Tuesday 30 January 2018

Parcel Detained By Customs


For the first time ever, customs detained my parcel. I've bought many many times from overseas stores without a hitch before. 

Yet, I was oblivious to the golden rule. Try not to exceed RM500 for every parcel / order

This time, I bought nearly RM700 worth of makeup [pooling my friends' orders as well] from Tarte. 
The discount was amazing [boxing day sale] - don't judge me.

A month after I ordered online, I got a letter from Pos Malaysia saying my parcel was detained. 
[No wonder it took so long this time around. Usually, I'll get my parcel in two weeks).

So in the the letter, you'll need to choose ONE of the following;
  • Appoint Pos Malaysia as your customs agent (they'll settled your tax issue with a fee). You'll need to pay RM48 (for Pos Malaysia), 6% GST and customs tax (both depending on your parcel's value) or
  • Get another person to represent you at the customs office (husband, family, friend, etc) to settle the GST + customs tax or
  • You yourself go to the customs office. 
Most of the time, you'll have to pay something to customs [GST / postage fee / custom fee etc] but it all depends on your luck.
In all of the options listed above, make sure you provide the receipt / invoice of your parcel to ensure smooth clearance. 

So I went to Pos Malaysia International Hub, KLIA on a Saturday afternoon (around 2pm).
  • Park at the temporary parking and register at the guard post, leave your IC + get a green slip and visitor pass.
  • Park properly; near the building
  • As you get in the building, turn left to Counter 1 (Poslaju). Bring your Poslaju letter and the green slip you got earlier to retrieve your parcel.
  • Next to Counter 2 (Customs), bring your parcel + green slip + invoice. Open the parcel in front of the officer. Wait for him / her to generate a letter.
  • With the letter + green slip, go to Counter 3 (payment). Wait for them to calculate your total tax payable and pay. [Cash only!]
  • For me, I was lucky because the Pharmaceutical department closed at 12 (for makeup you need to go through this department for assessment) so the customs officer just let me go. 
  • I just need to pay 6% of my total invoice amount (RM40)
  • When you exit, return the green slip + visitor pass at the guard poss. They'll also check the item that you receive to make sure it matches the Poslaju letter.
So that's my experinece with customs. It doesn't take too long for the whole procedure

Next time, split your orders into several invoices! 

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  1. Hi may I know if I can have a representative to take my detained parcel?


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