Tuesday 30 July 2013

Trip to Miri

I'm still a bit ecstatic over the trip to Miri last week.
Maklumlah, first time setting foot to the East Malaysia. 
Woot woot!!

To quote my Director, 
How come you've been to Europe but never set foot to Sabah Sarawak?

And they conveniently decided to sent me alone, a sole representative from PEMANDU because;
"You can survive on your own at Rome, Amsterdam. This place is just like backyard la. No problem"

And that's the story of how I end up there :D

Went to two Penan villages. 
12 hours ride by 4WD, mind you. 
But I love it.
The breathtaking scenery.
Fall in love :D

Delegation from CIDB, EPIC, ABM, MyKasih, Ministry of Women, Resident Office and PEMANDU.


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