Tuesday 26 December 2017

#MakanReview : Laksa Pokok Limau [Kuala Kangsar]

I tried Kuala Kangsar's laksa once and I hated 'em.

Don't judge me. 

Judge my husband who despite being born and bred in Kuala Kangsar seems oblivious about good eateries there 😋

The laksa I had previously was very 'soupy', I can tell there's only a smidgen of fish in the broth.  Bottom line, awful.

Some people said kuah laksa Kuala Kangsar memang cair. But then, that doesn't justify isi ikan yang maha sikit. Kuah rasa bland. And the laksa itself, keras macam tak properly masak.

After some research on the internet, many people recommended this place, Laksa Pokok Limau. 

The best thing, it is located near my MIL's house. Hahaha

It's a proper shop beside the main road.

And I love it!!!!
Kuah pekat, laksa lembut, telur sarang tak berminyak.

And for the price, it can't get any better.

Credit : notmadeinmykitchen

It's even better than those I had in KL. 

Will be my favorite laksa spot from now on!!

Highly recommended! 💕

Closed on Friday.
Saturday - Thursday :11.30am - 7pm

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