Friday 20 October 2017

#MakanReview : Fancy Breakfast Club [Bangsar]

Looking at their Instagram feed, one can't stop drooling.
At least I can't.

Everything looks so nice and decadent!

Lemme share some posts from their Instagram.

It's in Bangsar, so you can imagine the traffic and difficulties in finding parking 😅
We nearly missed the place since it's on the second floor. LOL

It's a nice quaint place, not too big, I think it can fit around 30 customers at one time. The theme is minimal, but not boring. The natural lighting definitely boost the place. Bear in mind however, you'll be seated with other customers on the long table. Not much privacy I would say.

They offered a limited menu but hey, if everything is done perfectly, you can survived with having even a 5-item menu right?

Breakfast Board
A combination of minimum 5 items (at RM6 each) that comes with hummus, baguette and tomato chutney. [Last year, it was RM3 per item; such a steep increase in price]

I don't think it's worth the RM30. My gullible husband thought this whole platter cost RM6 🙈

Rating : 3.5/5

Mariana Trench Pasta
I ordered this and it was great!!! Squid ink pasta with prawn, mussel, lemon crumbs, chilli paste and udang geragau (RM32).

So, soooo good! It takes a while to serve this but worth the wait! Will definitely visit again just for this.

Rating : 5/5

Thanks Anis Manis for the treat! 💗

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