Saturday 29 October 2016

#evanazli - Henna

By now I think everyone knew that I'm pretty obsessed with my henna.

I was torn between Leahenna Artist and Nana Henna Design  at first ; both household names.

Nana Henna Design
Instagram followers - 45k
I knew of her during Hanis Zalikha's wedding. I really love how red her henna was.

Leahenna Artist
Instagram followers - 73k
I just really love her signature two-toned henna!

I just fell in love with Leahenna's design. Alhamdulillah, she's atill available on my chosen date. 
[I booked her 5 months in advance]

The only thing about her is that due to her schedule, she will decide when she'll come to the bride as there will be 5 brides-to-be's on the same day. She'll planned her journey and you'll only know your turn and time a month in advance.

My turn was the second of the day, at 12.30pm on the Friday before my akad nikah. 

When I got the photos from the official photographer, I really love the shots of my henna.

Memang tak menyesal pilih Leahenna Artist!

*I paid  RM130 including transportation cost

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