Monday 22 October 2018

#MakanReview : Masita Steak House [Puncak Jalil]

This was an accidental find but we've been coming here for a few times now.

No frills, decent food, good service, relatively on the lower scale of price.

We've tried a few dishes so far and most of them are good (at this particular price point).

My top pick so far is their fish and chips, which was surprising since we ordered this just for the sake of it.

Fish & Chips
RM 9.80
I particularly enjoyed the dipping sauce and the crispiness of the fish. One thing that could be improved, I wish the fish flesh was 'thicker'.

Fried Rice Chicken Chop
I always prefer fried chicken chop compared to grilled chicken and chicken.

The chicken is big, juicy and crispy. But for the rice, I'm not a fan. It was a bit bland.
You will be better off ordering the Chicken Chop on it's own.

Lamb Chop
A bit on the fence for this one. The meat was a bit chewy, I suspected it was not cooked properly. But of course, I do not set high expectation for this price point.

So would I recommend this place?

Yes, if you live nearby and wanted to try a new place.
No, if you actually need to travel to come here.

*and oh! I love their fresh orange juice!

Till next time!

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