Up one floor, level 12. Everyone looked relieved. 

So we pushed the elevator button since no one was gonna take the stairs up to level 17 or 19 or whatever their floor was, you see?

And the most unimaginable thing happen. 

The same exact elevator opened its door!!!!

There were 6 elevators on this side of the building and the same first elevator on the right [which we were in earlier] miraculously opened its door.

Now after all this, do you think it's a simple case of technical malfunction or is it something more?

I don't want to know the answer, thank you very much.

*Now, my heart skipped a bit every time I passed through level 11

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