Wednesday 10 July 2013


My first post, back in KL yaww!!

KL baby always at heart
My journey back was ... tiring! The flight was delayed for more than 1 hour. 
Heaving the bags; another story. 
The checked in bags were 34kg and 10kg respectively. 
Plus the hand luggage of 9 kilos (It should be within 7kg) LOL
Imagine dragging the bags all the way from Mainz to Frankfurt via public transport.
Then I had to re-arrange the stuffs and chuck away some to follow the maximum weight per bag (32kg).
THAT is the most tiring part. 

Arrived on Saturday at 0800.
Tak jetlagged, Alhamdulillah.
Cuma sleepy like hell because I was on a movie marathon while on the plane :D

So fast forward a few days, I had started my internship at PEMANDU.
And no, it is not the 6 months university internship [that will be in October].
I'm being placed under two units.
Two projects to be delivered by the end of the tenure.
They even call it project EVA - Evaluation, Validation and Announcement. .
My team is a nice bunch of people.
Here, evidence.

How cute is this?
And to end my first day of internship, I had dinner with Aditier. 

Aditier? Aditier? Hahahaha
Thank you Aditiya for coming :D
See you again this Friday!

On another note.
I vowed to start fresh, leaving Germany.
And a big part of starting fresh is to be matured.

So I set up a unit trust account. 
The time has come!
Continuous monthly savings.
That's the plan!!

And, and ...
I also started re-paying my PTPTN loan.
Thankfully, beban tak terasa sangat sebab my loan was terminated right after I got the scholarship.
Only for 3 semesters. Alhamdulillah. 
Interest accumulated pun not so bad, putting into account the loan was made way back in 2007 during my diploma.
Fingers crossed for my ujrah application.

Setting aside some money every month for family trip, the 'MEGA' trip next year and for my plan with Ika.
So many things..

Rasa matang kan? 
Bila hidup mula berkira-kira, budgeting, savings.


Selamat Menjalani Bulan Ramadan.

Target - Finished reading 'tafsir' in a month.
Pray for me!

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