Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Intern Insider

Finding a place for internship is always a big ordeal. Not only the stress of ACTUALLY getting the company you wanted, but the long winding road of going back and forth thinking whether the place is right for you.

For local students, we almost NEVER did any voluntary internships. How sad is that?
Most overseas students have more than one internship experience. Browse their CV and you would see - three different experience.

And still, you local grads have the gut to bitch around saying companies prefer overseas grads. Well, apart from your grades, experience matter, people!

'We learn best through practice and experience. Internships give us both, allowing us to create and be involved in the real field of work by applying our knowledge, however small or insignificant our contribution'.

Knowing the importance of internship to university students, a bunch of overseas students (some are my friends) came up with a project 'The Intern Insider'.

Basically, it is website displaying the reviews made my interns, for interns.

How helpful is that?

Very, I would say!

I would also encourage you guys with internship experience to contribute at the web. 

EVERYONE is welcome to contribute. 
Local, overseas, big corporation, MNC, small start-ups, NGOs. 

Visit their website here!!

*Nak sangat intern kat Big 4 kan? Baca review intern alumni kat interninsider. Fikir 2 kali. Kalau intern kat company gile gempaq but your role is just to assist rather than to actually learn, what's the point in that?

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