Monday 7 October 2019

MBA UiTM : 3rd Semester Pulse Check

So we've juuuuust completed our first module of the semester, Operations Management. I kid you not. We were barely able to breathe!! As soon as we were finished with the final presentation, it felt like a huge rock has been lifted 😵 Such a demanding semester thus far. 

There are 4 subjects for this semester;
  • Operations Management
  • Managerial Finance
  • IT Management; and
  • Applied Business Proposal

The research proposal is to be produced by the end of the semester and Alhamdulillah we've got the supervisor we were aiming for. 

Tuition fees for the semester is RM5,315.

Anxious for the next subject, managerial finance. Previously, more than half of the class taking this subject failed. Gonna put more effort, definitely. 

Till next time!


  1. Hi. May I know who is the lecturer for OPM?
    And who is your supervisor for research?
    Million thanks. :)

    1. To answer your questions; Associate Prof. Dr Roslina for OPM and Associate Prof. Dr Nooraini for ABR. :D


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