Thursday 17 August 2017

Final Paper Syndrome

InsyaAllah I will be attempting my final ACCA paper this December. It has finally come to the end of the race! Time really does fly by.

For the final leg of the exam, I had to choose 1 paper out of these;

P4 ; a lot like Corporate Finance which I'm not a fan. So that's out.

P5 : a big part of it is about Management Accounting. I could consider [Lowest passing rate though]

P6 : plain auditing, need a strong foundation on financial accounting knowledge.

So so many people advise me against attempting P5. 
  • The toughest paper; need analytical skills (wouldn't help if you memorize the whole textbook)
  • A LOT of assumed knowledge from paper F5 (which I was exempted from)
  • Although the passing rate doesn't differ much across papers, bear in mind generally people took P5 the less. 31% of the already small pool of candidates means, even a lower number of candidates who passed. 

But, it does have continuity from P3 (Business Analysis) paper which I enjoyed so much under the mentoring of Mr Joey Wong.

So I decide, I'm gonna attempt P5 and be one of that 31 % who passed 💪

As of today, I've attended 5 lecture classes.

Each class was after working hours [except for those once a month all-day weekend class] 😌

*Oh the sacrifices we and our spouses make*

What can I say?

I have never been this tense, ever!!  No, it's not because of the syllabus.. No. 

It's the effect of these;

  • The lecturer, Mr Chan Tze Kang always, always focused on the exam technique which is great. But he's a bit strict and there's an aura about him that makes you cautious in class 
  • Mr Chan is the first-ever lecturer I encountered which put much importance on the articles written by the examination team. We have to read EVERY single article, even those from 1998! 
  • There are about 10 students in my class. 10!! With such a small class, the pressure is definitely up. 
  • There's a voice at the back of my head constantly saying 'you need to pass, you need to pass'. As a result, I'm tense throughout THE WHOLE class. Every time after the class, I'll have backache *sigh*
It's all in the mind, I know.

The final paper syndrome. You know you'll have to perform your best for this exam (even more compared to other papers) that you stressed yourself out. 

As for the content of the paper itself, I like it so far. You'll have to read between the lines and think holistically. Different from those calculation papers. 

Next week will be the first Progress Test.

Wish me luck!

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