Monday 6 May 2019

#RamadhanReflections : Surah Al-Ma'un [A Glance]

This is my little Ramadhan project; the sharing of selected surahs. 

Al-Ma'un [Common Kindness / Simple Assistance]

  1. Have you seen the one who denies the Final Judgement
  2. For that is the one who drives away orphans
  3. And does not encourage the feeding of the poor
  4. So woe those who pray
  5. But who are heedless of their prayer
  6. Those who make show of their deeds
  7. And withhold simple assistance

  • The 107th surah with 7 ayah. 
  • This surah describes the characteristics of a person who denies Judgement [mendustakan agama] , claims to be Muslims but are oblivious of the akhirah
  • There are people who pray but are horrible to their families and those who constantly do charity but do not pray. Hence, in this surah Allah emphasis the importance of both; habluminallah and habluminannas.
  • Explanation of ayah 6 (Those who make show of their deeds). Hypocrisy was a phenomenon during Prophet's time in Madinah since there was added incentive in being a Muslim. This refers to political advantages, appease the Muslim ruler  etc. Some people convert to Islam not because they wanted it, but rather the advantages outweighs the cons. 
  • Explanation of ayah 7 (And withhold simple assistance). Those who don't want to help others just because they don't feel like it. 
  • Al-Ma'un has been described in many ways. Some of which are; zakat / things of daily use; in this context lending a bucket or cooking pot / simple assistance.
  • Allah provides you with everything on earth (ie it's not even yours) yet, you withheld it from others.
  • Two things that will soften the heart ; prayer and charity.

To sum up the characteristics mentioned;
  • Depriving orphans of their rights and treat them poorly
  • Stopping others from helping those in need (the poor)
  • Heedless in praying (delay / speed through it etc)
  • People who do charitable acts just for name / popularity
  • Those who are self centered and don't want to help others even for the simplest things

As much as this is beneficial to me, I hope it adds value to those who are reading too ❤

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