Sunday 11 March 2018

Lombok : Itinerary & Tips!

Bukit Merese, 2016

Though this is my second time here, I wanted to give N the quintessential Lombok experience. 

However, I'm not so much of a culture person so I skipped Desa Sade (traditional Sasak village) and Desa Sukarara (traditional weaving) since I've visited them before. 

Gili Trawangan before Tiu Kelep! 
The first time around, me and Ika went to Tiu Kelep before Gili. We were not fit at all and the hike were a bit strenuous for us. The distance were not too bad but the elevation really ... really made it hard. So when we got to Gili the next day and had to cycle, God it was soooo painful (our legs were super sore)! With N, I pushed the visit to Tiu Kelep towards the end of the trip. So soo much better.

Things To Bring To Tiu Kelep
Suitable footwear (can be slippery + need to cross a river), bring a towel at least because it can be super cold [and no changing room so at least you can wrap your body] and waterproof phone case because you can feel the cold blowing mist even when you're far away. Imagine when you get closer to the waterfall to take pictures, the lens will be covered by water, trust me. And oh! Bring water along.

Villa Hantu
I remember getting the most beautiful picture on top of Villa Hantu in 2016.

There used to be a makeshift ladder by the villa so you can get to the rooftop and take amazing photos.

But now the ladder is there no more. You'll need to get inside the villa to take pictures. Tips : Go there around 11-4 when the sun shines bright!

From @intansuehaini

Wear A Lot of Sunblock and Don't Forget to Reapply! 
I had the worst burnt ever in 2016; even with applying sunblock. With snorkeling trips, you'll need to constantly reapply the sunblock after every dip in the water. Just our luck, the boat was filled to capacity and we had to sit at the front part of the boat (without any cover).

I had sun spots on my nose which has slowly healed after more than 2 years. But still not fully recovered until this very day. Better be safe than sorry! #loveyourskin

Not to Be Missed : Bukit Merese
If I had to choose between the waterfall and Bukit Merese, I'll choose the latter. It offers such amazing view that my breath were taken away every single time I'm here. *Best to bring a hat + water because it can be scorching hot*

Choose the Tour Guide Correctly
Always always read reviews on tour guide / supir before making your decision. I've engaged with Eka Senggigi during my trip in 2016; a pleasant experience. This time his brother, Made accompanied us. [You can find @ekasenggigi on Instagram]. I would definitely recommend their service!

Lombok has been great and beautiful ❤
Till next time!

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