Sunday 20 October 2013

3R is Back!!

So I had mentioned that Mya was in Projek 3R.
It took me GREAT restrain not to mention the result before the official announcement. Haha!

Now I can scream the result already!
My friend is one of the winner for Projek 3R.

She's gonna be the new host for 3R season 15 [with another 2 winners].
Mind you. Season 15 already!
Remember growing up watching the series?

I was invited for the final episode previewing party at NSTP.
Chaos okay that Saturday!

Earlier that day, I went for Zumba with the Boosters.
Then to Shah Alam (swimming).
Rushed to SuriSara to find a dress.
Thankfully, I found just the perfect dress! :D

Long story short, by 6pm me and Mya arrived at Bangsar.
The idea behind the event is that we're gonna watch the final episode.
Live. Together with the finalists and Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

I also got 2 sets of this.
Thanks Dove!!
She won!!
Mmuahh mmuuahhh!!
Another winner.
Dayah Bakar.
Seriously speaking, I was mesmerized by this young lady over dinner.
Ini serius ye.
She is sooo nice. Beautiful. Charming.
Wait until you hear her sings.
Could cry, I tell ya :D
Officially Dayah Bakar's obsessed fans. LOL

The first 3R episode will air today, 20th October 2013 at TV3. 7.30 pm.
Tune in to the new season and I can guarantee you it's gonna be awesome!!

All three host sangat cantik.
Don't ya think so?
And do get this month's copy of REMAJA.

Akhir sekali, for a throwback :D

Way back in 2011.
For SASA Cyber Colors Glamor Girl.

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