Sunday 30 September 2012

The Fourth First

There will always be the first time for everything.
So people say.

That being said, here goes the first post for my third or so blog.

'Why', you asked?

After the previous three-deleted-blogs, living in a blog-free life calmly, i realized that i think a lot. 
A lot!
(bila dah delete blog, suddenly my thoughts started to overflowed)
Just random thoughts that i feel strongly about or my opinion or even my dreams.

So why not set up another blog to channel all my thoughts and experience?

I would say that i have changed a lot.
People change.
Face it. 

I do not care about others so much anymore..
Like... For real.
People will always have bad things to say.
People will always take the opportunity to bring us down.

I learnt from the best teacher on earth.

Experience taught me the most while I'm in Uniten. 
I went through situations that toppled me over and frankly speaking I'm amazed that I climbed out of it unscathed. 

Now when i started reminiscing about 'em, it all seems surreal.
It is like peering through someone else's eyes.
You know what i mean? 

Karma is simple.
What you give, you get back. 

Half of the people wanted to know your stories out of curiosity, the other half just don't care.
So, why bother right?

On another note, the orientation week had just ended.

Insya Allah this will be the last time.
No more being a facilitator after this.


Facilitators photo session.
Now this is what i call loyalty.
Sticking to the same pose over and over again :p

January intake
May intake
September intake

Obviously, the photo session for the intakes before all these are soooo vain.*facepalm*

That I do not have the heart to post it here. Teheeeee!

The experience I've gained are valuable and I'm glad I had contributed something for Uniten, at the very least.

Suddenly, I feel like I've got tons of things to do, things i want to achieve.

I want to study overseas.

I want to learn a third language.

I want to travel.

I want to bring my family for a holiday.

I want to intern at NGOs.

And the list go on and on.

I am very glad I found my passion early, before I graduate.

I can literally feel that my many years in university before is not guided by a proper, realistic goal.

Now that i found it, Alhamdulillah.

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