Monday 1 October 2018

Education Journey

Looking back at my whole education journey, I realized it has shaped me to become the person I am today.

Me and my family used to moved a lot when I was younger.

As a result, I got to be in different states, different schools and different environment all the time.

My formative years were spent here and my mom would swear this is the best pre-kindergarten in the world! Tadika Aishah in Kajang. Sadly it's no longer around.

I was not a grumpy kid!
Interesting story : I was so excited for the photo shoot that I smiled - eagerly. The photographer kept asking me to smile less.  I remember he even came and smushed my cheeks together so I won't smile so wide.  I was a bit pissed. Hahaha 

Then I moved to Holy Family Kindergarden  which (interesting fact) was located in a church compound. The classes were in English and I had multi racial friends which btw I believe the best environment for your kids.

My mom was a big fan of this hideous hairstyle (sorry!) but it doesn't bother me much since I was a bit tomboy-ish. 

Primary School
  • SK Convent Kajang
  • SK Seri Mega OUG KL
  • SK Tanjung Mas, Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan
Some of my best memories were in Kelantan. Believe me, the teachers at rural school (okay, not so rural) but the teachers in Kelantan were something else. They REALLY helped the students; maybe due to the socio-economic landscape of the state. 

To motivate the students, they have mini award ceremonies for monthly test results. My parents don't even bother to come because it was so often 😂

I passed my PTS (Pentaksiran Tahap Satu) here, continuing the tradition of only 1 success story every year 😄 With that, I skipped directly to Standard 5. By then, I was every teachers' favorite student. Glory days. Haha

In 2001, my dad passed away, knowing her daughter got straight As for UPSR.

Secondary School
  • SM Sains Pasir Puteh, Kelantan
  • SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara
  • SM Teknik (ERT) Setapak

  • UiTM Perak - Diploma in Accounting
  • UNITEN Pahang - Bachelor in Accounting
  • University of Applied Science Mainz, Germany - semester abroad
  • Unitar & KDU - ACCA
  • UiTM Shah Alam - MBA
At UiTM, I've made some of the best (and the worst) friends. I was young, and naive - was only 17 when I got into the institution. Nevertheless, I grew a lot in that period.

UiTM really appreciate the students! We had Dean's List Award ceremony (every semester) and numerous other events.

Most Active Student Award
Look at that chin 😂

I then did my degree at UNITEN under Khazanah's sponsorship. 

Not to forget, my YK gang; Anis & Aditiya (He took Engineering and graduated with 3.98 GPA despite always whining about his studies 😒)

For most of my tertiary education, I was fortunate enough to be sponsored.

I was under Skim Insentif Pelajar Cemerlang MAIWP for my diploma.
Then Yayasan Khazanah paid for my bachelor's degree and the semester abroad program.
My ACCA was sponsored by Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera.

MBA Registration Day

Now, who would like to sponsor me for my MBA? 😂

Such a good feeling going down memory lane

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