Tuesday 11 April 2017

#HotelReview - Shari-La Island Resort, Pulau Perhentian

  The Location 
Rating : 5/5
Shari-La is located in Perhentian Kecil island, just beside the main jetty. So you don't have to heave your bags around [plus the countless drinking water bottles I would suggest you to bring]. The pathway to Long Island is also nearby.  

Can you see the resort on the left?

The Food
Rating : 5/5
We opted for the full board package this time as the food around the island can be quite pricey and quite tedious to find (read: have to walk). For the 3 days 2 nights we were there, we had breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and BBQ. 

You'll be spoilt for choice at the breakfast buffet.
Omelette, roti canai, dim sum, nasi lemak, fried noodles, pancake, cereals, bread, fruits and many more.  

The buffet spread was tasty! 

The Room
Rating : 4/5
I would have rate them 5 if not for the incident on our last day. At around 5am, there was a power outage and we were left to fan ourselves in the heat. After Subuh azaan, we peaked outside and apparently only our chalet was affected. Nazli went to the reception counter and it was rectified short after.

Other than that, the room was very comfortable. 
AC, fan, TV with movie channels, mini fridge, hot shower, sofa inside and outside of the room, clean toilet, 24 hour electricity

The Scenery and Architecture
Rating : 5/5
The resort is at the edge of the island, thus giving you excellent scenery everywhere you look. The building architecture is beautiful, too. They have swimming pools for kids and a lot of man-made waterfall to add to the ambiance. 

Price (Affordability)
Rating : 4/5
The resort is by no means a high end resort and the price is still quite affordable. Back in 2013, I paid RM250 for a 3D2N free and easy package. 

For this time around, we paid RM440 per person for a Full Board package. We liaised with Sealife to get RM50 discount [ShariLa offered RM490].

We definitely had fun in Perhentian ❤

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