Sunday 9 June 2019

Personality Test [Update]

It's amazing how one's personality changes over the years. 

I've wrote two posts on personality tests previously (Link here, here and here).

In 2013, I took the Adjusted DISC test during one of Yayasan Khazanah's event and in 2016 I took the Reasoning Ability Test during MyPAC's interview.

Upon joining my new company, I had the chance to sit for both of these tests and this post, really is just about comparing the test results from back in 2013/2016 with 2018.

DISC Profile

This test basically tries to identify the two most dominant behaviors of any individual. 

My previous dominant characteristics were Supportive and Cautious but now, it's Dominant and Cautious.

I found it amazing that my dominance score used to be 25 and it increased exponentially to 70. 
I guess I'm really turning into my mother, the most dominant female force I knew 😂
Now that I'm getting older, I notice I had less patience on trivial matters.

Not much of a surprise at the low score I got on I-inspiring. I don't talk much, I don't appreciate small talks and I'm far from spontaneous.

Reasoning Ability 
There are 5 elements of the test; logical reasoning, logical process, spatial reasoning, social context and numerical reasoning.

Reasoning ability is the process of conceptualizing, applying, analyzing and synthesizing information gathered from observation, experience or reflection. Reasoning ability is essential to many intellectual activities such as problem solving, learning on the fly and the agility to change. 

Above 80 : High
Below 20 : Low

Not much different there which is totally understandable as it does not ties much to personality but mostly, it correlates with intelligence.

I'm looking forward to sit for these test again in the future to see how much I develop / improve / change.

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