Tuesday 9 April 2019

MyPAC Mentor Mentee Program

MyPAC launched its inaugural Mentor Mentee program in February for the benefit of its current scholars. The aim of the program is to facilitate, assist and guide the students in qualifying for Accountancy Professional Bodies.

Due to the limited number of available alumni / mentor, each of us was assigned with 2 mentees. [Of course ideally, a 1 to 1 relationship is better].

Truth be told, there are a lot of improvements that can be made for the program but it's only their first time organizing so ... in due course, in due course.

Speaking for myself, I didn't have the opportunity to join such program when I was in my early 20s and I know I'll jump for the chance to do so. I'll ask everything I can, essentially I'll take advantage of my mentor 😂

In order to make the program a success, I really believe both parties need to be committed; mentor and mentee alike. The mentors are working, mostly married. So for the mentor to spend time guiding the mentees (with nothing in return, mind you); I guess I expect the mentee to show the same level of commitment. It won't work if you're forced to join the program, trust me.

Maybe the first criteria the committee should look into in the future is the passion and only accept those who voluntarily join the program because they can see the benefit of it.
My 2 mentees are Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) students from INTEC. CAT is offered by ACCA as the stepping stone for post SPM students to be fully qualified by ACCA. The first step, if you will.

So we're supposed to have a monthly meetup with assignments / activities to be done in between.
Had two sessions so far. I truly hope this is beneficial to all parties involved. ✌

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