Sunday 3 March 2019

#MakanReview : Udon Thani, Kg Pandan

'Have Halal Will Travel' did a write up and video review on this restaurant. Obviously, it looked so good that we went to Kg Pandan and try em.

For a restaurant with that glowing of a review, I was quite surprised to find it quite empty. 

Turns out to be a very simple restaurant, nearby Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit; if you're familiar with the area. But hey, as long as the food is good, I don't mind. 

Spoiler alert! I'm super super critical when it comes to Thai food especially when the restaurant is said to serve authentic Thai dishes 👀

Pad Krapow
Here's my problem with it (you know it's bad when I start to list things down 😂)
  • The most important element of pad krapow is the krapow (Thai holy basil). It has a distinct fragrant smell and taste than can't be substituted. Obviously, it's missing here. So can it be called pad krapow after all? I don't think so. 
  • The choice of vegetable. Carrot and long beans? Really? Really??
  • To top it off, it lacks the 'kick' and taste. It was downright bland.
  • Prad krapow is always, always served with a sunny side up egg. Ohh the creamy yolk complement the dish so much. But here, you got your typical fried egg. 
Just in case you're interested to know what authentic pad krapow looks like;

By Mark Wiens; my favourite 'farang' or foreigner who had been living in Thailand

By Leela from the SheSimmers blog.

Green Curry Laksa

If I had to choose a single dish that I'll be eating forever, it will be this! It's quite difficult to get a good bowl of laksa here in KL since the laksa itself is quite difficult to find. My mom got her laksa from Pasar Besar Selangor but it depends on supply, too. 

My verdict of Udon Thani's version? Disappointing. It does not have enough 'heat', very little laksa and chicken bits (trust me, I need to support the laksa on the chopstick in order for it to be visible. Otherwise, you can only see the green curry broth and veges). What puzzled me the most was the broth which reeks of tumeric. The smell was so strong! 

Mango Sticky Rice

The mango was not sweet which I can still tolerate. But the sticky rice was so bad! It was too wet and mushy. And sesame seeds? Really? In the case of authentic Thai mango sticky rice, toasted mung beans should be used. 

Roasted Beef

One, they are not using premium beef cuts; I can tell. Then how do you justify the price? Two, I was expecting at least a little bit of charred beef. Daging bakar, kan? Not to mention it was super chewy. I don't know. I just don't dig it.

Cha Yen
It looked so good and 'kow', right? But it's not. Hahaha

So my final rating for the place is 1/5. 
Not worth the travel to eat there. 
And even if you're there, fell free to eat elsewhere 😂

Trust me, your half-Thai food reviewer. 

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