Wednesday 26 October 2016

ACCA Journey

I always knew I'll end up studying for ACCA qualification. I don't know why, I just knew. Even though I have no intention whatsoever on becoming an accountant, doing financial reports and stuff.

So I enrolled into ACCA program at Unitar (Kelana Jaya) under YPPB's sponsorship mid last year.
(Story on the scholarship application and interview will be on a different post)

I was one of the pioneer ACCA students here in Unitar. I decided to take P3 as my first paper because the class was on weekends and I love Strategic Management (SM) while I was in uni. Mya told me P3 is a bit like SM. And it's true!

P3 - Business Analysis was fun; mainly because you learnt to read between the lines and beyond the case study. The lecturer was Mr Joey Wong and he was great in my opinion. A good start to my ACCA journey. Being the first ACCA batch here, there were only 4 students in my class as other students chose to do P1.

I didn't have much difficulty for this paper and passed the December exam.

Next paper I took was P2 - Corporate Reporting with Mr Spencer. Going into this class, I was very conscious of the fact that this paper is dubbed as the 'killer paper'. I have always hated Financial Accounting subjects in uni and truth be told, I was very anxious throughout the 6 months class. 

More than half of the class were even asked to defer their exam due to unsatisfactory performance (Yayasan Peneraju is very strict in terms of test results and attendance)

Though I passed the progress tests, I always had this lingering feeling of uncertainty. Will I pass or will I failed the paper? It was always at the back of my head. 

But Alhamdulillah. I passed (BARELY) the June exam. 

Currently, I'm studying for P1 (Governance, Risk and Ethics) with Mr Low Chin Ann. My only complaint this semester is that the classes are held during weekdays; after office hours. So tiring *sigh*

It's also my biggest class so far with 20 students. Though more and more students are dropping out. I passed all three progress tests and looking to aim for at least 70 marks this December exam.

Doakan kejayaan!


  1. Hi I'm planning to take mr spencer class, is he good?

    1. My experience, yes! Would highly recommend.


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