Monday 25 December 2017

#MakanReview : La Juiceria Superfoods [Mont Kiara]

Been here a couple of times and honestly, I love this place!

My ex boss is really into healthy food and he recommended La Juiceria Superfoods (in fact we had our department get-together here a couple of times). 

It's at Verve Suites Mont Kiara. The parking is only RM1 per hour so ..... that's a plus. Tho traffic may be bad at peak hour (but still manageable).

Keeping with the healthy theme, the food are freshly prepared with natural ingredients. They offered quite a big range of menu; All Day Breakfast, Super Bowls, Pasta, Cold Pressed Juice, smoothies and desserts!

A page out of the menu

They also had a Build-Your-Own-Gourmet-Salad option which I love!

Custom made so you can make sure you'll finish off every single thing in your bowl!

I ordered this the first time

Second visit, still opted for the salad (what do you call salad with no greens?) 

To be honest, my choices did not differ much. Haha
But I could tell the ingredients are fresh. The smoked duck is very good, and the portion is big!

Acai Berry Bowl RM24
Quite a pricey dessert but it is soooo good! And the ingredients are good for you too!
Brazilian Acai berry, bananas, cacao nibs, granola, strawberry, bee pollen, coconut and chia seeds. 

But I do wish it comes in a bigger bowl for the price. 

Teriyaki Chicken Soba RM18.90
N had this and I knew he'd fallen in love there and then. The grilled chicken thighs are succulent and crispy, soft boiled kampung egg at the side, flavorful soba, just a perfect combination.

Carbonara Mushroom Pasta RM20.90
Perhaps the unhealthiest of the healthy menu here. 😉

Their carbonara is to die for and this is big guys, coming from someone who always had an issue with this dish. Still drooling when I thought of it now. Definitely, the best carbonara I had so far. 

The perfect blend of creamy and cheesy. The soft boiled egg complement the dish perfectly.  

Decor / Ambiance
Very fresh! I love the deco with the purple base. Screams energy!

Credit to : chasingfooddreams

Open from 8am to 10pm daily. 

Sihat dan sedap!

Will definitely come again! 
[There's another branch in Avenue K as well!]

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