Wednesday 17 January 2018

Final ACCA Paper, Passed!

I HAVE PASSED MY FINAL ACCA PAPER!! [celebratory dance]


Such a joyous, joyous occasion. 

I honestly did not know what to expect as [for the first time ever] I did not manage to answer everything during the exam!

But I gave it my all and really really tawakal afterwards. 😅

ps : the passing rate for P5 paper December 2017 sitting was 29% !!!! Whattttt..

My goal was to pass all papers on 1st attempt so that I will not need to repay 20% of the tuition + exam cost to my sponsor. 

So I got to take ACCA papers totally FOC 😌
[it all adds up to approximately RM20,000+, not too bad actually]

The best thing about it? Getting all the congratulatory wishes. Especially from my P5 lecturer, Mr Chan Tze Kang. Remember I wrote about him before : here

This just warms my heart  💗

It's a pity that KDU decided to stop offering P5 classes due to low takeup and even lower passing rate 😰 He still teaches other papers, though. Would highly recommend him!

One chapter closes. On to the next!!!!

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