Monday 14 January 2019

2019 Resolutions

While some of my resolutions are more personal, these are some that I'm comfortable sharing.

Read and Review Non Fiction Books
My target is to read at least 1 non fiction book per month. After years of reading (I'm a bit of a bibliophile), I realized that reading without writing is not as efficient. Hence, the reason why I wanted to do a review or share my key takeaways from the books. Remember program NILAM back at school?  (I got awards for NILAM program both at secondary and primary school #BranggingRights 😂) Is it still a thing nowadays, tho?

Dean's List
There're 2 semesters in 2019; March and September. I am aiming to get at least GPA 3.75 for both of 'em which is the Dean's List benchmark for postgraduate program in UiTM. The first semester result has yet to be announced. I think/hope I'm getting GPA 3.89 at least (A, A, A-). I don't know, we'll have to see next month. [Will definitely be a little heartbroken if I got less than 2 solid A's. *nerd*

Complete Bayyinah Cover to Cover Program
I've had Bayyinah TV subscription for a few years now and my favorite program is the Cover to Cover series. There are videos on the backstory of the Surahs, why it was decreed upon our Prophet and the linguistic part of it. With this class, you'll have better appreciation of Quran. . But I always do my own notes, and I think I have only covered not more than 20 surahs. Some surahs take as long as 3 hours! But yeah. I'm aiming to complete the series this year. Maybe I'll share notes in my blog. Should I?

*In total I had 10 goals for 2019. Hoping this will be the best year yet. Final year before entering the 3 series, InsyaAllah.

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