Tuesday 30 April 2019

#MakanReview : Lubok Bangku, Bangsar

Famous for its Minang food, I came here because I reckoned my mom would like it. 

The entrance
Credit : Leonj59 from Tripadvisor
It's situated near LRT Bangsar and honestly parking can be a bit tricky here.
Food sell out fast, too. So make sure you arrive early!

Credit : Leonj59 from Tripadvisor

So basically you choose the food at the counter (specifying the portion for each of the dishes; for 1 person, for 2 person, etc), pay and bring the tray of food to your table. 

For a party of 4, our total bill came up to RM80. 

Basically what we ordered was;
  • 5 pieces of ayam goreng kampung
  • 3 portions of daging salai masak lemak cili padi 
  • 2 portions of daging rendang
  • 1 portion of masak lemak petola 

I have no qualms about the price because I know how much these dishes would cost elsewhere. But for the price, the portions are quite small

PS : They have indoor, air conditioned seating as well. The restaurant is actually within the compound of a house/bungalow. 

Taste wise, for me personally... Nothing to shout about. I felt like the masak lemak tak cukup kick. 
So takdelah macam 'wow, sedap gila!'.

But when I went there, most of the food were sold out.
Maybe I'll go super early next time and do a another review ✌.

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