Friday 20 September 2013


Here comes the post-vacation write up. :D
Brace for it.

We embarked on our journey on Friday which means I had to rush to TBS after work
[Thank you very much to my Director who sent his driver to drive me all the way to TBS. How awesome was that?]

Anywho, TBS was packed that day. I kid you not, packed!! Thankfully we had bought the tickets online the week before but we still had to queue to redeem the tickets. The line was not as long, though. Alhamdulillah

Excuse my tired face and puffy eyes.
From left : Omyra, Shuanna and mua.
The ticket cost RM40; one way (TBS-Woodlands). We had some snack before boarding and few hours later; (5 to be exact) we arrived at Malaysia Immigration JB. We went down twice, once at JB and once at Woodland. Malaysia Immigration is a bit more efficient as we had the automatic gate clearance. Nevertheless, we arrived at Bukit Panjang via cab - 13 SD.

We were staying at Shu's uncle place. Alhamdulillah jimat sikit :D

The next day was when the actual adventure started.

We bought the Singapore tourist card. It cost 10 SD for an unlimited ride using the public transportation system for a day. You have to pay another 10 SD upon buying, though as deposit. Once you return the card, you'll get back the 10 SD.

Of course, our first destination for the day was ...

Then, we went straight to USS. 
The main reason we went there :D

The tickets were also bought in advance.
72 SD for adult. 

One of those 'Motiff? pics.
Excited faces :)
To enter Sentosa Resort World you'll have to pay for the entrance fee.
Say whatttt?
I thought everything was included.
Well, apparently not.
1 SD.

We went to Sentosa Island from VivoCity Shopping Mall.
Just walk along the Boardwalk.

The customary pose 
Bitch-Resting face as per Jane Lynch's words.
How we started the day.
Fun musical!

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase which we only went cause it was on the 'Attraction' list.
Word of caution, if you are 8 years old or older, don't bother coming here.
Even Omyra was bored.

I reallyy really love Big Bird but Shu hate 'em. Teheee!
By noon, it was raining but we carry on walking. 
Just like in Disneyland Paris.
Raining but still, fun can't wait! LOL

Next we went to the Water World.
I'll give it 10/10.
You shouldn't missed it by any reason.
Do join the show!!

From outside, I have to admit that the set was less than appealing.
Water World is where you will be watching live stunts.

The seats were marked with three colors. 
The first one, blue; is where you'll get soaked.
Since we had bought ponchos earlier, why not kan?

The performers were very very good!!
They had fun spraying waters at the audience.
But sumpah. 
Ini sangat seronok.

The super duper awesome cast!!
Blue benches, you'll be soaked.
Green, you'll get splashes.
Red, absolutely safe  :)
See the set?
There were fire, jet skis, explosions, aircraft etc.
Titanic inspired.
Robot dinosaur #awesome
Getting in line for the 'Lights, Camera, Action: Hosted by Steven Spielberg'
I had such high hopes for this one.
But it was not as good as the Armageddon set at Disneyland.

It was a special effects filming set.
The setting is at New York with Hurricane level 5. 

At the middle of New York
Motif kan Shuana berdiri gitteww :p

We literally queued for nearly an hour for this.
Since it is the major attraction in USS, it was a no-brainer for us to be in lines (dengan panas hati).
The verdict, worth every second being in line!
Awesome supremo.

Other than that, we also went to these rides;

Revenge of The Mummy
Pernah try roller-coaster yang reverse ?
Thumbs up!
Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure


At 5, we witnessed the Parade.
Siap bersila waiting for 'em lot.
*aftermath of walking barefoot

Waiting for the Fireworks.

Walked home barefoot. Teheee!
Oh. I haven't mentioned that my trip was a budget trip 
[since I have plans to go here and there in the coming weeks]

Lunch at food court in USS - 12 SD (ayam penyet set)
Souvenirs - bought in VivoCity which was wayyyy cheaper.
At the official gift store, a magnet fridge cost 5 SD.
At Vivo, we got 5 for 10 SD.
Bargain, eh?

We also had lunch later that night at Vivo.
Good food.

At last, we got home.
Imagine the relief, lying on your back after a whole day walking.

Buying MRT ticket. Apparently the tourist pass was valid for a day. Not 24 hours.

Candid capture.
Don't I look like an adventurer.
In conclusion, USS is definitely somewhere you should come.
Unless you had a choice between Disneyland and this place. 
I don't see myself coming here again anytime soon.

*Kepuasan makan di JB after sehari setengah catuan makanan.

Love From Us,
Shu, Eva, Fizi, Omyra

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