Sunday 12 August 2018

MBA UiTM : MBA Admission Process at UiTM

Officially a student again!!! 💖

I chose to pursue my postgraduate degree (MBA) at UiTM for several reasons.

  • Accredited by MQA, ABEST21, AACSB etc
  • ALL the academicians at the faculty are PhD holders 💫
  • The executive program requires at least 3 years of working experience [better networking]
  • Weekend classes
  • Cheapest tuition fees for executive mode - RM20,000
  • And being UiTM alumni personally, I know Business Faculties in UiTM are very good
  • Totally random and a very cool plus point: they provide lunch / tea break for the MBA students

There are 3 modes of studies for MBA here;
  • Full Time [classes on weekdays, preferably 1-year working experience]
  • Part-Time [classes on Monday - Wednesday's evening, preferably 1-year working experience]
  • Executive Mode [classes on weekend, minimum of 3 years working experience]

The admission process is as below;

  1. Go to any BSN branch and buy the application pin number (RM50)
  2. Apply online at ''  [There are 2 semesters per year; March & Sept]
  3. Print out the referee report form from Ipsis and asked 2 referees to fill it out for you [At least one of them must be an academic referee]
  4. Write an essay about yourself in 700 words; basically sharing about your personal life, academic and professional background
  5. Print out the filled application form and send it together with the completed referee report, autobiography essay, certified IC and transcript to the faculty.
  6. Wait for the SMS inviting you for the interview session (if you passed the initial screening)
  7. Attend the interview
  8. Checked the application status at Ipsis from time to time because you will not get a notification on the result

Interview Session at AAGBS
Interviews are carried out at the faculties that you applied for and in my case, it's at Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School. 

Signed the attendance and you'll be given the room number for the interview later. 
Went to a classroom to do English assessment.

Basically, you need to choose one of the articles provided and write your thoughts on it in 35 minutes. I chose the article on sustainability.

Then, just wait in front of the interview room. It's on a first come first serve basis. So if you finished the essay early, go straight to the interview room. I was the first one at the door. LOL

It was a group interview with a panel of interviewers. 
3 prospective students with 2 lecturers (Mine was Dr Arlinah and Dr Carol)

The questions asked were pretty basic, essentially they just want to gauge your motivation for pursuing MBA and whether you have the will power to go through it all. Studying part-time poses a  different set of challenges altogether. [No general knowledge questions were asked]

A month later, I got the offer. 

Looking forward to the start of the semester! 
And oh, my husband will be my classmate! 💗


  1. Hi, how was the journey so far? i'm thinking or pursuing MBA next year, still looking forward for some information on the courses. would you mind to share the fee and the course outline?

    1. I'm planning to do a review after completion of each semester. But will share a post soon on the course outline and fees. Thanks for reading btw!!!

  2. Hai sis. Saya pun apply for master. Tapi ada sedikit pertanyaan. Utk bahagian referee report, sis boleh explain ke atau ada cth cara nk isi
    bahagian 4:

    soalan: any comments will assist in evaluating applicant potential in pursue postgraduate study.

    Thanks sis

    1. Hi! For the referee report, I memang bagi directly to the referee. I pun tak sure what they wrote. Hehe


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