Sunday 6 August 2017

Kinabalu Trip - A Summary

Nazli mentioned last year that he wanted to visit KK. So I sorta surprised him with this trip for his birthday.

Crossed off his bucket list

This was my second trip to KK (first for him).
We went there for 4D3N. Masih rasa tak cukup.

I bought the tickets suuuper early during promotion period through a friend who claimed she's a ticket agent. Turns out the master agent was WTS (viral kes tipu tiket flight). Thank God my friend gave me a refund so I bought the ticket later myself. Good thing though because I scored even cheaper tickets for return flights. LOL
AirAsia + Malindo return tickets for 2 = RM380

Rental Car
Would recommend Fred, who rented his Axia to us. Reasonable rate and he's friendly too. Easy to deal with.
Contact number - 0102375803 (Fred)

Once we're back in KK we just traveled around using Uber. Convenient and cheap!

Kinabalu Pine Resort

We stayed at the Superior Standard room (Block P) and the package we took include breakfast  and dinner.

[Next time around, would opt to stay at least 2 nights in Kundasang]

[Cr:Internet] My unit was the second floor of the left picture; with clear view of the mountain.  
[Cr:Internet] The room is pretty basic, with water heater, flat screen TV (with movie channels!), wi-fi and fan. We also have our own balcony with chairs facing the Mountain. 
In front of our room, 7am.

Pros : Magnificent view, great location, good dinner spread for 2 person, easy reservation (via e-mail), movie channels, good wifi

Cons : Hard rock bed, it took a while for the water heater to work, breakfast wasn't a buffet; instead an ala carte meal per person, limited parking spot

Rating : 4.5/5

Gaya Centre Hotel


Chose the hotel because it was really near to Jesselton Point. Got upgraded to the room at the top floor. 

Pros : Near Jesselton Point and Dataran Todak, directly opposite a shopping mall (Suria Sabah), comfortable bed, nice view 

Cons : So-so breakfast, the bed sheet was dirty (not changed beforehand), the toilet bowl was dirty

Rating : 3/5

Poring Hot Spring

We love the place so much we visit them twice, paid for the private room. Only RM15 per hour!

(The two pictures on the top) More privacy, there were 2 tubs in the private room, big enough for the two of us, complete with shower too.

Fish Spa Tagal
Nazli was skeptical about this place at first, don't know why. Haha But he turns out to be excited, had to drag him out of the river, basically.

The fish spas in Thailand (those where we dipped our legs in an aquarium) is nothing compared to this place. The fishes are hugeee!!

SInce we arrived in the evening, we thought the fishes would all be full by now. *silly*
But noooo. They're eating away our dead cells like nobody's business. And it hurts + tickle a bit, 

Desa Cattle

Seafood Dinner

I had shortlisted 2 places for our seafood dinner at Dataran Todak; Haji Manja and Sinar Delima. Surveyed the price, and Sinar Delima was a bit cheaper. So we went there. For both nights.

Udang harimau masak butter basah, kerang bakar sos, sotong bakar (RM80 - plus drinks)

I kid you not, this is the bomb!!! These babies were as big as ping pong ball!
RM20 per kilo.
We ordered kerang bakar both days *so gooddd*
We had udang masak butter (kering), sotong goreng tepung, kerang bakar and it was only RM60. Please let me move thereeeee already.

Island Hopping
This time around we went to Sapi and Manukan [RM50 per person all in]
Sapi is okay just that the beach area was a tad too crowded. The area for you to swim is also restricted.

Manukan is a bit bigger, seems more commercialized with resorts. More suitable for families.

Next time would choose to visit Mamutik and other island.

Manukan Island

Sapi Island

Traditional Dish at D'Place Kota Kinabalu
I had been eyeing this place since I saw Marsha's episode of Selera Selebriti. I really wanted to try Ambuyat and ...... butod.

They had butod pizza!!!
Unfortunately, they did not sell this by slices. Instead, you need to buy the whole pizza. That's a bugger. Was really really excited to try them.

But fret not, they do sell the butod by itself too!

RM3 each. You can have them raw or fried. I chose the fried version

It was surprisingly chewy!

We also had the traditional Kadazan Dusun meal plus Ambuyat.
 It was a good experience. Don't think I'm gonna order it again, though. Hahaha
The place was nicely decorated, the staffs were very attentive. And oh, there was a cultural dance too.

Till the next trip, stay in love!

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