Wednesday 26 April 2017

Personality Test [MBTI]

It's always fun to take online personality tests. But I somehow doubt the truth in it especially those quizzes by Buzzfeed. Like how can you tell when I'm gonna be married by the desserts I chose? 😒

Nevertheless, personality tests are an interesting tool to know more about one's self. 

During a training last month, we had the opportunity to sit for the MBTI [Myer Briggs Personality Test]. And not those tacky incomplete online quizzes but the actual sheet for MBTI test (which cost RM100+ a pop). 

There are 93 simple questions which have no right or wrong answers so just feel free to be yourself while answering them.

To ensure accuracy, the trainer shared that one must not envision him/herself at home or at work while answering the questions because we tend to react differently in different environment. Rather, imagine yourself in the position of power so that you won't be restricted in the choices you make.. 

Some of the questions

Basically, the test will determine what your preferences are in these dichotomies;

  • Interaction with the world
  • Absorption of information
  • Decision making 
  • Organization
It is quite easy to understand because for each of the aspects, you either belonged in the first group or the second. 

So here's the cheat sheet to better understand MBTI;

Eg for interaction with the world, you are either introvert or extrovert.
You can't be both. Same goes to the other aspects. 
So after going through all 93 questions and tallying up the numbers, you'll know which 4 groups you belong to. It will be one of these 16 combinations;

Image result for myer briggs 16

If you're an 'I' it does not mean that you don't have a strain of Extrovert in you. 
You just take the dominant score as your final preference. 

In my case, my combinations are

What I found amusing was that how extreme I am in every one of those dichotomies.  

I'm an extreme introvert; no surprise there. 
Basically all feedback session from YK days to Sime Darby people would say that I'm quiet. But actually, I talk a lot. Ask Nazli. Or Peaja. Or Ika. 

Yes, I sometimes (always) turn the other way if I see a person I know approaching. 
And yes, sometimes I don't answer the phone because I don't feel like engaging with another human being at that exact moment. 

But I do have friends. I do hang out. 

If I'm being brutally honest
This made me laugh hard!

My MBTI results are pretty much what I'm expecting. 

I also came across this infographic; 

I guess I should be an Accountant after all 😆

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