Sunday 7 October 2012

Bookworm No More

I've been meaning to update about the trip to Padang.
Heck, i already published it.
But the stupid apps on my Ipad went haywire thus deleting the LONG post i published earlier.
It's making me crazy!
I've deleted the apps by the way.

Not in the mood to re-write the post for now.
Maybe later.

So, this morning I went to IOI Mall.
My mother and my brother went to Sg. Kanching.
They conveniently set up a date with the neighbours to go there today.

I love waterfall.
I . Just. Love. It.

So, i dropped by Popular to browse some novel.
Seems like ages since the last time i bought a new book.
I kept re-reading the same book, FYI.

Amazingly, i did not find any that suit my taste.
It's weird.
The other day i went to Kinokuniya.
And also Times Bookstore.
Not even one novel caught my attention.
What was happening to me?

The new JK Rowling novel?

So I was hanging around the 'religious' section.
Dosa Wanita Yang Dianggap Lazim.
That was interesting.
So i flip it through.

It says 'Bergerak ke mana-mana tanpa ditemani mahram'.
Terasa bah.
I called it independent.
Apparently, it's not a good thing.

Maybe the reason behind this is that Islam put so much emphasis on the well being of women.
Yayy to being a Muslim.
*thumbs up*

It's normal for me to go on holiday or travel on my own.
Sebahagian norma kehidupan.
I refused to be gedik-gedik-tak-boleh-gerak-tanpa-kawan type of person.

Even at Padang when all my friends were already sleepy (it was only 9pm btw), i went on to take a stroll around Bukittingi alone.
It's fun.

It taught me a lot of things.
Be confident.

Oh.. On another note, Bukittinggi and Padang are 'dead' by 9 pm.
Oh my.. Come on la people.
8pm lepas Maghrib tu baru nak keluar rumah okayh kalau kat KL. 

Then i read this phrase somewhere.
Andainya manusia tahu tentang hakikat malam, nescaya mereka takkan keluar di waktu malam kecuali untuk  beribadah.

Itu dia. 

Setepek ke muka.

See. Ya. Later.


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