Saturday 9 November 2019

#MakanReview : 3 Budak Gemok, Monster Kg Bharu

I first had this 'nasi ayam kicap pedas sambal gesek' at the office, when my colleague ordered for the department. Fast forward a few months later, a branch opened in Kampung Bharu very near to our office. 

N has never tried this so we went for a visit. Be warned though, parking may be a hassle and it's open air concept, can be a bit hot despite several standing fans provided. There are a few stalls at Monster, and 3 Budak Gemuk is one of them. 

RM10 (with the addition of omelette)
I like em!! Although it can be a tad too oily sometimes and let's be real. It's such a simple dish but for me, it hits all the right notes. RM2 for the small omelette was a little bit overpriced but oh well... N really loved it too. It's spicy, but flavorful.

From a humble roadside stall, this businesses has grew into multiple branches. And I see why. Simple, tasty dish.

Rating : 4/5

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