Sunday 16 June 2019

MBA UiTM : Second Semester Review

MKT750 : Marketing Management

  • Lecturer : Dr Carol
  • We need to produce a marketing plan at the end of the module. So the classes throughout the month were building up for the final presentation on the marketing plan.
  • I teamed up with N, Hazir and Zawan (as usual 😂). So easy to work with these bunch, Alhamdulillah. We did a piece on Farm Fresh and distributed a questionnaire to 168 respondents [Thank you to everyone who helped!]
  • I had such a great time designing the whole presentation deck (I doubt I can have this kind of creative freedom at my office)
  • Dr Carol said what we did is already final-thesis worthy. Wohoooo!!!

  • We also did case study presentations, article reviews and studied Shark Tank videos. Never thought I'll be the one to enjoy Marketing subject, but I did. For once! 😂

BRM681 : Business Research Method

  • Lecturer : Associate Professor Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim
  • This class took a toll on my non-existent social life since Dr insisted to not combine the classes. Hence, we had classes on both Saturday (2-6) AND Sunday (9-1)
  • After the first class, we understood why. Hahahaha. It was super taxing!
  • Basically, this class is the introductory class for our thesis project
  • For EMBA students, the thesis timeline is as follows;
    • 2nd semester : Register for the Business Research Method subject where you'll learn the basics of a thesis, submit the research proposal (Chapter 1 - 3) for assessment and attend a 6-hour SPSS workshop. The research proposal may be used for the actual thesis or you can just take this opportunity to learn. The grade for this subject is either pass or fail. 
    • 3rd semester : Thesis preparation is to be carried out throughout the semester, as there is no dedicated subject for it. Milestones include identification of research topic, advisor and submission of the research proposal. 
    • 4th semester : And finally, the most crucial semester where the final report is to be submitted and the nerve-wracking ViVA itself. 
  • And oh! For MBA program at UiTM, the thesis must be applied research. You need to find one real-life company, with a real-life problem and try to solve it. A totally different concept from all the articles in journals 😅

  • Alhamdulillah, we just presented for 5 minutes with very minor comments from Dr Abdul Rahman and it's approved for submission! And trust me, it's very difficult to satisfy him 😂 some group took as long as 45 minutes!!
  • For Accounting students, I bet you felt like the topic is very easy. I felt the same way, too. Haha If it's up to me, my preferred topic would be 'The Relationship Between Financial Reporting Quality and Firm Performance in Khazanah Owned Companies' but that's not applied research. It's okay tho. Hoping we can bring forward this topic for the actual thesis later. 
  • The 6-hour SPSS session turned out to be super-duper helpful, too. We had the workshop with Dr Shereen Noranee.
  • Other than that, we had to do article critique, journal review and theoretical exam on research methodology

ECO740 : Economic Analysis
  • Lecturer : Dr Arlinah Abd Rashid
  • Our first experience of class during Ramadhan (tiring)
  • This was also the only calculation subject for the semester and ohhh I felt like my neurons are working again 😍
  • We were assessed through individual assignment, group assignments, case study and exams.

The result will be out on 9th August.

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