Friday 17 July 2020

MBA UiTM : 4th Semester Review

My final semester was also the most interesting thus far due to the COVID outbreak. The assessments and classes has been changed to suit the situation. 

GBI795: Global Business Issues
  • Lecturer : Associate Professor Dr Hashima Hashim
  • We were able to be in the physical class for the first half of the module. Typically, GBI module involved organizing a seminar but it was changed to the publication of an article. 
  • So the students were required to be in a group of 3, and submit an article worthy to publish by the end of the module. The topic must be related to the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. 
  • At first, we chose to write about SDG15 : Life on Land which focuses on deforestation, poaching and trafficking. 

  • When we presented our outline, however we found that the scope was too huge for an article. Hence, we opted to focus only on poaching.

  • Once the outline was approved, we started writing the article. Ours was only 2,400 words long but to get it to be up to the standard for an article was the challenge. 
  • Other than the article, we also had to do a review for a TED Talk as well as a write-up about COVID-19. 

MGT780 : Managerial Decision Analysis
  • Lecturer : Dr Rosilawati Amiruddin
  • At first, I disliked the fact that the module was taught via Telegram's voice note as it heavily involved calculation but as time goes by, I grew fond of the idea. Students were able to replay the voice note in order to catch up with the class. 
  • We had 3 individual assignments and 2 tests, all were done in the comfort of our own home and submitted online.

MGT790 : Strategic Management
  • Lecturer : Dr Alisa Ibrahim
  • This module has the most comprehensive assessments, I felt like. Despite the online lecture (Microsoft Teams), we were still required to do an individual presentation, group presentation, group report, case study, mid-term test and final exam all in the span of 8 classes over 4 weekends 😅
  • For individual presentation, we had to conduct a fairly simple internal and external environment analysis for any small / unlisted company so naturally, I gravitated towards Prokhas. 
  • For group presentation and report, we were to conduct a comprehensive strategic analysis on a listed company, and again our group went with Sime Darby Plantation. No surprise there. We did the PESTEL analysis, Porter's Five Forces analysis, financial ratio analysis, SWOT analysis, internal factor evaluation matrix, external factor evaluation matrix, weighted competitive strength assessment and evaluate the company's expansion strategy. 
  • The best thing for me was that we had to do peer evaluation at the end of the module. I felt it should be made mandatory for each of the modules, to weed out the freeloader ya know?

ABR796 : Applied Business Research Presentation
  • Lecturer : Associate Professor Dr Nooraini Sheriff
  • Amazing news, due to COVID outbreak my batch was exempted from the Viva-Voce session! 😅 We only had to submit the final report and wait for the comments from examiners if there were to be any correction.
  • On the other hand, since there was no Viva, some of the team members may not give their all to understand the dissertation thoroughly 😒
  • So after the dissertation was submitted, students have to wait for comments from examiners and supervisors if there were any minor or major corrections.
  • Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah ours only needed the addition of 1 sentence to fully emphasize a point.  
  • Shall I assume we're getting an 'A' for our dissertation? InsyaAllah. 

All in all, it has been an amazing 2 years experience. The result will be out in mid-September. InsyaAllah the convocation will be in 2021. 

I would highly recommend the MBA program at UiTM. If you have any question about the program, I would be more than happy to assist you. 

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