Sunday 12 May 2019

#RamadhanReflections : Power of Du'a

In this Holy month, I thought I'll share some of my personal key takeaways  from the 'Raising Hands with Full Faith' session conducted by Ayesha Syahira. 

Konvensyen Bidadari 2013 with Ayesha & Izzah

A little backstory. I first met Ayesha at Konvensyen Bidadari in 2013. I bought some of her scarves  from her brand (Al-Hijab sisters) since they sell bigger cutting shawls. God bless her. Fast forward, I’ve attended her Quran tag workshop a few years back and  now, this sharing session on dua’. 

One of the most interesting input I got was: talk to Allah (TTA). Just tell Him your feelings, your requests, everything. The more often you talk to Him, the closer you'll get. The closer you are, the less barrier there is. 

If Allah can bestow blessings upon others, He can grant the same to you.
You know when you look at other people and think to yourself, what a great life he/she had?

Me personally, I don't envy those super rich (those with super nice skin : yes, a little bit) but mostly I'm envious of intelligent people. When you think about it, intelligence are bestowed by Allah. It's a blessing, borrowed from Him. So, when you want the same thing that others have; why not asked straight from the source? It's really simple, I can't believe this simple reality escaped me all this while 😂. 

This helps you to think positively, right?

Hope this brief sharing is beneficial y'all!

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