Wednesday 27 March 2019

#MakanReview : Beard Brothers BBQ, Tropicana

If you know me at all, you'll know that my favorite tv channel is Food Network. So my days are often filled with Guy Fieri and Adam Richman. They shared about Texas BBQ a lot in their shows! So it's like a dream come true that finally there is a halal version in Malaysia. Dubbed as the best barbecue in KL, I gotta visit Beard Brothers.

We knew before coming in that the price is gonna be steep. No surprise there. The place is quite small, at the corner of the building with no AC (take note). 

We each ordered this.
Texas Star (100g beef brisket + mashed potatoes + coleslaw + chips + bun + can drinks) RM26
Add on 100g pulled lamb RM22
Add on beef sausage RM10

All in all, the bill come up to nearly RM150. 

Is it worth it? Not for me. I'll lay down my reason and reviews below.
  • Beef brisket : Personally, I don't like the seasoning; it was bland. It was overdone and too soft for my liking [it took the team 20 hours to prep and cook the meat], definitely juicy, but not flavorful. Get what I mean?
  • Pulled lamb : Thank God, there was some chewiness to this. I'm a total sucker for lamb and this... Mehhhh
  • Beef sausage : The best out of the lot. Flavorful and juicy.
  • Mashed potato and Coleslaw : so-so only. Nothing to shout about.
  • Bread and chips : stale
  • For the amount I paid, the portion was very small. And it's not even good!

My conclusion : overpriced and overhyped. 

Rating : 2/5

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