Thursday 31 May 2018

It's Official, I'm an ACCA Member

Just because you passed all the exams, it doesn't mean you are automatically accepted as a member.

The various ACCA Status;

So the requirement to be an ACCA member are;
  • Pass all the exams (with or without exemptions)
  • Complete the online Professional Ethics module
  • 36 months experience in relevant accounting / finance role [to be recorded in the system, signed off by immediate supervisor and you have to write several essays to illustrate your competency]
The most tedious part believe it or not; is not passing the exam; but the final step.

Start recording your experience in the system as early as possible to account for different employers, promotion etc. You can use your 6 months internship experience in getting the total 36 months. Jadi kalau record lambat, belum tentu you are still in contact with your former boss, so how are you gonna get the sign-off? [You can record the experience that occurred before, during or after you sit for ACCA exams]

The great thing about studying part-time is that you're working concurrently. 
So in my case, I started ACCA after 1 year of work experience so by the time I completed my papers, I've achieved the 36 months requirement. 

Not only you have to meet the 36 months experience requirement, but you will also need to meet 9 performance objectives. In order to prove this, you'll need to write a 300 words statement to demonstrate your competencies for each and every one of the objectives.

However, if you are employed at ACCA approved employer with Gold/ Platinum status (like I am) you could potentially ask for an exemption from all the performance objectives ; but only after you completed the 36 months experience.

After everything is set and done, your supervisor will receive an email to sign off your working experience.

Only then, you can submit the application to become a member. 

Of course, it's not free. 
£236 for membership admission + first-year annual subscription

Wait for a few weeks to get the reply on your membership status and they will mail you the hard copy certificate all the way from the UK. 

Now, you can use ACCA designation after your name ❤


  1. congratulation! saya akan start study acca di sunway under yayasan peneraju minggu depan. berderbar...

    1. Good luck!! This will be a rewarding journey!


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